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  1. Another 2 cents: We already have enemies with weakspots e.g. Nox, necramechs, But with the erratic instant turning of those enemies and other things provided cover, you are often still faster (and safer) killing them with aoe-weapons who don't need LOS and have punchtrough. It's madness.
  2. Yes and no. I think, most players are ok with weapon tiers (e.g Braton Prime is better than the normal Braton). One argument for Rivens at the time of their introduction was to allow players to let their favourite weapons stay viable. Well, rivens failed to deliver that, but at least you can see that the devs had at some time the mindset to normalize weapon performance. Can‘t blame the players for still having that expectation… Superior weapon classes is a whole other story. This just trained the playerbase to disregard any new non-aoe and to put it in the mastery fodder box. At this point, non-aoe ranged weapons are just a waste of dev ressources and this helps nobody.
  3. Well, the Teshin gameplay reminded me of the first months (years?) of Warframe. It already was a horde shooter back then, but with a slower pacing, the coop aspect was stronger. The days of Bratton, Burston and Latron... The kind of gameplay that was and ist still advertised in each and every trailer. Teshin's speed and kit would be totally fine back then. Now? In times os Kuva Bramma, Bullet jumping and endless energy and ability spam? Not so much... Perhaps Teshin's level just reminded those people how liked the horde shooter back then what slowly disappeared over the years...
  4. I firmly believe that there is also a rift within the developer team. At least two opposing schools of thought about the design vision of the game. Funny thing is, that Warframe has become so big, that both groups do their thing, without any regard on how out of sync the core loop and the story part(also the presentation, like trailers) have become.
  5. What if we already have those two Warframes? One, which wants to tell a story, that takes away power from us, wants us to feel not omnipotent but humble and part of a bigger universe, that wants to inspire us. Basically 4-5 quests. And the BIG rest, the other part of the game, which is supposed to bring in a constant number of new players, keeps the grind loop active, does whatever it takes to achieve a decent cash flow to finance the former part of the game (power greep, rivens, etc).
  6. After all this years DE had enough opportunities to characterize the factions and flesh them out. Yet, they choose to let them stay one-dimensional cannon fodder. Often enough chances were wasted for easy comic relief. Especially the grineer are constantly the butt of childish jokes. While I salute DE for playing all the right heart strings in the gameplay trailer, I wished they had had given this aspect more thought years before. That ship has sailed long ago.
  7. Teshin's gameplay looked way more grounded, gritty, impactful and fun than what we current have as a core loop. It had this oldshool warframe vibe from the first couple of years. The sound effects, the way melee connected with the enemies....everything about the weapons and the powers felt so good, so right. As an Excalibur player, I was/am so envious. This is how swordplay should feel like! The gameplay trailer made we realize that freedom of maneuverability, the vast amount of weapons, the power creep over the years did come with a price. Damn, I'm depressed now.
  8. My expectatiosn based on the presented changes: * melee will still rule albeit with a drastic smaller pool of weapons * with the the new arcanes being "on kill" they'll feel too slow in comparison to melee * weekly buffs for warframes feels like a big power creep that dwarfs any earned progression * the new helminth abilities feel very bland/redundant * the parazon mod pool ist already too big for those few slots! * big units will still get onehitted before a player has a chance to react * Btw, what about exalted weapons, arch guns, damaging focus abilities, mechs?! Overall: As always we only get band-aid mods instead what would have been the proper solution: Streamline the oversized mod pool across all weapon categories and change the stats of all weapons accordingly. Yes, that's alot of work, but we would have a solid basis again...
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