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  1. My brightness settings have not changed in a very long time. My room is well lit. Nothing else bothers my eyes. Mission beginnings didn't used to have that bright white flash. If I adjust my settings to make that flash less bright then everything else will just be too dark. This isn't an "us" problem it's a problem with Warframe that should be fixed.
  2. I had honestly thought that bright white at the start of a mission was a glitch on my end. While I'm glad it's not just me, I also find it incredibly irritating. It didn't do that in the past, why is it doing that now?
  3. What about Mauve Kuva? Or Puce Kuva? Pistachio Kuva? Seafoam? Chartreuse? Heliotrope? I could keep going ...
  4. It still stands up if you meet him for the first time in Natah. I remember doing that quest and thinking, "Who the f*** is this Teshin guy and why is he talking to me like we know each other?" I was really confused about who this guy was at the time. And then I started referring to him as Space Dad. It wasn't until after I'd done TWW that I realised he was the guy standing in the Conclave area as I'd never bothered going there or touching Conclave at all. Even then I found out accidentally because I was wandering around a relay and ended up walking into the Conclave section.
  5. Have they changed ESO's system? The last time I played (which was years ago) it was horribly inefficient. Honestly I wouldn't care if another market website was out there as I would much prefer an in game auction house/market/galactic trade network.
  6. I don't care if they have MR ranks over 30 I just want them to stop with the stupid tests. I really hate those things and I'm currently 27 so I've done all of the tests to get there.
  7. It's not. Unless there was a patch today that fixed it. It definitely happened to my friend this past Sunday and we both play on PC.
  8. What gets me is when the area is completely clear, I switch to the fishing spear/mining tool, I prepare to fish/mine and then WHAM 5 mobs just show up out of nowhere. Like, ok where the hell where these guys 2 seconds ago? And then the mobs that want to shoot at me from half the map away (I'm looking at you creepy, long insect things *shakes fist*). Also the Glassmaker mobs can kiss my warframe's shiny metal bum. I truly hate that they spawn in open world. /mini-rant off
  9. If we could control the size I would make the smallest pet possible ... like maybe a kitten kavat size ... just b/c it would be freaking cute.
  10. This is true except that the event isn't running so no one is getting multiple forma in just 1 day. Might as well craft forma in the meantime. If someone has no forma and they're just waiting for the event (which no one knows when will arrive) then they're just timegating themselves.
  11. And without the annoying tests. I'm MR27 so I've done most of them but they're still annoying.
  12. Oh, right. I completely forgot there was an upgrade for it.
  13. DNA doesn't degrade at all. My kavat has been at 100% for a long time.
  14. And then I'd have to get something to attack them to make them weakened so I can turn them into a pet. Or, they could even out the spawns which would make more sense.
  15. I have 23 weakened Vizier Predasites. I have 1 weakened Pharoah Predasite. I have 2 of the weakened Vulpaphyla but I do not recall off the top of my head what they are. I would really like to find the vulpaphyla but nope almost always the vizier predasites. It's ... annoying. A 12:1 ratio of predasites to vulpaphyla seems really off.
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