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  1. This is in the general discussion so the devs won't read these. If you feel these meele changes are not suited for you make a feedback on the feedback section. Overall I am fine with these changes because I never was a chanelling fan and basically I got back my quick meele what I cared for most. Most weapons got plain buffs while others got less but those weapons got the most which was really unused for long time. Hopefully this could result more variety in meele use. I think that they could have buffed some other stats on some weapons more than the damage. Now I can use my old loved weapons but some changes are not needed or just not really fluid yet. The quick meele on most weapons works well, the heavy attacks now for me are on the middle mouse button, probably won't use it and the combo attacks are on the right mouse button which I won't use too because the combos / animations are still somtimes clunky. These changes hits mostly those players whom relied on chanelling and meta builds and may their weapons feels a nerfs to them but the damage buffs compensate them partly. Most players never will go beyond level 100 and stay in the starchart levels so those care less in this subject because the weapons now can wipe out the starchart easily. For the challenge part they (devs) still need to work a viable system to entertain those whom wants harder enemies and overall more challenging game modes. I don't think this update is tragically bad because it brings a lot of useful changes but I understand those whom may feel these changes are bad. In my eyes this is better than the first meele change iteration which removed my liked playstyle. Yet we have to wait for the last part of the changes which maybe coming in the next year but pls keep in mind in this game everything changing and if you have opinion and idea how to make it better then use the feedback section because there will be more chances the devs read your ideas.
  2. I am delighted with the changes overall because on the most of the weapons the attack animations are fine and if you wish to combo you need to click on the right mouse button and stay on clicked if you want to make combos. (at least currently this is for me). The melee weapons got a nice buff in damage wise and all older weapons also now usable on higher levels aswell. Basically a quick meele return which I wanted most. The primary/secondary exilus seems a bit harsh if you consider the mods what you can put into it are not so strong but nice utility. If there is a reliable way to get these then it will be fine but there are a lot of weapons in the game so it will not last long as the frame exilus adapter. What I feel is still not touched at all are the status mods, because those are still useless and some mods still not changed/altered. I need to playtest more the rest of the content but what I am now think on the system is a much better experience.
  3. Fulmin wasn't nerfed at all.
  4. If the update will coming today then I will be happy with that if delayed until the next week (what is more possible) then I am happy too. I personally think they will delay this because they wanted fine tune the product and still it needs work to finish in other hand they delayed the devstream too which in my readings a sign they wanted announce the update with the stream. I won't be bored tomorrow there will be a lot of announcements so I will be busy to watch a lot.
  5. Basically I can say everyone who takes the time to write on the forums. There are persons whom contribute less, there are others whom just want some attention, there are peoples whom want to vent on the forums and so on. Hard to tell at this point who should be choosen to be the favored one because I like all of you and hope you guys will do what you do no matter what. If someone arguing, it can be funny, if someone has a nice idea then you can talk about it and if someone is helpful then you can feel there is still hope. Edited: Grammar.
  6. This reminds me the original iteration of the system when they teased the kingpin system. There were raids on your orbiter and you must defend it against the raiding hordes whom can steal your loot if they win.
  7. Imagine if they could steal your warframe or weapons from your inventory.
  8. That is just immunity phase and few bosses. I meant that weakpint system what they tested on devbuild long long ago. 10-15 devstreams ago I guess. Scrapped idea because noone wish to fight with an eximus over 5 min.
  9. Be careful what you wrote. Forums are good place to lurkers.
  10. It won't be fixed, because the amount of time and changes on the system takes a lot of time, also not worth. The current setting of warframe is power fantasy, so braindead damage levels and armor intended. What could be done is some AI changes and more scale on players. Damage nerfs and making weak point system, which would actually make the game challenging but in other hand annoyance.
  11. I don't speculate on what weapon class will be more viable but I personally like the dual swords so I would equip more often my beloved dual ether. As heavy melee I wish they speed up weapons like magistar, fragor or scindo, because those weapons slow as hell. If they just buff the really old weapons and the weakest and not all weapon, then those weapons have more benefit the changes that actually buffed. I suppose a whip and polearm will be still an option because the basic stats will be increased aswell. Daggers and dual daggers can be useful if these weapons can be good finisher or atleast have fast attack animations and animations which not break the momentum. I am not a fan of the combo system but they decided to go for that so need to adopt. What I want to see is weapons like mire, plasma sword, machetes, dual clevers etc weapons get a much more love because they were terrible weapons. The range for me never was a problem, because I like facetank enemies, but when I do I want attack animations which not stopping me.
  12. Shields never was by any mean strong. Shields are only useful on low to mid levels where the mobs not one shot you. The shields supposed to regen fast and you need to seek cover while your shields are down. Since the slash and toxin damage can bypass the shields and affects your hp directly so the shields are not really strong but those not supposed to be strong. Some devstreams ago they tried to do some shieldgating and they tested on Hyldrin but if they add a shieldgating then the corpus could be much stronger aswell since the changes could pump up both shields. Maybe in another major update they will seek for alternatives to improve the survivability.
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