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  1. Clan name: AFK Trollers Clan tier: Shadow Clan platform: XBOX Clan role: Founding Warlord (Clan Custom Title: Master Chief 117) Featured image: Other images as video tour:
  2. Couple of things i would like to pitch as i havent seen many people talk on this. 1st) when i first started aside from limbo being my first other warframe, my second other warframe was a prime warframe. i get when a warframe is brand new and released we shouldnt get it instantly, but at the same time, i had an easier time getting the prime varients of a warframe than thier actual non prime varients. with a prime warframe being so much better i would think the non prime warframes to be near cake to obtain. can we see a rework in non prime warframe varients to be easier to obtain rather than grinding 1152 zone 8 waves before obtaining a khora bp, versus 2 hours before getting a full chroma prime set by just running with some relic groups? can we have non prime warframe varients have a higher drop chance than actual prime varients? the better stuff shouldnt be easier to get than the junk items. 2nd) i would like to see more utility added to the relays. as a new player i thought walking into a relay was kewl, but to find it rather empty. to add utility to the relays a couple ideas i have. could we add an individual relay market.as part of game progression that attracts players to relays is the ability to exchange collect goods inside a game for other items in the game. as a new player i was disappointed to walk into a relay walk up to darvo to see him selling only a bronco for 255 plat and that was it. we collect credits as a new player, but to be able to exchange them in game with a shop inside a relay for goods would exponetially add players running to the relays espeacially as a new player. this can be usefull as a number of ways. it adds choices with varieties. -relay market possible cotnent to help players . -resources farmable on the planet in exchange for credits. ie) strata relay market sells 500 rubedo for 1000 chredits. this will make the game seem less grindy should a new player need resources. -the next sequential relay in the game have some minor otherwise farmable rewards purchasable for credits from previous planet. ie) regular rhino componets dropped by assasin target on venus be purchasable in the lucinda relay on mercury for a credit cost based on the drop chance of the components from the venus assasin target. like rhino chasis cost 200,000 credits. a high cost for a new player, but more obtainable than the player hoping they get it on the first assasination target. also makes the game feel less random. makes the player feel not like thier chances to get to mot are based on random probability. it will make the player feel they arent just picking random resources up for nothing. espeacially credits they otherwise cant use. ofcourse in the relay markets they contain the glorious promotional items every player drewls over first when they click on the market inside the orbiter. - the market on the relay could also sell items like small health packs, and small sheild packs, not the bp for crafting them, but the packs themselves. it would keep the dojo research facilities desirable to new players but encouraging new players to make frequent stops by the relay to stock up on before a mission. and in turn keep new players interest without saying, "welp i have to wait for this sword to complete before i continue my quest". by making some of the items single use items like maybe standard moa specters or grineer soldier specters or corpus specters. it would encourage players to keep visiting the relay and like they are progressing and unlocking new items, not just the same items. - compliments about the relay i would like to point out. love that the osterons and solaris were added to the relays with voices talking to you. i would like to add captions that appear at the bottom of the screen for our deaf friends who rely on reading to enjoy video game lore when they aproach these individuals. currently its unavaliable. 3rd) relay rail jack, i think it would be awsome if you could purchase a rail jack segment to your orbiter to bring your obiter in instead of the sigma and use the orbiter as the attack vehicle. is this possible to incorperat? the segment could be called landing craft weapons segment. - relay rail jack it would be cool to also launch into a rail jack from the relay from the orbiter hanger, and possibly adding this segment into the dojo as well. like a defend against the sentient kinda deal. --purhaps leading into a orgin system conquest mode? conquering orokin tower by invading orokin towers with rail jack? until the whole system is won a stategy type style? - when rail jack does release it would be awsome to see those ship bp's availiable in the orokin lab #maketheorokinlabgreatagain -to add vision to the relay rather than having to build the sigma from the foundry you have to go to a relay to build the sigma ship and all varients of the sigma and the class of ships, making the relay hangar like a ship yard? ofcourse the same gentle man for the ship yard like the syndicates being availiable at every relay to eliminate confusion, but maybe higher tier rail jack ships availiable at higher tier relays inside the relay markets. -i would like to see trading brought back to all relays and even in poe and fortuna. - once rail jack is released when the famorian ships come to blow up the relays will we be able to deploy the sigma not just the arch wings to take down the famorian ship? that would be awsome to do that. 4th) i have other hopes for fortuna and poe i would like to see ground vehicles, ie hover jeeps, hover tanks, availiable in fortuna to drive around with, like a garage in the open world concepts. ofcourse with the ability to house passengers (squadmates) and the tanks be able to shoot as well and the jeep have turret men (co squad members manning the turrets) - another cool thing that could be added is items found from the war with in. i really enjoyed learning how to use transference on orokin objects like the orokin worms from the war with in. i would think it would be awsome to bring those into the poe as well as fortuna and use them as like a ground vehicle. perhaps an oroking garage as well? -on top of using tanks it would be awsome to be fighting the tanks as well, so corpus tanks, grineer tanks possibly the dangerous weapons realized by the grineer and infested tanks too. 5th) can we have a sacrificial forma? so we can polarize for the sacrificial spots so i can equip my exilus mods again? they often get ruled out by the umbral mods huge buff. -i like the augur mods, is it possible to get an additional slot dedicated to equipping mods like, augur, or gladiator or vigilante mods to the warframe and maybe a middle spot above for weapons? maybe even a mod slot adapter similar to the exilus adapter, but for any mod not just excilus mods? 6th) in one dev stream steve mentioned how the ayatan sculptures contained memories of former oroking members, i would like to kinda see that memory as a lore thing. you know when the sculpture is filled, you click a button on the remote and takes you to a scene to see the last thing that happened to a warframe as they were dying. that would be kewl to integrate. thanks for the taking the time to read this and consider these ideas. i love warframe and love the creativity behind everything warframe and i am pumped for future content.
  3. i just want to see the orokin open concept map. i want to see the villians or heros they actually are. i want to parade around at tau. i want to board the drifting dead zariman ship. i want more lore. i would like the landing craft drops be reworked. right now the bombardment of the schitmar currently takes for ever to kill anything and by the times the bombs come the enemy is either dead or moved out of range. i also would like that the landing craft drops can be used as many times in a row and for the med tower and turret i understand one possible spawn at a time, just not wait 6 hours [insert exageration its only 10minutes] before spawning another one. want to know if the landing crafts can have a weapons segment so the landing crafts can be taken into rail jack. want to see an infested kavat. #maketheorokinlabgreatagain
  4. will this be the dark sector? will this be the new war? will the new war have a giant battle take place on earth? will there be an orokin open world?
  5. i would also like to add. yes its true he is the most used warframe, but thats because every new player switches to him after they get him. limbo is arguably the first new warframe a player gets because the limbo quest comes first of all the quests that give a warframe. as a once newer player limbos unique abilities and good defense skills kept me going if this were nerfed in duration any more i might not have stayed. it allows new players to get through the grind of the next several pieces of content. nerfing it just prolongs how long new players stay in the limbo grind pun intended. make this part too hard and newer players will just give up before making it to the second dream quest. yes veteran players wont care as much, because thier warframes are already leveled up. i predict this will cause a greater cut in newer player contributions following the jupiter/saturn junctions as newer players come following this update.
  6. wont this wreck the riven challenge "get X headshots without touching the ground" since limbos stop all enemies had made this challenge fisible? also reducing his duration i feel makes it less valuable to use him versus frost. where frosts is health based/ armor based. i feel this will only encourage players to flee limbo and once again prefer frost. the use of teamates weapons would significantly help players, but to what extent? will players out side the rift be able to shoot in the rift? or will players inside the rift be able to shoot to enemies outside the rift, or will players be able to attack any enemy affected by limbos abilities? feel its missing speacifics. and just nerfing a warframe that doesnt really need it. espeacially going against lephanitis, but reducing the duration will just make it harder for new players to accomplish defense missions early on and make it feel more of a grind to newer players. seems only in the favor of veteran players who really dont need to grind to get to the next content.
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