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  1. Melee is one of my concerns. One. Being myself a console player, I really want to apreciate the efforts from DE, but is hard because most of that work in fact doesn't improve almost anything. I started playing Warframe almost 2 years ago and I was really enjoying the game, at the point that my PS4 became a Warframe-machine, but even if I don't belong to the "I don't have more stuff to do" club, my enjoyment is far less because of many changes. When I started, all the interface was intuitive, fast and clean. Every function was easy to see and understand with information on point. Then the cursor came. Besides the poor implementation, full of bugs, they work on solving issues. But the core problem was a real reduction of functionallity that still persist: your navigation is still slower than it was. Even with DE effort, we still have a system inferior to the previous one. Then, the UI overhaul. Form over function. Many menues are now less intuitive. They look prettier, but when you need to actually take a deep look for some simple things to understand wtf are you looking at and what it does... being a regular player all this time... yup, it doesn't speak well of your design choices. Is more evident thanks to the fact that when I was a new player, a simple look was enough to navigate through every menu knowing what to do. It was a no brainer. Yet, ok, interface wise was a lot of work from DE to end with a less funtional UI, no problem, I can deal with it since gameplay wise Warframe still was the same. Or that's what I would like to say. Fishing was a pleasure and scanning was ok. But they worked on the fishing interface too. Now selecting my spear and my bait is a chore. Not to mention if I face a situation where I need to defend myself. Any attack you made now pulls you out of "fishing mode", so you need to re equip your spear, re equip your bait, re select the proper spear... and pray to not be attacked again. Now, at this point, mention the melee changes is pointless: we all know and suffer the same problems. My point is, as a player, that is not a ploblem of DE being lazy. They're not. They care, I'm sure. I think is the lack of real direction the one to blame here. And i mean "direction" not as a path to take, but as a real "get a new project director". I feel they are working hard but they are failing on working on the right things. They are constantly working on things nobody ask about meanwhile we have bugs and unrefined mechanics that are somentimes in the game even for years. Is understandable that new content must be produced to keep the game alive and expand the player base. I wish they continue that way. But when you have game modes in coma, frames lacking proper reworks, old bugs, etc... and you neglect those to put your workforce on more energy costumization colors or nerfing stuff without understanding why people overuse it in first place, MOAR PARTICLES or pointless stuff like that... you are wasting your resources sometimes to even make things worse. Other problem is the fact that, for what I see or what DE show me, just a bunch of the staff really play Warframe at the point of understand the game properly. I know that to do that, you need a time that devs rarely have. But is the better feedback a dev can get. Idk man. I like Warframe a lot, but DE is making it hard for me for the wrong reasons. They're not EA or Todd Howard. Imo they just a bunch of nice guys, their baby have become bigger with the years and now that this kid need some guidance, they are like those parents who kill themselves working but never talks with the damn kids. Edit: Sorry for my english. I never study it, or games where my teachers we could say.
  2. Well, at this point I don't care about provide feedback anymore. Is like talking to a deaf wall. There's a lot of brilliant feedback on this thread and smart solutions by many people who care about the game, yet I feel you are ignoring it DE. At least it would be a basic respectful thing to show some acknowledge from you part, DE. And that autoblocking idea... damn.
  3. Well, I started to use spin to win simply because DE remove my quick melee, and with that the ability of using melee and mantain my momentum is gone. And I hate spin to win.
  4. 6 months later, this is the result of our feedback? These changes do not bring any solution to the problems that Arbitrations already have, but add even more. With every change DE make to Warframe, I feel they are becoming more and more disconnected from any form of reality or rational thought. Also Archgun RIvens... really?
  5. Have anyone tried to play Duality Equinox now? Don't you hate to have to shoot or reload your guns to make sure your specter wouldn't be walking like a dork with your melee equiped just because you hit a guy with it just a second before casting your 1st? FLOW(tm)
  6. Another problem is the lack of quick melee. Quick melee used to allow us to keep our speed when we advanced killing stuff, being necessary in a fast game like this, where 1 second standing still can be the difference between life or death at high levels. Now Im forced to use the spin to win -never had to- to keep my momentum... something that DE have clearly stated they are against not so long ago.
  7. I realize today that you cannot use a warcry build at high levels no more. The thing is, if you use any mod like Life Strike or Healing Return, you need to attack to sustain your HP. Over lv150 enemies, you need to keep yourself attacking consistently in front of a heavy unit or you hp goes down fast. Problem is, the stupid autoblocking overrides any other input, so no matter how much you tap the melee button, she stops attacking under heavy fire to block... in fact she get locked in autoblock until you loss more HP than the amount you should be recovering. So much for the new melee flow... autoblock actually kills you.
  8. I hate this changes for all the reasons previously mentioned by other players. I will not going into detail because at this point, it seems futile since you DE are not willing to giveus any form of feedback. Im very disappointed. Also NERF SCOTT, leave my Itzal alone.
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