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  1. Aaaand now I want bacon. *shakes angry fist at Yrkul*
  2. Why would I want a mode I would never use and never want to participate in be a reward for MR 30? No thanks, I'd rather have no reward at all than Stalker mode.
  3. I honestly hope there are no more ranks after 30 simply because I really don't like the stupid tests and yet I feel compelled to do them because the game keeps telling me I'm ready for the next stupid test. =p
  4. I agree that most of the Operator facial cosmetics are too clunky and large. Maybe something that covers the outer edge of the ear .. like an ear wrap? A thin, elegant diadem? Just something way more subtle than what we have now.
  5. The craft you see in missions and what the Nightwave skin is for is the Landing Craft, not the Orbiter.
  6. Honestly the first thing I thought when I saw that screenshot is, "Is that a giant space bug on your windshield?" That's what it looks like to me.
  7. I don't have a problem with reputation grinds in general. What I disagree with is then using that reputation as currency and having to regrind it. Basically Warframe's reputation grind boils down to: 1. Make a faction like you. 2. Steal from the faction so now they like you less. 3. Make them like you again so you can steal more stuff. I honestly prefer it if once you had max reputation then that's where it stays forever and you can buy things with ... I don't know, the stuff that's actually used as currency (for Warframe that's credits). I realise that's basically replacing one grind with another (grinding reputation vs,. grinding credits) but as long as what you want to buy isn't priced ridiculously high then it's not that bad and at least you can get credits from doing practically anything in the game and you're not forced into doing bounties/fishing/farming sentient cores/toroids. This is just my personal preference at any rate.
  8. Yeah, there was a daily a couple weeks ago that had a point value of 4500. Probably the point values got swapped between that daily and this weekly.
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