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  1. Not much of an idea really but a great refrence, the moa stares down, stomps with it's left foot, slides its foot back in an agressive motion then returns to idle position. anyone who has played the original MGS will know where im going with this, guess you could call it " Annoying pests"
  2. Welp i had another idea, but i'd like to submit this one instead, i hope it meet's your requirement's, to whom ever hit's the top five well done. If names are allowed i'd like this to be dubbed the Plains Punisher mask, or Phantom of the Plains mask, that is if this gets selected ofcourse, thanks again for the contest. the idea came from a story i will be making, in short between the efforts of Nakak and a certain Tenno, an ex- Steel meridian soldier and some hacking, The Grineer now have a monster they check their closets for, and it isn't a tenno either but a spirit born from them and hell bent on vengence. don this mask to help the grineer remember that no one, not even the queens are safe from punishment. The Grineer mask would be Primary color, the jaw if possible a metallic secondary, the bone fanges and ornaments tertiary, the eye patches accents, and the scars would be energy, if not the black part of the mask could be energy based, or the ornaments ends could be, your mask now, your call
  3. One Post from one tenno, enjoy. https://imgur.com/gallery/XiG4W08
  4. no seriously, how do i just post the picture without having to link anything ?
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