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  1. Can the tiberon p work well for end game? I read the reg tiberon wasn't that good for end game. I guess I can try the roll I have for now and if it doesn't work I'll just reroll it.
  2. Pretty much the grineer and something to take out the nullifier bubbles quickly
  3. I'm sorta thinking a hybrid build what with tiberon primes stats
  4. The stats are max rank unfortunately and I'll build whatever way is good for end game cause I've been having problems killing fast enough with lvl 100 and up maybe a little higher than lvl 100 for the max I can go.
  5. Tiberon Arma-hexacron. +34.6% magazine capacity. +61.8% status chance. +86.5% critical chance. I can't decide if I want to keep this riven or reroll for the tiberon prime. Leaning towards keep it but I just got the tiberon prime and it seems decent at pre max rank. Should I invest in forma'ing it for end game? Thanks for any advice in advance.
  6. Thanks everyone. I just tried it again and there were more groups of invincible infested. I think the groups are getting bigger cause the last few groups had like 8 of them that were invincible. And I'm still using Saryn and tried Speedva and Oberon a few times. I might have to give up trying to solo this and hope I have better luck with a group. Thanks again and sorry for the late reply
  7. Thanks and I've been using saryn and melee mostly and no ground slams either but I'm still getting the invincible infested. Does molt count as crowd control?
  8. I keep seeing invincible enemies after they come into the light and stay invincible. It really sucks when the only few enemies that I can find are invincible and the lantern is about to go out since it seems doesn't last very long. Are they supposed to still be invincible in the light?
  9. Are there supposed to be invincible infested that come into the light and stay invincible because they suck especially after 10 mins and there's hardly any infested around? Also could we get more enemy spawns? I can't make it past 825 cause there's never enough enemies in the red new horde circles after 10 minutes and when I do find them it's the invincible ones that stay invincible even in the light. Thanks in advance
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