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  1. Both Revenant and Ember skins looks okay in my opinion but I would like the previous deluxe skin for ember what they axed for the.... Chicken...
  2. 6-7/10. Looks okay in my opinion.
  3. I personally would like more voice and facial options to make operators look better. Other than that I would like to see some new hairstyle, clothes, hoods, masks and hats.
  4. In my opinion both system could work together but the alerts were terrible in many cases because the longverity was short and because of time zones you could have easily missed your chance to get something. Nightwave is while not perfect it is more convenient because you have a full week for weekly standings, daily ones also you can retrieve some of them too. Currently the alerts would be obsolete because there is no special rewards on them what the nightwave can't have. Maybe if they make the alerts longer, adding different drop tables with different rewards then maybe who does not wan
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