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  1. From my personal experience it can put 2 headshots around 10m range or closer for 20+ aim at chest for 30+ aim under belly. Thats unless you can pull it down fast enough to negate recoil. For 50+ dont bother get closer.
  2. 530 dmg ticks on infested chargers are worth the cost. Combine it with overheat and you can clear eris. Also ember have 2 - slots so use them, streamline + flow.
  3. Davoodoo

    Buff The Skana

    Considering that skana looks better than cronus imo i dont see a point why it should be inferior to any other melee. Maybe mk1 skana with 25 dmg and standard skana with 1.3 swing and 35 dmg.
  4. I thought of it as a room clearing tool cause this kit already have alot of support abilities. Also it gives her an "avenger" feeling in my opinion. I dont know how much you can change game mechanics for single frame. Ive seen this somewhere already from lolwiki: Righteous Fury COOLDOWN: 16 COST: 45 Mana ACTIVE: Kayle harnesses her righteous fury for 10 seconds, granting her bonus magic damage on her attacks and increasing her attack range to 525. Additionally, attacks on non-tower units damage other enemies within 150 range of the target.
  5. I would like to be able to equip same mod on diffrent frames/weapons at same time. It would save me a lot of time when switching from ember to volt cause fire doesnt want to kill grinners.
  6. Yet at same i wouldnt see tenno as zealous space marines. It simply doesnt fit. As for names im 100% sure there are ppl more creative than me that will find a proper name for frame and skills. I based it on stereotype more than any "religious baggage" and it seemed like most people have same idea how angel could be seen.
  7. How about stealth kill animation but performed faster, these are already in the game and doesnt look so bad.
  8. Davoodoo


    Kids play. Real ninjas kill with blades.
  9. While on pve everything is pretty balanced. On pvp i would love to see duels such as rhino vs ash. Ash pops smoke screen while rhino pops iron skin and unless one of them is lucky or braindead the 1st one without energy left would lose. Theres no real point in restricting weapon usage on certain frames as it will have no impact on balance. If you want to have ash stealthkilling infested with two ton hammer then let him, ofc there are probably more suitable weapons for this job but why not.
  10. Shuriken was my favorite against ancients who are big as a barn so its hard to miss them, and have alot of armor too. Smoke screen works same way as loki invisibility in matter of dmg both dealt and taken.
  11. I put 50% rof on it as soon as i had the mod. No problem with ammo while gorgon could eat through 700 bullets in 3-4 rooms cause its harder to control bursts on it. Before windup gorgon will have lower dps than braton so controlling bursts wont be even an option.
  12. I wanted to make it a mix of trinity blessing and dmg ultis while reducing its radius to smaller area thus making it more useful at bossfights than room clearing. Also thought about that dmg as compensation for long cast time when they cant pew pew boss.
  13. Im using mainly braton and while it lacks dmg per bullet of gorgon it doesnt eat ammo as fast and is great allround weapon with pretty high dps. Also its cheap.
  14. Maybe make it armor piercing latron. 40dmg 10bolts in clip semi auto.
  15. I really fear that it will end like wow, you know 1 viable build while rest are useless. While wrong mods will cripple only user, wrong skills will cripple whole team.
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