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  1. Unless the popcorn is salty then its inferior popcorn
  2. They're not gonna do anymore raids, devs stated themselves that they sorta went against the gameplay of WF. Though some love for Archwing (not mixing archwing with the rest of the game I'm talkin' 'bout stuff EXCLUSIVELY for Archwing) would be nice.
  3. I see the Arbiters get the bum end of the deal and still won't get a unique quest line. Every other syndicate has one.
  4. If you're referring to World, it's basically a baby's first step MonHun game. It's a fine game, but not one you should view the other entries in the series with.
  5. Banned for tryna force this topic's rules onto another user
  6. Banned because this is off-topic nothin' is taken seriously.
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