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  1. The game is totally broken and a total train wreck and unfortunately we dont hear anything from the Devs telling us whats going on?!!
  2. Same! I am a clan leader and I cant help my clannies, I cant trade, I cant do anything that involves matchmaking! Why wasnt this fixed with the first Hotfix?!! @[DE]Megan
  3. My Onkyo Amplifier can upscale to 4K but you are right even 1440p would be a nice improvement from the Source.
  4. The game is completely broken! Check out my bug reports and the reports from 100s of others @DE Megan. Maybe if there was someone dedicated to responding to the Bug Reports section we would know that our issues are known and being worked on! That's a TO DO for you DE STEVE ;-) Let us know what is going on please! Just watched the community livestream with Taylor and she was completely oblivious to all the problems we are having and nothing was addressed.
  5. Its definately not fixed! Its an ongoing and serious issue. My NAT is open and everything on my end is fine.....since the update we cant squad up and nodes are empty so trying to level with other players is a bust.
  6. My clan and alliance members are having the same issue. We cant do anything together and all nodes are empty.
  7. Since the update last night, Matchmaking is NOT WORKING. If someone tries to invite me to a squad, they it the system says I am offline, which I am not. If I try and invite someone to a squad, the system says "could not deliver invitation to....." If I look at Neptune at the Index node its empty, if I look at Hydron on Sedna its empty. So the game doesnt seem to be registering me at all?? I hope this is a known issue and its being worked on, however we in my clan and Alliance and the Region Chat wouldnt know because there is no information coming from DE. How about some inf
  8. I have tried the new Volatile missions in Neptune and Venus Proxima and they always FAIL! The timing is completely off and Vents not marked!
  9. Same here. I have restarted the Xbox also but doesnt help. I get character login screen....press A to confirm....and it just sends me bqck to Xbox home screen. RIP! I guess we wont be playing tonight and just have to watch the PC players livestream (no thanks)
  10. So I did a Teshub, Void mission on Steel Path level and 3 Acolytes paid me a visit during my mission and I had a Smeeta with Charm equipped. On 2 of the drops I got 8 each time because my Smeeta had proc'd Charm, and one time I got 4. So at mission completion it should have showed that I got 20 Steel Essence in that mission, but it only showed 8 on the mission report. Very Odd!! I checked my Steel Essence in my inventory and the 20 was credited, but the mission report was very wrong.
  11. I wanted to give an Affinity Blessing to clan/alliance members in the Strata Relay, today 12:55pm Central European Time (EST+6). I was waiting at the blessing terminal for everyone to arrive and I could see one clannie there and someone from the Alliance, but then the clannie vanished but he said he was still there. The Relay was pretty empty so it shouldnt have created another instance but I left and went back to the Relay just to check if perhaps it had created another Relay instance but there was still just the one. I could see the Alliance member there but none of my clan members and bot
  12. I am having the problem that since the devs reduced Loids health, he ends up getting destroyed very quickly, even though I am killing the enemies that are attacking him. This makes doing the isolation vault missions pointless really! Please look into this and increase Loids health or fix whatever is causing him to now get destroyed so quickly without even having the chance to repair him!
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