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  1. Warframe concept: Horizon, The Collapsing Star Stats: Health: 110 (330 at rank 30) Shields: 100 (300 at rank 30) Armour: 105 Sprint Speed: 1.1 Energy: 200 (300 at rank 30) Passive: Pulse Upon bullet jumping, Horizon emits a pulse of gravitational energy staggering enemies within a three metre radius Is not affected by range mods Abilities: 1st Ability: Implosion Release a gravitational pulse on a target enemy that crushes nearby enemies into the target Ability type: Offensive Energy cost: 25 Strength: 75/150/200/275 (Impact damage, 75% Status chance, towards target per enemy as well as each individual enemy) Range: 4/8/10/15 m (enemies pulled towards target) 2nd Ability: Orbit Horizons Generate a field of energy that pulls up enemies to create a barrier of bodies Ability type: Defensive Energy cost: 25 Energy drain: 5.5 s-1 Misc.: 10/20/30/40 (Maximum enemy level that can be pulled up, e.g. at ability rank 1 orbit can only pull up level 10 enemies and below) 3rd Ability: Event Horizon Horizons Amplify the surrounding gravity, slamming enemies into the ground and immobilising them, damage doubling for flying enemies Ability type: Offensive/Defensive Energy cost: 75 Strength: 200/300/375/475 (Impact damage, 100% Status chance, 2x damage for enemies in flight) Duration: 7/14/18/24 s (Knock-down duration) Range: 5/10/14/18 m 4th Ability: Singularity Horizon condenses the surrounding gravitational forces into a single point, creating a black hole sucks in all enemies, becoming stronger as more damage is absorbed by the black hole, then releasing an explosion of gravitational energy outwards upon the collapse. Ability type: Offensive/Defensive Energy cost: 100 Energy drain: 10 s-1 Strength: 10%/20%/30%/45% (Damage absorbed converted into damage over time within Singularity's radius), 2%/4%/6%/8% (Chance to instantly kill an enemy upon reaching Singularity's centre), 5%/10%/15%/20% (Absorbed damage converted into gravitational explosion) Range: 10/15/20/30 m (black hole's radius), 20/30/40/55 m (Gravitational explosion radius) Horizon is immobilised while ability is channelled The collapse occurs upon deactivation of ability
  2. Warframe concept: Sol, The Radiant Sun Stats: Health: 95 (250 at rank 30) Shields: 100 (330 at rank 30) Armour: 75 Sprint Speed: 1.0 Energy: 175 (250 at rank 30) Passive: Glow Standing in bright light, Sol regenerate 0.5 energy per second Stacks with Energy Siphon Abilities: 1st Ability: Flare Launch a ray of light that blinds and sears an enemy in front of Sol Ability type: Offensive Energy cost: 25 Strength: 100/200/250/350 (Heat damage, 100% Status chance) Duration: 6/8/10/14 s (Blindness) 2nd Ability: Aurora Sol bathes in radiation applying an armour and speed buff Ability type: Utility Energy cost: 50 Strength: 10%/15%/25%/30% (Speed buff), 15%/20%/30%/35% (Armour buff) Duration: 5/7/9/11 s 3rd Ability: Cleansing Glory Sol hurls forth a wave of solar energy that damages enemies and heals allies Ability type: Offensive/Supportive Energy cost: 75 Strength: 125/225/300/400 (Heat+Radiation damage, 75% Status chance) 70/85/100/125 (Heal) Range: 7/12/15/18 m 4th Ability: Arvakr Alsvior Sol summons her mighty chariot pulled by blazing steads, ploughing down enemies and burning everything within Sol's radiance Ability type: Offensive/Exalted weapon/Mobility Energy cost: 50 Energy drain: 4.5 s-1 Strength: 250/375/450/575 (Impact+Puncture initial damage, 50% Status chance), 112/225/300/350 (Heat+Radiation radiance damage, 50% Status chance), 7%/15%/23%/30% (Armour buff) Range: 10/15/30/35 m (Radiance) Speed: 1.2
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