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  1. Ye, in Warframe you can't be both poor and impatient.
  2. Just 4? Tell me what you're using, i want some.
  3. Yes, it'd be awesome. But you forgot that putting QOL in the title means that the people at DE who read this will get allergies and probably die after.
  4. Kaizal

    Flawed Mods

    Honetly, they should just remove them, they add nothing to the game.
  5. They removed stasis? Finally. If they get some more QOL into the game i might hop back in.
  6. I dunno if there are better alternatives, but yes, invincibility is just better than garbage mods. Those band-aid mods are just an excuse to make as grind to fix a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place.
  7. The short version of your post is that forma should be more accessible, but this isn't really a new problem, anyone that tried to play the game, before getting all the stuff felt a bottleneck when it comes to forma. The amount of basic QOL this game lacks is the reason why i stopped playing.
  8. Except for the fact that higher levels in Warframe aren't more difficult in any significant way(it's basically just a gear-check, that's not difficulty), so i don't see why the rewards should scale.
  9. Or you could just kill or CC the ancient before he finishes the hook animation. It's not that demanding for a player to do this if the player is not semi-afking the mission.
  10. I haven't played Warframe in some time, so i'm just asking not asserting. Don't this mobs take a long-ass time(longer than 1 sec generally), where you enter their FOV, and then they start the animation? This seems like a long-ass time to kill them, or at least CC them. On top of that, if you weren't able to do any of those, couldn't you just press 5 and crouch? I mean, the fact that dodging isn't the end all be all for dealing with how the enemies attack you, doesn't seem like a problem to me. Especially when ancients are one of the most easily distinguishable enemies, same as their anima
  11. Yes, delete them. Or make them less of a S#&$ty system.DE made rivens the most toxic system they can possibly be. Having good rivens feels like S#&$, because you're always wondering if you're losing plat by keeping them, because they'll get nerfed on the next dispo update. Having S#&$ rivens feels like S#&$, because they are subpar, this is pretty self expenatory. Not interacting with the system also feels awful because you know you're not getting the maximum amount of dmg/utility out of your weapon. There
  12. That's the thing that throws me off most of all from his commentary, he wants to protect this kind of people but then turns around and calls them idiots for spending money in a way he doesn't like.
  13. Because they are not needed, anyone that has played an MMO besides warframe knows how much QOL an AH brings to the table, and that not having it is detrimental to the game experience. So sad no not see the 300 IQ ideas.
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