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  1. Dear Empyrean, YES! YES! DUDE THIS GAME MODE IS AMAZING. I won't go as far as to say every way! I want DE to really focus on this game mode because its AWESOME! Despite its flaws it is so worth playing! Our Clan on Xbox The AFK Trollers. have been looking forward to this game mode since it was first announced in 2018. if they didn't announce this game mode we probably wouldn't have been around. Mostly because we only built the clan to gain the research and not get kicked from another clan due to hours of inactivity. When Empyrean was announced we decided to change our purpose of our clan like I am sure many others did. our clan became all about gaining quality members that wanted to be part of empyrean. many laughed as I am certain, letting us know that clans would not be important for rail jack. Yet here we are. Rising Tide is done out of the clan dojo. Members with a clan, with a rail jack and a dry dock, can be host for the game mode. All other players that have completed the archwing quest have to be placed on random in hopes they get a crew that knows what they are doing and cam prepared. If you had guessed it we really like the game mode. Lets start with the problems The Cons YOU HAVE TO BE IN A CLAN- Small clans will struggle or a small clan with 3 close friends may not struggle as much as others, but that's because they have little to rely on, if not you rely on randoms. and randoms have a tendency to ignore the host, ignore the catastrophic failures, and ignore the objective completely. we had a random once that took the pilot seat, just because they wanted to have the feeling of flying a rail jack and just spun in circles- literally ignoring everyone and everything. Archwing is nerfed 95%- this game mode nerfs everything archwing. so archwing already sucks. To make the suckiest game item in the game worst isn't that great of a model for making the mode better, or making players want to level their archwing. you were suppose to buff this item. sure maybe an arch wing shouldn't one shot a crew ship, but it shouldn't deal zero either or such a small amount of damage that you sit there for 10 years shooting at the crew ship. quite honestly I have tried a variety of methods, using Hildryn's passive so your invincible for a few seconds and it kind of works, but after a while you still die. Amesha is similar I have seen players last a little while outside in archwing, but after a while they end up using all their revives, including on lower levels. we have dedicated lots of forma to our archguns (6-7 forma per gun) had a squad mate go out and try to take down a level 45 enemy a stand alone fighter in the arch wing. this isolated fighter while using the larkspur took 0 damage. After Multiple Tests, Literally the most he could do was hold the fighter still to allow the rail jack to line up to fire upon the enemy. We had so many players join us and say,"i am so excited to try the new buffed archwing mechanics!" just to realize archwing buffing was all hype. We truly did get an archwing nerf as well as an itzal nerf. literally across the board. Odonata: NERF, Amesha: NERF, Elytron: DOUBLE NERF, Itzal: NERFTROCITY. and there were zero new mods to assist archwings and arch guns to get better so they could at least survive the game mode. what really would have made this game mode beautiful is having the choice to kill fighters in the arch wing, or in the rail jack. by all means the rail jack should be able to take out the most the quickest, but the archwing should be able to kill atleast one. RNG- The RNG of the game mode is aweful. unless you have particle ram, titanium is nothing more than a dream. I don't mind having to crack open crates, but most of the good loot is hidden behind drop tables. you can get a sigma series researched in the dojo, that helps starting out, but want a vidar MKIII good luck. "want vidar Cryophon with decent stats, you first need 18 20% damage buff vidar cryophons first". "want the Quellor? have you tried the assassination target on Saturn? Oh, you did. wait only 78 times? I am sorry, you have another 335 to go". the largest problem is that the weapon's stats are as RNG as the weapons themselves, with (currently on Xbox) no means to fuse the ones u do have with better ones, or trade them. just the avionics. what makes the weapon's stats worst is that the same weapon isn't shared across the squad. my pilot can get a 60% vidar cryophon, my turret man can get a 15% and my engineer can still get a 40% cryophon. this wouldn't be awful if we could fuse the weapons similar to kuva weapons and always get a high stat when fusing. The RNG of looting, shouldn't be your weak on its last limb rail jack should have to encounter a crew ship to get the pustrels it needs to revive. don't mind the collecting aspect, but pustrels dropping from only crew ships. imagine this rail jack on fire approaches a beefy crew ship, "we will have those pustrels" BOOM. Yeah 90% of this could be neglect or a random's first time refining all your resources, that's all true, but no more less the point on why cubic diodes and pustrels shouldn't be soley farmed from enemy ships. I understand carbides, and coppernics. but those aren't rail jack life essential. Allowing pustrels to be mined in the asteroid field and with lots available would be equivalent to a player ducking behind a corner to replenish their shields. THE PRO's YOU HAVE TO BE IN A CLAN- Yes you read that correctly, this literally adds value to being in a clan, so all you solo-player-try-hards out there who think that playing on solo somehow brings you moral superiority and pretend to have all the gaming skills (except social skills) have to join a fetchin clan or make one. Yes, WARFRAME IS CO-OP GAME. it might be a good idea to join a party with them and have some minor coordination. you don't have to like them to win the match. you don't have to like them to get all the good loot. no, doesn't matter how. yes, we can do it the dumbest way possible because its easier for you, that's fine. Yes, 4 minds is better than one. Statistically working together, with other players, makes over coming obstacles and challenges easier. Yes, sometimes breaking away from toxic players and idiots is a good thing, but one must consider at what point that they find all the idiots that they become one. There are so many benefits to playing in a squad with other players, ie) each player can throw down their own specters, you can get their shared buffs, you get 15% more affinity per kill, MORE ENEMIES SPAWN PER MATCH WITH MORE MEMBERS OF A SQUAD per dev stream 126. and that's to name a few. Don't get me started with fissures, loot drop chance boosters, etc. AND being in a squad full of friends is awesome its amazing and a lot of fun. you should try it sometime. A game mode where friends come together to look amazing. Intrinsics- don't mind them I admit rank 10 intrinsics grinding sucks. and the archwing intrinsics suck because 30% of 0 is still zero.However the ability to use the Eclipse Executor death star lazer from Starwars is fetching BA. Using the sling shot and getting a cool landing animation with energy going every where onto a crew ship OMG the best. 360 degree camera amazing. teleporting literally every where (making Loki sub par and irrelevant) amazing! Boarding crew ships- Dope. either in the archwing or sling shot. incredible. I love it! takes me back to Starwars battle front 2 from 2005 with galactic conquest. this literally is exceptional work. The sling shot- WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 'nough said. The Derelict and node like featured spots and objectives- omg the scenery is awesome the galleons, it feels how the rest of the OG star chart should feel. honestly we thought after experiencing this that it should replace the original star chart and perhaps at the beginning make it easier I under stand the complications, but it feels soooooo much smoother of missions transitions. Death star lazer- the death star laser is pretty. hands down (could use a veil proxima buff). absolute beautiful. all the tenno come to the bridge to witness this glowing site all of our faces pressed to the glass. that and void hole. Getting Boarded- didn't have a problem before don't have a problem now to have your ship boarded in this many exceptional and NEVER DONE BEFORE! Engineering and healing- wow, just wow so impressive, love that it grants affinity, feel of play is easy. I like the mining aspect of the game to make bombs and bullets. many would say chaos, but it give a real space battle feel to it. Tactical menue- still glitchy, I would only add that players using the tactical menu on the rail jacks could apply the abilities (orbital strikes, celestial twins, etc.) to players inside crew ships, derelicts, etc. currently only the maps where the player using tactical avionics can use them in the setting they reside. but still super fun to use, love the rail jack abilities I look forward to seeing more applications of this. gunners- being able to use the abilities of the rail jacks including flux, and other items is incredible and the 360 degree turret so good. I would add one more turret at the rear of the ship because sometimes the engineer won't have anything to do aside from going out in the archwing, and that's dangerous right now. Avionics menue- is a traditional modding system I am so glad they kept this adds variety to the game. I love this modding system. and the avionics are amazing like void hole, particle ram. all amazing features. Flying the rail jack- this is exceptional work inspite all the bugs (many of them absolutely funny), but this is so amazing and I am so glad to have had this experience to fly among the stars. Sentient anomaly- the setting is incredible spooky and the art was well put together. Erra quest- wow I encourage every player to go seeking this quest. just wow. I look forward to more of this. this is a great addition. please add more of this to the beginning of the game it needs it. Conclusion I have lots of built up enthusiasm for the future. I am pumped to see what DE brings next I love Warframe. I am thrilled to see what Command will bring with faction crew members, and Kuva liche crews all so very good. WE WANT MORE OF THIS! KEEP GOING THIS IS AWESOME!
  2. I Love Warframe do not get me wrong. Warframe is one of the most BA games I have played. I would have to say anything from the second dream moving on is phenomenal. I love it. However, there are quite a few underlying problems that can't be argued or ignored. the biggest one is the first half of the game and why its boring. Lets start with the amazing things Warframe has done. Open worlds-I like them I really do. I am excited for planes of Diruvi, I honestly like POE, I like Fortuna. I like fortuna much more than I like POE mostly because POE has a heavier grinding element to it. The bounties have good rewards for what you get from it. end game tier melee weapons, and kit guns. and I like that they are beginning to do quest lines through them. I like when they release these open worlds they add elements that are both good for incoming players and veteran players so there is always something to do which has been their primary goal of the open worlds. K-drives- are a fun aspect of the open world game mode. as a newer player it can be a bit of a walk but the missions but obtaining the k-drive with the first quest in the open world is nice as it can help lower level players enjoy the content of the POE. Boss fights- the look so amazing. can be challenging, but look amazing. the exploiter orb is my favorite boss fight mostly because it doesn't matter nearly as much as your build the amount of preparation or the number of members in your squad if needs to be done on solo it can. and I like that it yields the highest rewards. its in my opinion that is the first boss fight that feels like a boss fight and I don't mind so much doing it over and over, because you look so beautiful when taking it down. I also like when you beat a big boss its not like you walk out with nothing you always even if you have 10 of them you still walk out with something of value that you can do something with. the boss fight gives you a trophy and a sense of victory because of this. Tile sets of Jupiter and fortuna and POE- absolutely love the attention to detail, the uniqueness of the feeling of the land scape, the art, just gorgeous for a free-to-play game. The towns- the towns are one of my favorite places because of the number of shops you visit. I like that events are done out of them. and that their are rewards for completing the events. you get to see the people and locals and you do get a sense that you are protecting people and making a bit of difference a feeling Warframe did not have before. Customization of character- You cant convince me otherwise this game has the best customization mechanics I have seen. they are amazing. any color I want, any skin I want all 100% free! even at early stages of the game. Movement Mechanics are completely exceptional- Bullet jumping is one of the best mechanics I have played and has allowed me to really enjoy 3rd person shooters, as before I only really enjoyed 1st person shooters. You literally are a super hero in the making- The creativity behind the ability mechanics allow you to be Batman, superman, and although not identical, the abilities and feeling you get using abilities are truly exceptional making the game absolutely fun and definitely worth trying out. running across water, infecting mass armies, engulphing the field literally in flames, or turning it to an icy tundra only this game grants that feeling of power. And Now the cons RNG-Lets be honest how many times do you have to run defection on Saturn to have a near guarantee at harrow? 79 TIMES FOR A NEAR GUARENTEE!! Its literally a 2% chance drop on rotation C which means you have to save 632 squads making sure you save 8 squads before restarting the mission for a near guarantee on the Saturn defection. For Chroma you need to get 8 parts all on their own drop tables from different places which can be dozens of missions before getting a full set, but to get chroma prime all you have to do is run fissure missions of any tier. In other words, the drop tables to basic Warframes suck while their prime variation is so much easier, but the Warframes and their required resources are locked behind planets making it hard for new players to get any variation of play. and as a new player with nothing it takes a long time to get anything. A new player doesn't begin to get this feeling until after starting the second dream quest. because up to that point the player is mostly getting just parts to things not really anything of value and that's mostly because the drop tables are awful (better than D2), but still awful. even if a player grinds out the 12 missions they need to play on the venus assassinate to get a basic rhino they still cant craft him until they get to Saturn. I say Saturn because the resource drop tables from Ceres and Europa have become saturated with loot easily obtained in a single mission of rail jack (which gets unlocked to beginning players that have completed the archwing quest). The Quests before the second dream are dull- The limbo theorem isn't a quest. the once awake is not a quest. the new strange isn't a quest. these "Quests" are more like tells. take for instance the "hidden message quest" you are literally told what's happening. You don't see what's happening. The player isn't involved. Lotus is seeing all these images, but you don't. You cant be surprised players are intimidated of starting the game when that's what every thing feels like from the start. We know you can make some cut scene cinematics you have done it before with the second dream. I get you have a lot on your plate and you are a free-to-play-game, but with many players that pay to play to get the prime stuff we want to see these quests get cinematics not just be told the story. if all the quests actually had some cinematics. even if its a small before missions cinematic and after mission cinematic it would break up the early game grind like no tomorrow. most new players if they stop. they stop from burnout because even the quests themselves feel identical to the node after node they just were playing. even the Mask of the Revenant feels like you are being told a story, this one is slightly more involved then other quests, but for the most part you are just told it. We want to see the battles nakfa tells us not just be told about them. "the chimera prologue", the "erra Quest", "the apostacy prologue", all do great jobs at showing us what is happening and because of their duration they really feel like the missing clips we are missing all throughout the beginning of the game Checklists feel like work and are boring- The literal beginning of the game is a checklist. Complete Vor's Quest, collect 20 mods, apply 4 mods, upgrade any mod to rank 2 or higher. then beat the specter and leave. then the quest itself is a checklists complete this mission (no breaking cinematic to add context), now complete this mission (no breaking cinematic to add context), yay you completed the quest reward given great you aren't upset, except the first quest you complete has literally no reward. and that's ok because its the beginning but the next 8 quests give you nothing or something that you cant do anything with, or you cant complete until a later date. The reward that pops out of the quest "man of few words" is an exilus adaptor, (not even the amazing Clem himself, just the opportunity to get him as a specter after completing a long weekly 10 minute survival). literally a boring quest where Clem is the only thing keeping you from dozing off. But again the problem is that it becomes a checklis literally so as you unlock planets you begin to feel like nodes just become checks on the checklist that is the star chart. Credits don't feel like money- Credits which are suppose to be a currency of exchange literally feel like their useless in the stores of the towns. and when they are required to craft items it just makes them feel like a resource meant for crafting then an actual currency. their isn't a section where players can spend credits to get items of values to make the game less grindy. for example if a new player was able to exchange say 100 credits for 1 rubedo it would actually make the beginning of the game feel like you can spend credits to get some resources and the resource purchases would only be for the resources that drop on that planet. In example, earth markets could be found in the relay that would sell resources small health packs and only rubedo, neurodes, ferrite, and detonite ampules. and premier bp's for sale would include say the Hydroid parts. the remaining parts that could be farmed from Vayhek. that way the players wouldn't have to spend all their lives trying to get that 1% chance drop. the game would feel less grindy. if markets offered some items from repetitive drop tables. in fact the only place where credits somewhat feel like and actual currency is in the dojo and market where you use credits to purchase Warframe blue prints, lets extend those to the relays and cities. Assassin targets feel identical to a capture targets- Sure context is different but method and feel of play they are identical. you go in you shoot the guy and you leave. assassin targets are suppose to feel more like a boss fight. Assassin targets that really break up the game are Vayhek, (with his 2 stage), exploiter orb, lephantis (still has 2 stages), Ropalolyst (not just a point and shoot). but he majority feel like a capture target that's a point and shoot. many of these boss fights could be improved with having different things to be met other than shooting in the match like taking down a pylon, hacking a consul to a turret to shoot the assassin target, maybe strike an enemy until he falls to the ground then hack it to open it up to a mercy kill. but the Sargent is still just a shoot and kill. As time progresses in a way vor and LT Lech Kril are that way too. Just walking Pointing and shooting gets real repetitive if its every planet with no forms of variation to it. Having cinematic at the completion of a junction to introduce the planets main assassin villain to a player is one way to add value to the planets assassin target. Another at the villains death also helps. The key though is that the clip can be skipped. as its an important feature in all cinematics especially one where you kill the target over and over. but with the listed changes above a player perhaps will lack the feeling of need of assassinating the target over and over again and suffer from burn out. Archwing Missions Still are awful- the archwing's biggest problem is that its not on the same leveling system as other items. In the attempt to balance the archwing it has continually become more and more unbalanced. my greatest hope was that this would be corrected with the launch of empyrean and some aspects have and others have not. The devs said they weren't going to nerf Itzal and that's what they did. Itzal's first ability went from being a teleport based on energy to Valkyr's first ability (a whip that gradually pulls you to a selected target). the movement mechanics became better, but this is the biggest problem of all. the archwing got a 95% debuff in the rail jack game mode. not outside. Outside modes still work just fine. the thing about rail jack if its suppose to be a capital ship then the players have to have both choices available, to either A) battle ships head on with the rail jack or B) be able to freely move about in an arch wing and kill enemies. currently the crew ships can still target the arch wings, but their bullets don't seek, but lets be real if the arch wings didn't have a 95% debuff they could withstand the crew ships fire and not have any problems and even be able to kill enemies, but that feature is really all but gone. in the Veil the crew ships still target, and there are some ways to evade not having been one shot, but if this route is chosen then you are limited to a few Warframes and archwings. in reality rail jack doesn't allow for game play of any Warframe and any archwing inside rail jack making rail jack less than ideal to level your archwing equipment. rail jack was suppose to solve the lack of arch wing leveling missions that has plagued the game but it hasn't. so until then newer players will still struggle. Don't get me Wrong I love Empyrean. Empyrean is my favorite game mode and everything I wanted it to be. it just failed in an area I didn't think before might have been important. Empyrean Failed archwing and I hope the DEVs make archwings better in this mode. Conclusion Every thing before the "Second Dream Quest" sucks really bad, but if you can get past Uranus to neptune Warframe is AMAZING. I would like to note its not any one of these problems that are the sole cause of new players struggling to enjoy the game, but rather a large combination of them. as I continue to inform new players of the game I still deeply inform them this sounds backwards, but Warframe doesn't begin on earth. it begins on Neptune after you literally go through Uranus. Yes, Uranus is the largest Checklist part of the game and I would argue the worst part, right before Warframe becomes the greatest space game. I just want the Greatest space game to be the greatest space game at the beginning not just the end.
  3. I am not gonna pretend I am going to say it. I have hunted over 45 Liches, converted 22, vanquished 24, currently own 20. This is what I have to say. Kuva Liche converting is NOT WORTH IT. If that's what you wanted to read then don't proceed to read the rest. just like and bump, but if you wanted to read an intellectual break down on why and how its not worth it, then proceed to read all the problems and amazing things about Kuva Liche hunting and receive a balance sided on the pro's and the con's to Kuva Liche hunting. Lets start with the pro's. Hand's down no one disputes this, Kuva Bramma, Kuva Chakkhurr, Kuva Ogris, Kuva Shildeg, Vengeful Ephemera's. I can pretty much stop with the list of amazing things brought from the old blood update. these weapons are amazing and by far worth while in pursuing. I enjoy the additional affinity they give and the additional ranks up to 40 they can achieve. making the weapons distinguished. Lets start with the Bramma--I HATE BOWS--just about every game I have played I must say--I HATE BOWS. No game has convinced me otherwise, well that was until the Kuva Bramma. THE KUVA BRAMMA IS AMMAZING! It's fire work flare glamor, it says to all your squamates- BAM I AM HERE! that and the if poor decisions were made the notification your squad gets when they see the MR 28 lying flat on their back saying "well I shot myself, but I would do it again, and probably will in the next 3 seconds. but DID YOU SEE THAT GUYS. IT WAS MAGICAL!" the envious squad mates quickly reply "yes we saw it. we know its awesome. we are jealous of you. Yes, we will pick you up when you pull the trigger again, bc you are having fun". After you learn not to commit self genocide the squad mates frustration quickly turn to you as you take all their kills. that's the weapon in a nutshell. Kuva Chakkhurr- Another fabulous weapon, has lots of utility including eidolons, profit taker, lephantis, you name it. at a glance the enemies dead even if you built it wrong. and of course you let of a round just so you can replay the reloading animation Kuva Shildeg- "we got rid of spin to win to bring you WARFRAME TOP TO WIN. its like spin to win, but faster with more revolutions!" x12 combo multiplier? yeah, got there in 2.first strike was a tier 3 crit 2nd was a tier 3,536 tier multiplier (slight exaggeration, but you get the idea) Kuva Ogris- Bazooka made semi-auto machine gun- 'nough said. Don't even get me on the side arms arguably most of the side arms (not you Kuva Kraken, back in the dumpster where you belong) have their unique synergies, after all it was desperately important to nerf catchmoon to bring you these five equally over powered weapons! Nerfing catchmoon was the mistake. Releasing five new kuva weapons was one of the first actually correct methods of obtaining weapon diversity DE has done. honestly, I want them to fix catchmoon, but to assist making weapon diversity great, actually make the garbage weapons decent. they don't have to reinvent the weapon just slightly increase their stats to be on par with some other weapons. The Vengeful ephemera's you better believe that they all look (not u Vengeful Shockwave ephemera) amazing and make your Warframe look distinguished. The assassinations I believe indeed are way faster than the traditional finishers, infact I believe the traditional finishers are WAYYYYYYYY slower than the Mercy kills that can be performed, infact I would like to see mercy kills replace traditional finishers in the game. I swear when finishing with a heavy blade I feel with a paracesis it takes 18 years and 1 revive before the finisher is done, but the mercy kill- an elegant spin over the head with 2 parazon stabs and the guy is down. even the traditional nurse (the one they placed in to keep you as a player from clipping through the map) one is hilarious when you see a full blown nox receive his shot from the parazon then cry as if the nox was nothing more than a 2 year old getting their shots. and I quote,"WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and of course throughs a tantrum with a burst of toxic behavior. All things Great, but.... The Cons... Murmur RNG IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. 150 murmurs are required, with each thrall giving 1 murmur and a max of really 10 thralls, and if desperate enough and super lucky counting on glitches 40. but does this happen often? no. out of my 46 liches only twice have I gotten 40 thralls to spawn, most missions were a whopping 3 thralls, and some times just 1 thrall. which is real garbage. it makes the game really grindy.its a dread to be honest and super kills the mood, The Dev's Claimed it was the fact that people would loose a revive and the liche would kill them was the reason for the players having a negative response to the mode. arguably I disagree its more that you spent 8hours collecting murmurs waiting for the liche to spawn, then the liche spawns in, kills you, then never showing its face in spite the liche being fully enraged. You have to wait another 8 hours to get it to spawn back in. The grind is what killed the games enjoyment. Honestly I didn't mind the fact it took a single revive. it kind of added value to the weapon. I loved that it would assassinate your Warframe, it made it feel like a boss that could take you on, now it feels as though its more a taunt than anything else. hated it takes another 2 hours for it to get enraged again enough to respawn. it felt more like a taunt like, "now Tenno you will never see me again! MUHAHAHAHAHA" and so you continue to slave thralls getting little to nothing along the way for killing the thralls, so literally became a waiting game for RNG to kick in and bring the thing you have been hunting to attempt another attack. Honestly their should have been a method for force spawning your liche in to make players that were ready not to rely on RNG but leave it you to skill of completing the puzzle. honestly I though the murmurs would have granted hints to the order as more mods were collected. honestly after all mods were now known murmurs towards its order should also be granted. so that there is no longer a guessing element. maybe even alternating what aspect becomes the known. Ie) first 20 murmurs tell you one known requiem mod, the next 20 tells you which of the three requiem mods is the 3rd mod, and the next 20 another Known Requiem mod, and so on. This would eliminate the guessing element, but keep the where there is risk there is reward element to it. the reward being that it ends faster. What Happened to Endless giving more Rewards for staying in longer? Another thing that made the mode grindier was traditionally like fissures and relatively all survival and endless missions types, the longer you stay in the mission the greater the reward. I am not upset that a single exterminate mission has a cap of how many thralls can spawn in the mission, I am kind of disappointed that the endless game types yield little to no additional benefit for staying in them longer. it made it so there was not true endless.When I first started my immediate go to was do a survival, stay in it as long as I can, get all the murmurs, and begin testing the requiem mods. I didn't mind that the requiem mods drop from the thralls. Requiem relic drops from the thralls made it easier getting relics I need to get the requiem mods. I hated the fact that the timer felt more like an alert mission then a true endless survival where each round more thralls came in, but the trade off was the enemies got harder. that is the traditional trade off of endless type missions. This also removes the RNG guessing element, and a player who was already leveled and already skilled could obtain their liches faster and not just rely on RNG and Guessing. players familiar with endless mission could stay in them longer and get more murmurs than those that couldn't bringing back the craved skill over guessing Warframe players crave. so Defense, excavation, survival, all should have been original endless missions where more thralls would spawn in, the longer you were inside the mission. it helps that the liche's enthrall more enemies, but again a cap on how many they enthrall is still grindy and relying once again on RNG that the liche enthralls. THE LICHE NEVER SPAWNS WITH CONVIENINCE TO THE PLAYER. Liche's also shouldn't spawn in behind the players 8 rooms away, where the enemies of a mission are no longer spawning. For this reason is why I never rely on the liche enthralling enemies, because most of the time, aside from survival missions, the liche spawns in no where near the enemies needed to be enthralled to get to your 20 count per mission. It helps that stabbing the liche gets you 10 murmurs, but it caps at rank 5 for a max of 50 murmurs. Yes that's only 33% of the murmurs you need, but it makes the missions longer and harder to kill the liche as it should, but isn't an effective method for obtaining the liche let alone proving any kill just delays when you can actually kill it. making every mission longer and more RNG like due to the increase enemy level and the remaining 100 murmurs you need to collect. instead the Liche should spawn like the larvaling spawns- ahead and amongst enemies to enthrall. allowing for enthrallment to be a legitimate method for gaining murmurs. ONE REWARD DOES NOT EQUATE IN VALUE TO THE OTHER. And the last and final criticism the reward option at the end when deciding to keep or kill your liche. the reward for killing is awesome as described above where you get the feeling of relief. Converting the Liche can be explained no further than "meh, that's disappointing." assuming u haven't told yourself that 150 times on the way to deciding to convert the liche. Right now, converting the Liche is a mere hope that one day years from now converting a kuva liche may prove to one day be better than bringing a vapor specter of your Warframe. Currently vapor specters can -take on the mod configurations of your load out -use abilities without prompting the specter -choose to have it guard a position or walk about freely following you around -be spawned I on your command -kill enemies at relatively any level Currently a converted kuva Liche can -Spawn in for 30 seconds (98% of the time after your first in mission self revive at the cost of affinity) -Use some abilities (if teleportation is an option probably its go to ability) -I wont say it can kill enemies, but I have seen one kill one guy once. Rumors have it that the Kuva liche DPS out put is variable based on the rank at which you killed it. I have liches of variable levels and have kept track of this. I can confidently say there is no distinction of the DPS of a higher ranking Liche versus a low ranking liche. and through the many times I have gone through to make my converted liches spawn in I can confidently say they don't really get that many kills. I have gone as far back to let it make the kills. I saw one liche kill one guy on a low ranking mission (about lvl 50) kill one dude. Converting liches after 8 hours of grinding is nothing more than a waste at the moment. A specter that you get casually from playing random missions should not be more valuable in game play then a liche you played 8 hours to get. How can the converted Liche be improved? 1) What the kuva liche needs is to be invincible in the mission. they are suppose to be immortal. make them immortal. 2) Make them spawn in the mission indefinitely. There is a reason why players like revenant, nezha, rhino. their abilities once active stay active. an item you grind for 8 hours in a game should not be worth less than the starter weapons you start out with in the game. make them worth while to convert. 3) They lead a fetching army have the liche spawn in a giant army of enthralled enemies (these guys don't have to be invincible because they aren't the Kuva Liche. 4) progressively getting more kuva liches should have additional value behind. we can spawn in multiple types of specters. make it so that every liche you convert not only increases the frequency they spawn in, but the number of the converted liches that can spawn in together as a unit with their small band of maybe 1-3 grineer thralls. It would be worth while to grind for infinite hours if you could get a large number of liches to spawn in like 15 Liches. I understand there would need to be some caps placed on the number of liches that could spawn in a single match, but make it worth while to keep claiming liches. 4a) If thralls spawned in with converted liches and those thralls get downed, make it so that they can be mercy killed and add murmurs to your current and active liche. 5) liches should be able to spawn in and revive u before your timer runs out. we already have the mechanic in there from night wave season 2 give it to the liches. 6) we need more liche like factions to convert, even if it means you have to select the converted faction of liche types you would like to have a chance at spawning in with you. At least having the choice makes it worth while to the player base inertly adding value to conversions. with this you would see a spike in liche conversions rate. I hope DE will do more with it in the future, but as of right not I tell players unless u want the weapon and the stats don't pursue the liche. At the end converting versus vanquishing the reward for either should match otherwise what's the point in the choice?
  4. Plz note: DE for the chinese build gave an Excalibur Umbra Prime for get this, "They didnt get a chance for an Excalibur prime." Just asking for the same treatment for consol players in every other region of the world.
  5. The fae empherma (like the ps4) has been declared as pc exclusive since pc was the only one with 2FA. You would know thay by reading.
  6. Empherma is declared pc exclusive item. Legally they cant give it to consol yet here they are.
  7. Its so nice of them to try and find a way for console players get the fae empherma. Wish they would do the same with excalibur prime, lato prime, and skana prime.
  8. I just want the Empyrean update. melee changes, and reworks are fun and all, but i want the awesome clan speacific game mode that makes the orgin system an actual exploration.
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