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  1. My opinion on this (which no one cares about but I'll share anyway woo) ... I admit it, when I read about the Universal Medallion I was like, "Yay finally I'll get some Conclave standing. It'll take forever that way but I don't care!" Aaaaannnnnd then they went back on it and I was like, "Bummer, medallions are useless. Oh well, now I don't have to spend forever trying to get enough for that faction!" Honestly I don't care about the skins or syndanas. The singular reason I wanted to use the medallions for Conclave was b/c Conclave is the only syndicate I have 0 standing in and it bothers me. It doesn't bother me enough to actually put myself through the annoyance of doing Conclave though. In the end, the only change is that if a medallion is the reward for a rotation then it's a wasted reward but the same holds true for a lot of the rewards for various game modes. I've neither gained nor lost anything. But I won't complain if they change their minds and make the medallions work for Conclave. =p
  2. *snerk* But seriously, just from that gif alone it looks like a high tech version of Frankenstein which is a book that was required reading when I was a freshman in high school. I do admit I don't remember that exact scene in game so maybe it's the context around it that makes it "mature" ... or, y'know, it's just a funny gif. Not every movie that has gore is rated R (plenty of PG-13 movies out there with gore). Not every game that has gore is rated M. Maybe I'm just surprised that as a culture in the U.S. we seem to be more willing to accept gore in films than we are in games. Although that may be the answer ... other countries have more strict ratings on the gore aspect of games than the U.S. does and the M rating may have been required for sale in other countries. This is getting a bit off topic though. To the OP, it's unlikely they'd give people a way to get around the Switch shop. I would imagine DE has a contract with Nintendo regarding it.
  3. I'm honestly surprised Warframe has an M rating. It just doesn't seem to fit some of the criteria other than possibly gore and even then it's not nearly as gory as a lot of games. Also, I wish I could say that I played GTA when I was a kid but it wasn't released until I was like 19. Now I feel old, thanks.
  4. Exploiting a bug is cheating. Doesn't matter that the bug exists; it's still cheating. Cheating is heavily frowned on in MMOs. Anyone who has played MMOs for any length of time should know that by now regardless of whether you agree or not. Cheating in single player games? Who gives a crap because it doesn't affect other people. Cheating in MMOs where it can affect other people? Depending on severity that's a warning or a ban. Figuring out ways to cheat even more efficiently and showing other people how to do it? Yeah, that's a ban and a completely deserved one. Given your attitude on the topic I'm quite content you're not going to play Warframe. I also hope you don't play any other online games I play.
  5. As much as I enjoyed the Mass Effect games I (personally) don't really need nor want romance options in Warframe. It just seems a little out there for this game.
  6. Why? Because no one here can do anything about it and I've been told multiple times that DE doesn't read General. Their only recourse is contacting Support. Will Support help them? Probably not but that's the only thing they can do ... unless they just want to complain about it in which case carry on.
  7. Whoever told you this should be put on ignore.
  8. I'm biased as I play Trinity the most but I really hate her "deluxe" skin. It's that weird no foot one. Also, honestly why can't Trinity have a nice skin that doesn't have a dippy skirt or things hanging down from her waist?
  9. Why should DE go out of their way to specifically design a new world just for K-drives? I find K-drives neither fun nor not-fun. They are just there. I wouldn't miss them if they went away - not that I'm advocating for their removal (I'm not). I just see no need for DE to create an environment where people are forced - I'm sorry, encouraged (since some people take issue with the word "force") to use K-drives for faster travel. K-drives are just a gimmicky way to travel faster on the ground and as far as I can tell that's really all they were meant to be, especially given that each piece of each board does exactly the same thing as all of the others. I honestly think they made a mistake giving them mastery at all and they definitely didn't need their own syndicate. K-drives will never be able to let me do one of the things I actually enjoy the most when I'm in the Plains/Vallis: flying way up high just to look around. Also, I honestly don't like Itzal all that much. I prefer Amesha ... but that's probably because I've played healers in most of the MMOs I've been in.
  10. The original title for this thread was "How to make people use K-drives". Synonyms for "make": force, require, coerce, impel, oblige The OP has since changed their thread title.
  11. Granted I'm probably getting rather nitpicky here but the thread title says "how to make players use them" which kind of implies forcing them which is something they've already tried by make each differently looking board give MR. Since this didn't work they're now talking about nerfing Itzal which will neither make nor encourage people to use the K-drives. If the devs wanted to encourage people (as opposed to make them) to use K-drives there are many things they could do including give the K-drives more functionality as you suggested but right now they seem to be getting heavy handed and are going down the force route.
  12. Given that K-Drives are essentially cosmetic there should be no reason the devs should force people to use them. It would be like forcing people to use syndanas and sugatras (to continue the comparison from above). If few people like them and they aren't being used then DE should just consider it a failed experiment and move on.
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