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  1. It's too dark default brightness without dynamic lightning : with dynamic lightning :
  2. I don't know how you people do it but when I Boolit Jomp I (almost) always double jump and roll/slide afterwards and well... that's easily 3 seconds between 2 Boolit Jomp or more if I wait before double jump/roll/slide because of enemies/walls/doors
  3. 4 times when I'm randomly unable to use skills, attacks, switch weapons or interact with consoles Happened 1 with Nova, 3 with Mesa I was bullet-jumping in and out of Peacemaker a lot but I can't tell if it's related Dying and revive fix the problem
  4. Yep, same thing happened with me Killed him, got the weapon and stolen stuff back but he's still there I guess I was a worthy opponent and now we're friends
  5. Even if the rework is a failure she's still better than the garbage she was before
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