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  1. I freaking love Nora, and I love the atmosphere of this update. I have some concerns about buffet-style gameplay and daily chores, but I think I'll mostly take a wait-and-see approach. That being said, my inner lore nerd would love Nora and Nightwave even more if the missions/tasks/etc actually connected to the story, and we got to hear more of it with each rank or milestone. Tell us about Wolf's backstory! Let us explore the Saturn Six prison! Show us what a Grineer lawyer looks like!
  2. The current missability of Alert rewards, particularly Nitain, is absolutely a huge frustration and I welcome the move away. With that said, I'm concerned that this promotes burnout. The current alert system offers the following: (Virtually) guaranteed grouping. I don't think I've ever done an alert, even for only Credits, and not had at least one other person not matched in before I left the spawn room. But for Faction dailies etc, doing them at an off-peak time has often left me running solo. Monotony breaks. Seeing a random Kubrow egg or whatever come up will often get me to switch tasks, and alleviate the boredom of grinding through dailies. Bite-sized gameplay. Related to the above, there's a ton of grind in Warframe. Alerts, by their nature, cannot be effectively 'ground,' and so help mitigate burnout. The new system furthers a "thanksgiving" style gameplay -- an eat-till-you're-sick buffet. My hope is for you to counterbalance this somehow, and not dive to deeply into the daily chore cycle in an attempt to solve other problems.
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