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  1. I stand by my statement I SAID IT'S TIME FOR YOUR P R U N E J U I C E
  2. Evidence that Rebecca is a vampire.
  3. We're the mega boomers here.
  4. Waiting sucks. Here I'll just scootch over to the front
  5. Please reset your device and submit help ticket.
  6. No. I will never support a vote kick option and I think that if DE does put it in, I will actually stop playing warframe. Because the way the community is right now, will result in high discrimination of players. "Oh you don't have X this and X that? *kick*" "Oh god look he's X frame, just kick him he isn't gonna be of any use at all". "Ugh, he's melee only. *kick*" *oh god, he's a black and white frame *kick*" <-- Yes, I have seen this happen. It wasn't a kick, but the host had recreated the session because he didn't want a black and white player in the team.
  7. You want options? Sure. I'm all for that. Everyone is happy. You want to completely remove the new U.I. and just slap on the old one for everyone? No.
  8. 2ply... 7grim... Does everyone in flow have that pattern of names
  9. I read this as valkyr color schemes. I was quite disappointed. On topic: I used random colors and got a mix of bright purple, blue, and yellow colors all around. Made it feel like she went to Rio.
  10. Hell no man. The infested shouldn't be some insignificant faction to the story. They are quite important in the backstory of the game
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