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  1. thats not the point of the post. this is a critique to space combat. there are items in-game to buff usable items that allow for choice, but the post outlines that there is no choice involved. its like DE forcing you to fight in space thier way. you have to kill a crewship with artillary cannon (although u might not have this), or you HAVE to board the crewship. i cant shoot it from the outside and bombard it to death and watch a crewships health reach zero. You HAVE to use the railjack for kills, you cant choose the crewship or the arch wing to be effective in battles, even if you buff them.
  2. i think u miss understand the premise of warframe. which is to be a power fantasy where there is choice. if your paying attention, this is a critique of over all space combat. in order to address archwings, you have to compare it to all forms of combat. i answered this if you read. i have a giant BA railjack that can destroy the crewship, the crewship can kill a railjack, yet a crewship cant kill another crewship? or bombardment from forward cannons and archwing fire cant kill a crewship? yet, bombardment from little corpus fighters and their crewships can kill a rail jack? thats the delema th
  3. so are they forgoing the granum liches here then and moving granum liches to a later update? from what we have been told granum liches or queen pin were suppose to be part of update 30.1 as expressed in dev stream 152.
  4. Warframe update 30 brought alot of desired space combat, including volatile, defense, exterminate, all of these were amazing and verymuch needed to be added, but they forgot some glaring features. the Archwing. The Archwing was declared the damage was "normalized" and yet when I take the archwing into comparative regular missions the archwing does fine, but cant kill anything. it appears the archwing still has its "-90%" damage debuff as a means to dictate players chosen way to obtain of missions success. If a player wants to fly in the archwing to make kills that should be a valid way to
  5. I have come across these findings before, but wasn't recording them, so I lack sufficient records to support your claim, but I have noticed this trend as well.
  6. Questions. -1) Converted Kuva liches are seemingly inferior for the required effort for required to obtain a converted kuva liche. What kind of changes if any can we expected from converted kuva liches so player base will be encouraged to have preference for the converted kuva liche over the standard crewmate? I go into great detail on this subject in another feed back post i made a while back open the spoiler for the additional info. -2) crewmates like converted kuva liches are also inferior in normal game play compared to the standard warframe spectres. Can we expect any changes
  7. TYPE: Sevagoth's xbox IN-Game play DESCRIPTION: player keybindings are locked to ability casts after using Sevagoth's 4th. This prevents a players from using the traditional in-game mechanics like jumping, melee, weapon switch, or hacking security consols to turn off in game alarms. this also empties the players energy pools on ability casts not intended by the player. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: activating either sevagoth's 4th or sevagoth's shadow's 4th ability. EXPECTED RESULT: When the 4th ability of sevagoth, or sevagoth's shadow is activated, the player should be able to
  8. i can get behind that. minimally treat it as a stack stick
  9. I didn't want to retype this but i wanted it posted to the mega thread for the developers
  10. We finally have the command intrinsic and we finally were able to dive deep into the update and see what it would be like to have a companion that was unconventional. and alot of us were looking forward to it and seeing what results we would come up with. This was entirely underwhelming and not what we were hoping for. in this post we are going over what we got and what we were hoping for. I give props to DE for telling us ahead of time in the patch notes that the Converted kuva liches (although declared an ally if converted aboard the rail jack) are not in anyway customizable and this wa
  11. come back when update 30.3 comes. DE has been straight forward about this. converted liches however will be availiable to use on the rail jack. i am alittle disappointed the liches cannot be customized and a little disappointed they are restricted to only guarding the rail jack. and a little disappointed the "on call" feature only temporarily spawns them in making them still seem inferior to the standard warframe spectre.
  12. very happy to see we are all finally getting updates all together. i would like DE to continue this trend. i would also like de to stop promising the "two weeks for PC and then two weeks for consol" give update to everyone together so we all can lift together.
  13. Actually, in multiple dev streams DE has said they will be releasing updates simultaneously across all platforms. They said this during the tenocon 2018 dev streams. They said this with the 2019 dev streams and showed acts if good faith by releasing certain content across all platforms ie) night wave, across most platforms with heart of deimos, and now they are promising call of tempestarii. Additionally, most games understand that platforms behave differently, even if it were to release with a lag, there would be very different bugs to be ironed out, just because it hits PC first doesn't
  14. No. I didn't. I am just calling them out everytime they say "two weeks then it will be on PC then 2weeks later it will be on console." They say this often on mainline and the PC part comes but they let console fall by the way side. Just holding them to thier promises like people should. If they do a live stream and say two weeks then they should make it two weeks or give an explanation on why they are late. It's not too much to ask for.
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