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  1. Protective dash and operator amp self stagger changes WHEN ?
  2. Thank you, for continuously ignoring all the feedback on protective dash and operator self stagger changes.
  3. The Glassmaker quest bit is amazing, very cool. The rest of the game unfortunately is still neglected. How come it’s been close to two months now after the defense objective thread has been posted and you still haven’t changed protective dash or at least commented on it, what is the point of asking for feedback if you are going to ignore it anyway? Railjack changes have been good overall but what is up with those rewards tables and drop rates ? Why am I getting 69 Form Ups per mission yet there are still 1% drop rate mods from rare enemies ? You promise skill based content and no grind yet there is no skill involved and it’s all smooth brain grind.. Why is 400 dirac in the reward table for Vail ? Could you please invest is some training for your product manager as that person has obviously no clue what they are doing. I sincerely wish you guys stop wasting your potential.
  4. Here are some very simple steps to avoid further community backlash in regards to Protective dash changes: 1.Give back the invulnerability phase. 2.Make the healing a percentage instead of a flat value. Tweak the values if you must, however ignoring the feedback for the second time without even giving any reason for the change will result in a lot of criticism. Thank you in advance.
  5. Absolutely beautiful feedback my dude, I salute you ! Also self-knockdown on operators makes a lot of amps very frustrating to use why is that a thing ?
  6. Why did you ignore all of the feedback on protective dash changes ? WTH is 500hp per second if am doing a defense arbitration ? Why can you not give us at least 3 seconds of invulnerability ? Why cant i go in to Taveuni using nekros anymore and have to count on someone being a limbo/frost to keep the siphon alive? The whole focus tree is a joke, everything ''good'' is in Zenurik. Naramon is used for combo counter, madurai is for afking in void mode for the three people that like doing Eidolons. New/casual players never knew what protective dash even did why are you punishing invested/experienced players that help play test your broken content for other platforms ?
  7. Great points my dude, lame glyph tho.
  8. How many focus schools are there in the game Vs how many frames there are ? What gives more options ? Protective dash is a tool in a game with unbalanced scaling. I see little value in other focus schools, if it's not a niche gimmick it can be substituted using the gear wheel or a mod. Taking away a tool and be given a flat value in return is absurd and insulting. But PC players are used to be insulted so I guess it's fine.
  9. Thank you, for killing off excavation long runs. Instead of fixing things that have been broken for years like rivens, kuva or scaling rewards. Your approach is swing the ban hammer as per usual. The overall quality of the game has been going down since the Lich update. You ignore the majority of feedback and keep focusing on bringing in new features in a game that has no direction. Keep over promising things and ignoring your loyal player base and see how much revenue you loose this year. When Scott explained the reasoning for nerfing Itzal Blink he said that it was required to give us more options with archwing as Itzal had superior mobility making all other archwings inferior. When you nerfed catchmoon you explained it in a similar fashion stating that it was the most used secondary invalidating other ''in slot'' weapons. How can you not see that protective dash gives us the freedom to choose any frame and go to any mission to play and have fun and be fine. It gives us options.. back to 2015 frost bubble spam i guess, great design DE, solid logic. Sad to see what is becoming of this game and how disconnected you as developers are from your core audience.
  10. Ty DE for all of your hard work on the design and fixes to this amazing event. Scarlet Spear is so good people are going outside.
  11. May I ask who is designing these mods.... Why did you have to destroy one of the only good arcanes without giving anything in return..
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