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  1. This is awesome! Since we're opening up the skies, how about adding a vertical element to previously horizontal-only abilities like Rhino's Charge and Hydroid's Tidal Surge? Currently when you activate those abilities in the air the abilities move you only along a flat horizontal plane. If the air is now deliberately being opened up, it would make sense for these abilities to function along the lines of Zephyr's Tail Wind. Another option could be to combine these movement abilities with what's already been proposed. For example, when triggering Rhino's Stomp in the air he first Charge's down to the ground and then Stomps. Or when activating Hydroid's Undertow in the air he first Tidal Surge's down to the ground and splashes into a puddle. While not useful all the time, I can imagine players aligning their airborne selves above enemies to benefit from these combos.
  2. Currently, placing a canister in a fracture maxes the alert level, but as long as any placed beacons are destroyed, the alert level decays to a minimum of 1. Perhaps each time a canister is added to a fracture it raises the minimum alert level, so for example two coolant canisters in a fracture would mean that no matter how many beacons are destroyed the alert level would never decay below 2. In this way you could increase the challenge while interacting with an already-existing mechanic.
  3. As a lover of data, it is of vital importance that the community know: What is the weekly completion rate of the Help Clem mission? And how many Clem clones have been made? Clem always has our backs; does the community of Tenno have his?
  4. Dear Rebb, I know you love data. I love data too! So here is a data question: How many Clem clones have players created? How many have been deployed? And perhaps most importantly, what's the completion rate for the weekly Help Clem quest? Is the community actually helping Clem?!
  5. I know you love data, so I have a data question. How many Clems have been made by players?
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