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  1. I mean, itd be nice if they removed shields entirely imo, just so you can also use it at low lvls. But i agree the gating is the main problem, rip boberon
  2. I mean, you can just give the shield gate a cooldown.
  3. Well i actually agree with his friend statement tbh, doing homework is quite a bit more fun than watching host picking up resources for half an hour.
  4. LOL, he pretended to be stuck, XD, omg, i know it shouldn't be but this is just too funny.
  5. This, as someone who doesn't use their own railjack(cuz why would i when the costs are so insane, and the stats randomized), the few times i went into someone elses railjack, they spent 1/2 of the mission collecting resources i couldn't care less about. A 3 kilometer or longer vacuum would solve all this but we all know DE and vacuum, so prolly i wont play this gamemode again.
  6. Pls don't remove the lasers, after the loki change to his 3, i'm running out of ways to troll my teammates.
  7. Seems like a half-measure in my eyes, credits and endo, unless considerably buffed are always gonna be a waste of time for anyone with access to vodyanoi and index. I haven't run many different missions. Most of the missions reward, garbage loot(mods, credits, endo) and relics, some reward only relics, guess which ones i do. For anyone interested in efficiency, run the void captures for relics that are lith-meso-neo, and lua disruption for axi. No garbage loot at all.
  8. I would like this to be a thing aswell, but DE loves gating content on time schedules(that may or may not be random) like eidolons and fissures. It's quite annoying that you cant play something because they decided to put a clock on it for some dumb reason.
  9. I hope this is an accident, because if its not, then its just the same as destiny nerfing xp gain without telling is players, and we should be quite mad. Void fissures in the void are the best, because all void missions award relics on completion, so any fissure in there is pretty much free prime parts(at least, capture/exterminate). We have been #*!%ed people.
  10. I mean, Warframe refuses to make an auction house, anything that isn't that, is simply a half measure, so i think its needed but not enough.
  11. Example, why is the current syndana on lvl 28 instead of 29?, if i already grinded for it once, im getting absolutely no gain from getting to lvl 29, so pls, all the unique rewards that you can only get once, either push them to the end, or if the player already has it, give him an extra lvl.
  12. So from what i can tell, you get 6-30 traces every time you do a fissure, that's as far as i can tell the only way to acquire them ATM. My question is the following, do you guys know if the chances are wheighted? i mean, do you have the exact same shot at getting every integer in between 6 to 30, or do i have more of a chance to get some numbers? If no one can answer this. I'll start to run, exterminates, captures, and start recording the exact amount of traces i get every time to eventually find out by myself(it'd be helpful if someone volunteered to do this with me to make it faster, but its not necessary). When i get a sample-size i'm comfortable with i'll post the results.
  13. Tbh, i never expected that after doing the math, i came to the conclusion that disruption is quite unrewarding, especially since im only considering kuva rewards, while on survival you have relic drops aswell, or as you say, arbitration, where you also get endo, considering the only drop you get from disruption is kuva, you should get the most kuva, this is surprisingly not the case.
  14. Thx, i edited the post accordingly, the results i got are pretty bad for disruption then, thx for the useful input.
  15. I just made this post cuz i myself care about efficiency, if you like to take it slow because you enjoy it more that way more power to you.
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