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  1. Honest question: Considering the state of melee, would it really be owerpowered to let non-aoe guns on a headshot one-hit most enemies in the game regardless of level and equipped mods? Imho, having to unload a whole clip/magazine into a grunts face is on of the most imersion breaking things in warframe... Let's assume on-shot on a headshot: We have so many guns in this game that could be equipped with 9 QoL-Mods and they still would not be able to keep up with melee, because melee is just so much easier and quicker than having to zoom in, aim for the head and reload.
  2. Just bringing primaries and secondaries on par with melee will not be enough. We need enemies that require/encourage weapon swapping and give each category its niche; e.g. more eniemies that block frontal melee attacks and stagger the player like those grineer staff fighters or enemies with brutal, constant Aoe damage right in front of them. Infested should be THE faction you clearly don‘t want to engage in melee (at least not in big numbers). Melee should be way more risky for the big damage it offers; e.g. no healing return, life strike etc.
  3. There's seems to be a bug with both the duration and the refresh of the Theorem buffs. Also having two theorems equipped, the activation of the theorems per residual seems to get les reliant. I expected both theorems to get activated. In the moment the investement of 2 arcane slots isn't worth the effect. Way too unreliable, way too much work. More stress than fun. It get's worse when you dedicate 3 or even 4 arcane slots. Especially Theorem Contagion and Theorem infection don't seem to have any effect at all. tldr; DE, please get rid of the bugs and really think about increasing
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