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  1. If DE casualizes NW just tiny bit more, you‘ll have to stop logging in just to be sure NOT to get umbra forma.
  2. Normalizing the game modes is good, but the rewards look boring
  3. No palette despite watching several hours and relinking 😞
  4. Well, I read over "L2Play" because it usually marks the end of any further meaningful discussion in any game forum thread. (Just on a site note, Saryn imho isn't a very complex frame with a high skill ceiling. The real irony here is, the more experience and synergies you put into Saryn the worse it gets for other frames, especially the ones that have indeed a higher skill ceiling, like harrow, Sonar-Banshee). And about players staying only because of one frame: Perhaps they prefer her even more after some tweaks. Who knows? DE did some drastic changes to the aforementioned frames in the past. Sometimes successfull, sometimes ... less successfull. DE doesn't shy away from demanding from their players to adapt to changes despite protests. Member Mirage + Simulor? Another great example! The rage on both sides before and after the changes. I member. 😋
  5. You seem to misunderstand me. My particular statement there is not about nerfs. I just stated that there are quite some similarities between threads for those frames made before they were changed by DE and the current ones about Saryn. We have the "Frame x is destroying our enjoyment in the game by making other party members feel irrelevant." argument and its twin "Well, just go into private matches". I can't recall any frame where I saw this combination that was left unchanged by DE. That's all I state 🙂
  6. Funny, I read that same advice before. For Ember (before her rework). For Ash (before his rework). For Banshee (before...yes, you guessed right). Also for Mesa and Nova and Limbo. If you connect the dots, it seems, that in the past DE sooner or later acts instead of forcing players into private squads...
  7. Saryn's kit struggles when there aren't enough enemies around. And when there are enough of them around, other frames have a hard time being relevant. Depending on mission type she's very hit and miss with the "bonus" of destroying fun for other players. I propose streamlining her by requiring LOS for spore spreading and but also making the damage decay much more forgiving. So she should feel more consistent over different mission types and other team members can contribute because then Saryn won't be able to melt the entire map. And yes, after Saryn Equinox is next. Maim is stupidly powerful (and boring).
  8. And what's wrong about that? The big gap between both support and cc and (some) DPS would get smaller again - at least a bit. Considering the current situation, I can see only benefits in that.
  9. Be careful, that sounds alot like "Accept my frame-choice, choose yours accordingly and be satisfied with playing support, plebs." Also, accepting imbalance at the expense of others just because it helps reducing grind time is not what I would call desirable.
  10. I disagree, this has nothing to do with power disparity between veterans and new players. Saryn has huge scaling(!) damage potential, a big range, she circumvents armor (which is a big one), she halves enemy HP for the whole team and is also quite tanky. That alone is way more most damage frames can hope for. No LOS requirement for spores on top of that shifts her in a terrain where here map clearing affects others players fun. There's no reason for her to be in this game in her current implementation when there are frames who have to run around corners,parkour through maps to reach the enemies - without any real payback for the effort. We have frames like Harrow that rely on aiming and hitting certain parts of the hitboxes to work optimally. In the time a harrow needs to find a target, Saryn already has melted most enemies, forced them in erratic hitrecovery animations or generally painted the whole map with visual noise that makes it impossible to see anyhting zoomed in. It's a clash of game designs. Sorry, I've yet so see an arguement that convinces me why of all frames Saryn should have LOS-ignoring damage. Those discussions remind of those before the nerfs of Ash, Mesa, Excalibur and Ember.
  11. Saryn needs a LOS restriction. Most of the objections in this discussion could be taken care of by limiting spore spreading to LOS. Hell, they could even up the damage of spores to make up for it, but this lazy map clearing has to stop. We have several examples of DE going this route in the past. The arguments traded back then where the same here and in the end DE found solution that ensured that all players could contribute...
  12. OP‘s main error is to compare primary and secondary weapons to melee. Makes no sense in the current state of the game. None at all. Those reload times belong to a time before condition overload, bloodrush, primed reach and zaws.
  13. The game mode is good and provides alot of fun. Just one thing: Giving more and more units armor , e.g. the new amalgam units, makes any other other aura besides corrosive projection even less desirable, I'm really asking myself why bother with aura forma?
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