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  1. The idea of rivens was to buff the unused/unloved weapons, and passively nerf the loved and most widely used weapons The idea of invigoration is just that, to buff the unused frames, except it's not working. The sacrificial mods when released made any Warframe a survival Warframe and made all Warframes relatively good at surviving the highest tier missions in game which the enemy level at the time was lvl 60, which occured on sorties and liches, with the launch of steel path the natural highest base enemy level is 140. The frames that can take the beating at this level had abilities that allowed them to absorb all incoming damage (nidus, inaros, nyx, revenant) or evade all damage entirely via invisibility, or turning the enemy into narcoleptics. Warframes that could not survive these levels are reporting to DE of being killed by a "stay bullet" from a grineer in the back. De attempted to resolve this phenomenon with the introduction of shield gating, and reduced accuracy of the enemy towards players in flight. Yet, players including myself often still report the stray bullet killing us at the high level. This phenomenon has little to do with it being a stray bullet and much more to do with that the damage the enemy deals relative to the players quantitative health is too drastic. For example my necramech alone deals 1.25 million damage per shot on its aquebex, however my Warframe has health of only 10k if I'm using inaros. In the case of my average frame non-speacific we are looking at closer to 2k, Hildryn being near the worste at 300, and since the update that prevents passive regents, no longer capable of steel path. I mention all this to focus on individual abilities each frame has. Let's say the helminth became a all hands off system, where the player could put any ability on any frame. People would immediately gravitate towards the bests stats in-game, highest health, highest armor, abilities that make the player entirely invulnerable, and abilities that scale the best on damage, and abilities that deal the damage over an entire area. And every frame would have a form of invis. Players by default gravitate towards the best stats in-game. The success of an item in-game is representative of the quality of that item in game and is an example of success in a power fantasy game like Warframe. Over Tenocon 2021 the developers argued they had no current plans to rework any frames with the example being zephyr's rework not attracting a large enough players to the frame. But if we compared zephyr's rework to embers and Vauban reworks, Vauban and ember are entirely different frames all together since the change. And they attracted alot of attention. Vauban I would argue was actually made better his abilities were definitely enhanced and over all every ability he had was touched and completely redone. Ember like wise. These reworks were appealing, bc the aesthetics were that to be impressed. However, very little was actually changed in the zephyr re-work her first allowed her to stay in the air as a channel, the passive had a second part to it (150% CC while in the air) and the 4th was tweaked to have enemies damaged in the tornado as well as the element changing. Over all zephyr's kit remained the same and hardly a rework. I bring all this up as a prelude to the suggestion- "prestige abilities" Yes, the helminth grants abilities yes abilities do rank up to rank 3 when leveling a Warframe. I'm not talking about all that. I'm talking about an effect where you can make an ability scale closer to enemy level. No one, and I mean no one, truely uses volts first ability as a means for mob killing and barely stuns except the stun is an elemental proc and many enemies are immune in game, but what if instead of it being a flat 200 electrical base damage and scales with ability strength, but it's 200electrical damage and it increases based on enemy level and the rate of that increase scaled off of ability strength. Less than 100% and it matches enemy level. This effect could also be applied to invis abilities or other duration based abilities. The higher the enemy level the higher the duration Same with efficiency and so on. It also doesnt have to be limited to enemy level, it could be based on total damage taken, melee combo multiplier of a stacking on kill up to a number (metrics already in game) Imagine a health capacity increase ability like chroma that increased off of melee combo up to x12. Or Loki invis ability that increased off of total damaged taken. The possibilities would be endless. And would make non-survival based frames able to compete in the steel path arena. The effect could be called a prestiegment or something like that.
  2. Ok excited about brief case weapons, except they aren't animating like they should. Brief case weapons (melee) lack the holster style "business casual" What should happen on equip of the "business casual" style instead of the brief case being attached to the Warframe character hip, rear end, back, ECT, the brief case should be held in to the side of the Warframe, this "holster style" should persist in relays, cities, dojos, and in non combatant areas. For primary and secondary brief case weapons, the option "visible when holstered" currently has the weapons attaches to the characters buttocks, hip, back side. Instead the brief case weapons should be held in the hand with the toggle switch option of "left or right" so the player can choose which hand holds the brief case weapon. Since the character only has 2 hands a maximum of 2 brief case weapons can be held by the in-game Warframe at any given time. In the event a player toggles "business casual" ("holster style" or "visibility when holstered") to the "on" position the oldest on the 3 weapon types (primary, secondary, or melee) will get "removed" from the "business casual" holster visibility ("holster style" or "visibility when holstered"). To maintain speed of switching should a player be in active combat with the "holster visibility" "business casual" active the player Warframe will "hide via teleport" similar to how a players weapon appears when they equip a weapon, but from the straight arm position making for fast equip/de-equip animation Animation changes should be launched with a series of armor chest plate cosmetics known as the "business Tie collection" where the player can equip a series of business ties to thier Warframe in place of chest plate armor. Both options of "straight tie" and "bow tie" cosmetics should be made available. These changes will create an environment of safety, professionalism, and cleanliness in the Warframe video game environment. These changes will also keep the brief case weapons free of flatulant debris from the sitting animations, as well as the sliding animations. With the briefcase free of debris the dps, and efficacy of the weapons should exponentially increase in Warframes power fantasy.
  3. Newer quests like "Deadlock protocol" and "Call of the Temperature" are replayable, but the "Heart of Deimos" is still not replayable. The other open world quests are replayable (saya's vigil, mask or revenant, and Vox Solaris). Plz make Heart of Deimos replayable
  4. When an Xbox member missed the kuva liche cinematic and would like to see it again the player cannot. What should happen: a player goes to "Codex" from thier orbiter, then goes to "Universe", then clicks on "Kuva Liche History", then presses the prompt "X View Cinematic". This should play the cinematic introducing the kuva liches. What actually happens: players get a black screen with only the words populating at the bottom and hear the voice, but there are no visuals. We get a black screen. Plz fix this DE
  5. Expedited suffering has always sucked and been partially useful of Garuda. And it's for the simple reason that expedited suffering deals 0 for really all status procs except slash, toxin, and heat. For example: https://youtu.be/SSRBvhMik2g
  6. couple problems. 1) why arent galvanized mods just called amalgum mods? why werent almalgum mods just called corupted mods if they gave a neg? i feel there is a tad bit of rebranding, rather then combining form and function to create beauty. 2) the problem with "on kill" mods i dont use, is when your in a classic survival and you get mid-end game your buffs run out making the player generally worste then they were at the begining. why didnt they rework primaries to add a "combo counter" to primaries where the combo increases on hit and have the mods scale similarly? that way it would be universally similar to melee. you also would have saved time by not needing to nerf melee and only had given the buff to primaries and melees. for melees the combo increases based on consecutive hits. for primaries make it based on consecutive hits. then add a crit mod like blood rush, but for primaries. keep melee people happy, keep shoooting people happy and then no one would have to rework every melee build in their arsenal.
  7. Awesome, now where is the sisters of pavos update?
  8. thank you for making updates cross platform. this is 1 step closer to cross save and cross play. this game needs it.
  9. thats not the point of the post. this is a critique to space combat. there are items in-game to buff usable items that allow for choice, but the post outlines that there is no choice involved. its like DE forcing you to fight in space thier way. you have to kill a crewship with artillary cannon (although u might not have this), or you HAVE to board the crewship. i cant shoot it from the outside and bombard it to death and watch a crewships health reach zero. You HAVE to use the railjack for kills, you cant choose the crewship or the arch wing to be effective in battles, even if you buff them. although they added mods to clearly alott for these choices, but its a gimmic. you can buff them, but they still do nothing. its like why bother adding it in if we werent really going to have it?
  10. i think u miss understand the premise of warframe. which is to be a power fantasy where there is choice. if your paying attention, this is a critique of over all space combat. in order to address archwings, you have to compare it to all forms of combat. i answered this if you read. i have a giant BA railjack that can destroy the crewship, the crewship can kill a railjack, yet a crewship cant kill another crewship? or bombardment from forward cannons and archwing fire cant kill a crewship? yet, bombardment from little corpus fighters and their crewships can kill a rail jack? thats the delema the devs are all about balanced game play, but there is balance from one direction making the space combat feel forced in a direction. you have to board to kill via warframe, no an archwing cant kill, you have to use forward artillary, no turrets dont work on crewships. if you play any space combat game starwars battle front 2005, or 2015, elite dangerous, you can choose any item and make kills while in combat and its that freedom of gameplay that makes these games amazing. when you are shooting a crewship with turrets and its health hits zero and it doesnt blow up its not a good feeling and your like what was all that for? all items useable in game should be able to make kills to any other usable item, otherwise there is no benefit to using those items. and the vid link demostrates each of these critiques with undeniable facts. with respect to the archwings, if you want the archwings to get a revision there has to be something revised about them. the archwing have literally warframe abilities each one unique to thier craft. its like saying dont worry that a warframe sucks its gonna get a revision. noone liked it when the kuva liches could up and kill you when you got the order wrong. this is the same premise. an archwing shouldnt get up and 1 shot bc it was flying over, espeacially if you fully modded it to be able to take the hit. dont pass someone off addressing the issues of archwing, say there is no issue, and then follow up with wait for the revision. just address it and revise it. yes, itzal shouldnt get 1 shot, by lvl 2 grineer in poe, no archwing should. and yes i dont use itzal bc of this, but i should be able to choose it without the worry of a grineer literally lower level. a player should be upset if you had to have Inaros prime to survive "mantle" on earth on the reg star chart. likewise the player shouldnt have to only choose amesha to survive in the planes of eidolon. likewise in railjack a player should not have to choose the railjack, amesha, or the crewship, each one should be equally effective in mission, and the crewships which you have to capture should be significantly worth it espeacially if it kills a railjack.
  11. so are they forgoing the granum liches here then and moving granum liches to a later update? from what we have been told granum liches or queen pin were suppose to be part of update 30.1 as expressed in dev stream 152.
  12. Warframe update 30 brought alot of desired space combat, including volatile, defense, exterminate, all of these were amazing and verymuch needed to be added, but they forgot some glaring features. the Archwing. The Archwing was declared the damage was "normalized" and yet when I take the archwing into comparative regular missions the archwing does fine, but cant kill anything. it appears the archwing still has its "-90%" damage debuff as a means to dictate players chosen way to obtain of missions success. If a player wants to fly in the archwing to make kills that should be a valid way to kill fighters if they want to be on turrets (which should 1 shot as a means of combat superiority with MKIII) but the archwing should deal little to no damage. The video below goes over all of these, but i wanted to place them here as well. if a player wants to capture a crewship and destoy the fightes and other crewships that should also be a choice. lets start with thefirst meathod. archwing Archwing Archwings get 1 shot Archwing combat as mentioned was declared normal, but its been anything but normalized. the necramechs were over powered when they came out, but archwings seemed to get nerfed with every passing update, now in POE the archwing can get 1shot even with all the superior glory of maxed health shield and armor mods, it would seem the amesha is the only archwing that wouldn't recieve this nerf and is the only archwing that can recieve a full frontal missle and still make it out alive. and since every open world is littered with some mechaninc to end all air traffic, this makes it rather difficult to choose any other archwing except for amesha. Archwings are still 90% damage nerfed in railjack missions (video shows this disparity) The devs are talking about nerfing melee and yet archwing melee cant be spawned in missions like the primaries can, they cant kill the enemies in railjack like the railjack can, they are just over glorified warframe transporters. this was suppose to be normalized and yet it feels yet abnormal for a power fantasy. its so nerfed that even the melee changes that trickled over dont actually hit like in other normal missions Archwings still cant kill a crewship in a power fanatasy it would make sense that the under dog item sould be able to kill crewships, if a player sits all day pointing the barrel at the crewship the crewship inspite its health reaching 0, will not die this is particularly disparaging because the effort feels stolen from the player. because in every game mode with the exception of bosses fights when the health of standard units hits 0 the enemy dies, it shouldnt be an excpetion for the crewships. Crewships Crewships Use to have 40,000 health Crewships on day one of railjack launch had a benefit when capturing that they had an incredibly high health capacity. this was off set by its low damage, but then the crewships health was changed to match the railjacks. this had some hopes in that we thought the mods we equipped would come as well and that the crewships although maybe possible through the plexus could mod the crewships when piloting, but this isnt the case. only the railjack health transfers and the hyper strike or any crit or damage mods dont transfer (as displayed in the video below) Crewships buff comes at the cost of Iron clad with the plexus, not only do the modifications not transfer, nor their buffed stats, if you put on raider matrix you cant place the ironclad matrix which inturns lowers the health of the railjack and its survivability making the railjack get more elemental procs and not last as long. sure you can speed around faster than the railjack, but that damage is so low the guns might as well have been pulled from the archwing itself, and the railjack dies anyways. Conclusion: Buff the archwing in all modes, don't nerf anything. Here is a common issue I have been finding with developers in games, they focus so much on what the player base is using and find the most used item and nerf it. this is survivors bias. The devlopers says,"if the players are only using this weapon everyone must be doing something wrong if they aren't using this item" but instead these are the weapons that are successful in the challenges in the game instead, the developers should make weapons similar in effect and rather than nerfing the good ones that way the player base has a variety to use to complete the challenges. I remember when daggers were one of the best weapons in the game, by themsleves ineffective, but with finishers and covert lethality they could one shot everything, this was removed in update 26 ending the use of daggers in warframe. also prior to update 26 with the kuva liches melees whips could span an entire map, but had low damage making low level farming nice, instead they nerfed the range to catered to the fortnite players worried about thier kill count, as if they had a quota in a co-op power fantasy game. what should have happened in nothing been changed about these weapons and whips and daggers may still be used today. the power behind both the dagger and the whips added variety to the game warframe. Please buff the archwing in all missions make them behave like a "flying warframe". buff the crewships to be a railjack equivelent rather than an inferior copycat. the video as promised: Archwing still sucks - YouTube
  13. I have come across these findings before, but wasn't recording them, so I lack sufficient records to support your claim, but I have noticed this trend as well.
  14. Questions. -1) Converted Kuva liches are seemingly inferior for the required effort for required to obtain a converted kuva liche. What kind of changes if any can we expected from converted kuva liches so player base will be encouraged to have preference for the converted kuva liche over the standard crewmate? I go into great detail on this subject in another feed back post i made a while back open the spoiler for the additional info. -2) crewmates like converted kuva liches are also inferior in normal game play compared to the standard warframe spectres. Can we expect any changes to these items in normal missions? -3) Necramechs on March 8th we were told we would be getting necramechs in ALL MISSIONS and we all were teased that we all knew what that meant. 2 days later this was changed to "prevent issues", but it was implied to still be the intended idea. When, if its still intended, can we expect to see necramechs truely be released in all missions? -4) Necramechs are the 2nd Transferable object we have been able to use since the "war within quest". Necramechs also fall under the category of "vehicles" in the arsenal. I really enjoyed using the Golden Maws (orokin worms). In the future will be able to swap the necramech out for a deployable Golden Maw instead, or any other Transferable vehicle equipped with a transference bolt? And listed are a few quality of life additions questions. 1) The relay you can play octavia's music in. In the orbiter we have the somacord tones as well as any song you have saved. In the near future, can we expect the dojo getting the same treatment in terms of placable music? spoilers reveal a reason as to why this is a desired feature. 2) As MR 30's we can be honored by anyone inside a relay for granting blessings, but can our clan erect a statue in our honor in the dojo? Can this future be added to the dojo? is been long time desired amongst the community now that we see its functional can the dojo people finally add it? reveal spoilers for examples of desired results. 3) back in 2019 when DE started revolutionizing the dojo, DE added orbiter decorations as an option to decorations in the dojo. We couldn't help but notice some "Articulas were missing from this list after the official declaration "NOW ALL ORBITER DECORATIONS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO THE DOJO". Will we ever get any of our articulas added to the dojo? reveal spoilers for example of topic. 4) The dojo is filled and with opportunity for growth. The drydock is the only room with NPCs. In the future will we see additions of purchasable and placeable NPCs? After all, the domestic drone is placeable and donatable, and the crewmates walk around in the railjack its self. I cant imagine it would be so much different to then add cephalon suda minions to the dojo as placeable characters. see spoilers for evidence of this. 5) with the addition of railjack often my teammates report having been able to shoot, kill, melee in the dry dock following a mission. is it possible in the future to have a mission where the players have to defend the dojo from grineer/corpus/infested invaders? (proof post pending. as the time I wrote this question, I am awaiting an upload of a vid and it will take more time then I have to make this post. I will post evidence of this question as a plausible possibility in-game mechanically, after I obtain the footage, in another forum post.) 6) it appears that the only truely valid arua mod for the rail jack is deeply swayed and unbalanced in the favor for "Iron Clad matrix" often this aura mod places players in a situation where they have to make a choice: 1)choose to have the railjack take hits and survive (survival of the railjack is required for mission success) or choose flying a fast crewship (which even with 4 auras still doesn't deal enough damage to be effective in combat), buff the archwing (has the issue as the first), or increase your damage (often not neccessary with MKIII). it quickly becomes appearent when in veil proxima the player doesn't have much choice and must run the ironclad matrix to complete the mission or risk mission failure. Can we expect to see this changed so a player can be effective in a crewship/archwing and not risk mission failure, or will the player be forced to focus on babysitting the railjack? I am very happy to have corpus empyrean on all platforms as promised. I like this trend of releasing content on all platforms and hope to see continual trends like this in the future and take these key steps towards cross-play, helping join the community regardless of platform choice allowing everyone to experience the origin system as a community rather than divided sects. you guys have done great work. i am thrilled to see different game modes in corpus empyrean and you guys do a good job at improving the game.
  15. TYPE: Sevagoth's xbox IN-Game play DESCRIPTION: player keybindings are locked to ability casts after using Sevagoth's 4th. This prevents a players from using the traditional in-game mechanics like jumping, melee, weapon switch, or hacking security consols to turn off in game alarms. this also empties the players energy pools on ability casts not intended by the player. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: activating either sevagoth's 4th or sevagoth's shadow's 4th ability. EXPECTED RESULT: When the 4th ability of sevagoth, or sevagoth's shadow is activated, the player should be able to immediately attack in any desired format, Pressing A should jump, pressing B should melee, pressing Y should switch weapons, pressing X should yield no result. OBSERVED RESULT: Pressing Y activated (reunite/exalted shadow), pressing B activated (death's harvest/gloom), pressing A activated (Embrace/Reap), pressing X activated (consume/sow) REPRODUCTION RATE: the bug happens at higher frequencies after host migrations, or in full squads of 4 players
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