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  1. And when he appears you kill him in less then 15 sec because he is just to weak XD
  2. Why no multishoot for melle? :D It could be implemented like in DMC 4(nero with yammato).. That would be awesome XD Dont flame :D Jusg a suggestion
  3. I haved some forma :D And ots already formad 3 times..
  4. I forgot i have maxed multishoot..
  5. Ok so I have boltor.. My mods: Maxed ice,fire,ap,el,fr damage mods.. Serration 135%(still need 2 lv to max) And now i have some more energy.. I decided to put in fire rate(maxed) I want to know is it better than crit damage/chance?? And if i put in fire rate i will still hava 1 more slot,what to put in that slot? Any advice on my next weapon? Sry for bad english
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