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  1. Was doing a solo Anomaly mission with a grinner hanger asteroid to clear, and while fighting outside in my Amesha some avionics and a wreckage/blueprint spawned inside the hanger asteroid, inaccessible. After clearing enemies, I tried recovering them without success with my Archwing; but was able to get the avionics with my Railjack. The wreckage/blueprint was unrecoverable. I wasted about 15 minutes trying to get it from every angle, even tried going inside the hanger, without luck and had to abandon it. Please stop being so stingy with the archwing/railjack vacuum range, it is a major design pain point in railjack missions. Also, please move relics to the bonus reward pool instead of the main railjack mission reward pool. Spending the time soloing Veil missions and just getting a relic as the "BIG" reward is extremely disappointing given the time/effort requirements of the missions.
  2. Just soloed a Kuva lich crossfire exterminate on Adrastea Jupiter with Revenant, making thralls, and ran out of enemies to kill, unable to complete the mission. Found a piv ayatan while backtracking, but no enemies. This is the second time I have had this happen with this mission type and Revenant.
  3. I downed a kuva larvaling and parazoned it, but froze it with Frost's avalanche before it despawned, and it became invincible and kept attacking me until I finished the mission. It still got me my next lich.
  4. In a public run of a lich mission, after a second someone else's lich spawned in, I experienced a host migration to my own instance and their electric lich came with me, but it was invisible with no hud bar. I was able to fight it, stick it with my parazon, and get killed due to failed match. My current lich is fire based, not electric. I didn't realize the lich missions were publicly runnable until now, I have just been soloing mine.
  5. My 2ed lich became immune to health damage after falling off the platform, or trying to flee due to deserter quirk but didn't actually leaving. I could damage his shield, but not health; and couldn't try the parazon. Also, I killed my first lich and she still returned to help a few times, but not in this mission.
  6. When you get the kuva guardian message you have to kill a bunch of enemies quickly to get the larving to spawn. It is kinda like the juggernaut spawn system. I had that problem too.
  7. When you get the kuva guardian message you have to kill a bunch of enemies quickly to get the larving to spawn. It is kinda like the juggernaut spawn system. I had that problem too.
  8. Still glitching for me after hotfix 26.0.3. Edit: The lure is still glitching for me, but lucked out and found some free roaming vasca kavats to infect my adarza. Making imprint now, hopefully I can succeed in making my own vasca without any more problems.
  9. After hotfix 26.0.2, the Vasca echo lure is glitching for me. When trying to replicate the vasca call, the reticle that you follow Instantly jumps to the end location immediately on starting the call making it undoable. Before hotfix 26.0.2 I was able to successfully call a vasca and got it to infect my smeeta and made her third imprint without rushing. After the hotfix, I took my adarza out at night to get infected, but the lure kept glitching. I used Ivara successfully before the hotfix, but neither Ivara nor Rhino Prime worked post hotfix. I tried multiple trails/locations, leaving/re-entering the PoE, and closing/restarting the game with no success. Was just able to call a mergoo and tranq it just fine during the day. I did use the vasca pheromone oota each time out of habit, before and after hotfix 26.0.2.
  10. Will the 4000 endo sortie reward finally get a statue? Please?
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