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  1. have u met loki? let alone any other basic frame to come out?
  2. yay: consol will now be given the same update, except the promise we made, which was live updates across all platforms
  3. Honestly it makes me wonder if DE plays the game on consol. Back ground: anyone who has ever played sonic the hedge hog, or shadow the hedge hog, or any other game with a grind mechanic on a board knows that when it came to rails when you jump on the rail it is set to keep you on the rail path unless your reticle fall outside a certain angle. now with DE the mechanic doesn't stick you to the rail you have to hold the LB to begin the grinding mechanic and the reticle has to be perfectly aligned on the vertices to stay grinding. its cool that its asymmetrical and can be done one multiple o
  4. I know I am not mistaken update 26 was a big announcement to my clan. if you remember from the update before DE's memory reduction for the game often can lead to loss of account information and sometimes the whole account. this is the 3rd update I have seen where a "redownload of the game" has occurred. I have reranked the weapon since, but I shouldn't have had to which is the problem and the primary point of this article. and this is the bug report as the post indicates. I didn't see a DE mega thread on the memory update so I left this post here instead as a bug report hoping a MOD will see i
  5. problem: the kuva liche cinematic playable from the codex pulls up black with sound and no picture. what should happen: players should be able to go to codex in the orbiter, go to kuva liche history, press x to "view cinematic", and the kuva liche cinematic from update 26 should immediately begin to play. what happens instead: dialog can be heard and the captions appear, but the animation does not play and no picture appears at any point during the animation. Here is a pic of the problem. as u cant see, there is a kuva larvaling in there. DE plz fix this bug on xb
  6. so like i said before this is a maxed account it has had every thing literally i went line by line in the fandom for weapons a long time ago and you can tell from the profile pics all those have been completed. i maxed the karak wraith a long time ago (about 1 year ago). I made room for the kuva karak with update 26. and yes, normally deleting an item from your inventory doe not remove affinity, unless de comes out with a piece of new software notorious for deleting memory. no the karak wraith did not show up in my profile as greyed out. this usually occurs when the player hasn't come acrossed
  7. you are correct, i didnt mention the instrinics and missions. i didnt place this, as we are comparing two maxed accounts. we are under the assumption the number of levels and the intrinsics are both capped. and yes. I have not lost affinity for my intrinsics. I have completed all 3 star charts, normal, steel path, and rail jack. additionally have rank 10 in all 4 categories of rail jack intriniscs.
  8. Back ground: Affinity is supposed to be saved and rolled over into the next rank when ranking items in warframe. additionally items that give affinity appear in the profile of the players account. Problem: primary kitguns show that they give affinity in the profile, yet they do not give affinity in game. MR 30 test and rank became availiable yesterday, however, my account is not updating to show the changes and shows i am short almost 3000 affinity. additionally Affinity for having mastered the Karak Wraith was removed from all accounts that had deleted it from the inventory, but mastered
  9. problem: the Orb Vallis open world crashes so often, the boss fights and endless survivals in the toroid sectors don't make it more than 30 seconds into the mission before the entire game crashes, taking the player back to the xbox home menue with warframe closed and has to be relaunched. what should happen: players should be able to farm, fish, travel to toroid zones and play multiple bounties with out hard crashes to the Xbox home screen. The problem occurs on public, private, and solo. we have seen consistent rates of crashing. when the crash occurs all resources gained up to this
  10. I love using the necramechs, and I am all for DE making it possible for necramechs to be played on regular mission tile sets. I am really excited about the implementation of transference based items in the game like the necramechs. I am labeling this post as a bug report because there is a key feature with necramechs that I feel is a major over look that makes the necramechs "less comfortable" to use on xbox1. The hover mechanic For starters the hover mechanic in the necramech is bound to the "A" button on the remote. The "A" button must be held after jumping to hover. Instead this
  11. Articulas Couldn't help but notice on one of the updates from 6mos ago they announced all orbiter decorations were now available to be placed in the Dojo, tried placing articulas like Warframes and grineer and they are not available on Xbox to be placed in the dojo. I feel predetermined articulas should be donatable to the dojo, ie) if a player wishes to have an articula donated upon donation they determine the loadout and the stance the articula is and then its placed like a custom noggle statue. NPC's I couldn't help but notice the only room inside the dojo that has NPC's is t
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