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  1. Warframe concept: Hephaestus, The Divine Blacksmith Stats: Health: 100 (300 at rank 30) Shields: 95 (275 at rank 30) Armour: 250 Sprint Speed: 1.0 Energy: 125 (250 at rank 30) Passive: Olympia Befallen Upon losing all of his armour, Hephaestus's abilities will receive a 75% strength boost Abilities: 1st Ability: Forge Aetnaean Hephaestus channels all incoming damage and converts the absorbed damage into the mighty blade Aetnaean Ability type: Offensive/Exalted Energy cost: 25 Energy drain: 5 s-1 Strength: 25%/45%/55%/75% (percentage of damage absorbed that becomes converted into Aetnaean's damage) Aetnaean's stance type is single sword Aetnaean gains the elemental damage that Hephaestus absorbs Forge Aetnaean can be re-cast to increase Aetnaean's damage 2nd Ability: Arsenical Bronze At the cost of armour, Hephaestus empowers his and ally's weapons with corrosive energy and becomes immune to heat and corrosive procts Ability type: Defensive/Supportive Ability cost: 100 armour Strength: 5%/7%/12%/20% (added damage, 100% corrosive status chance) Duration: 15/20/25/35 (heat/corrosive immunity), 20/25/30/35 (damage bonus) 3rd Ability: Adranus Vulcanus Hephaestus breaks Aetnaean, releasing its absorbed power in a mighty eruption of piercing metal Ability type: Offensive Ability cost: Aetnaean Strength: 2x Aetnaean's absorbed damage, 100% status chance (absorbed status) 4th Ability: Pandora's Edge Hephaestus brings forth his mightiest weapon, Pandora's Edge, a heavy blade that becomes stronger as more damage is absorbed and grants its wielder a powerful ability. Ability type: Offensive/Exalted Energy cost: Strength: 1.5x Aetnaean's damage Pandora's Edge gains an unique ability depending on which warframe picks it up; Hephaestus: blocking damage increases Pandora's Edge's damage Ash: releases radial slash proc upon killing an enemy Atlas: channelled attacks launch Atlas forward Banshee: ground slams release radial knock back Baruuk: killing an enemy reduces restraint Chroma: channelled attacks acquire elemental bonus damage based on Chroma's energy colour Ember: releases radial heat proc upon killing an enemy Equinox: channelled attacks cause a second blade to swing down with Pandora's Edge Excalibur: channelled attacks release javelins Frost: releases radial cold proc upon killing an enemy Gara: releases radial blindness proc upon killing an enemy Garuda: slah procs provide health Harrow: channelled attacks grant overshields Hildryn: slam attacks release balefire rockets Hydroid: channelled attacks cause tentacles to whip nearby enemies Inaros: slam attacks send enemies flying Ivara: finishers provide temporary invisabilty Khora: Venari gains a 10% ability boost upon killing an enemy Limbo: slam attacks apply banish Loki: slam attack release radial confusion Mag: releases radial magnetic proc upon killing an enemy Mesa: blocking reflects projectiles Mirage: enemies killed with channelled attacks increase Eclipse's duration Nekros: channelled attacks project Terrify Nezha: channelled attacks launch Pandora's Edge at enemies Nidus: channelled attacks have energy steal Nova: releases radial blast proc upon killing an enemy Nyx: releases radial armour strip upon killing an enemy Oberon: releases Smite projectiles upon killing an enemy Octavia: killing enemies boosts Mallet's effect Revenant: gain Mesmer Skin charges upon killing an enemy with a channelled attack Rhino: slam attacks are faster, deal more damage and have a wider range Saryn: releases radial toxin proc upon killing an enemy Titania: channelled attacks release razorflies Trinity: channelled attacks have life steal Valkyr: channelled attacks boost melee per hit Vauban: slam attacks incapacitate nearby enemies Volt: releases radial electric proc upon killing an enemy Wisp: channelled attacks weaken enemies with each strike Wukong: Celestial Twin will also possess a copy of Pandora's Edge Zephyr: slam attacks launch enemies away Can be equipped by any player Adranus Vulcanus depletes Pandora' Edge's damage Pandora's Edge is unequipped by switching weapons Pandora's Edge's damage can increase while its equipped by another warframe when Hephaestus use Forge Aetnaean Pandora's Edge's abilities only affect the warframe that wields it
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