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  1. I love that u guys are Fixing bugs and making thing better but can you atleast make the redeemer Prime useable its fine with the new mod fixes but the stance fixes make it un useable especially with bulletdance
  2. + Slash +Critical on slide + Combo duration https://warframe.market/auction/5db0e8b3a7a6210861b45f85 Drop me a message if m online if your interested 120p price Negotiable 😉
  3. only chat is going offline thats sick ppl can still play Rip trade chat tho
  4. Exergis Mantican +146% multishot +60% Corpus -46% Status Duration selling on Warframe market Send me a Message there if i'm not Ingame TASK141 Asking 200 Price Negotiable https://warframe.market/auction/5da90759d7730507d643424c
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