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  1. Even duct tape can't fix stupid, but it can muffle the sound.
  2. This is a pretty cool change, and I guess with change there will always be some getting the short end of the stick. I am on that short end. I am about 40 days away from 200 logins, so almost to primed fury. If the change gets implemented soon, that will push the mod drop for me (and countless others) out to 300 days, so 140 days away instead of 40. Pretty bummed if the change comes and there is no thought of those that are close to their current milestone day login reward. Maybe something like if you are less than 50 days away to the next milestone you get grandfathered in?
  3. Here is Sage, sorry it's not the primed variant, I am not that handy with pics or photoshop. She is in her modified Cetus captura, with her version of a cephalon fragment in front of her. She is a little bummed out at her choice of Syndana to wear for the photo shoot, but due to recent surgery is it the only one the vet would authorize her to wear. Plus she is not in the mood for other fancy poses with Warframe pics is the backround, but I can assure you she does get jealous every time we visit our online Kavats and give them attention over her. And, much like the in game Kavats, she does not play with the toys we buy her, but prefers the boxes they came in. Here is another shot i was able to catch after the original post, with Sage watching my wife and I play together. Shows fur pattern a bit better, and her way of being involved in the grind!
  4. There are a couple major issues that are causing a lot of grief. If you have the chat box open, and are reading chat to talk to a clan mate, or trade, and you get sent an invite to join a squad ,you cannot join as long as the chat window is open. The pop up box showing you were invited appears, says press square to accept. Well, you press square and the chat window minimizes, and you cannot accept the invite. The only option is to decline the invite, chat very quickly to resend the invite, and minimize the chat window and wait for the invite to get re sent. This is very frustrating to get squads together, and can cause trades to get lost, or overly aggro. This happens every time, and can be easily replicated. Another big issue I have encountered a few times, and I cannot tell what triggers it, is sometimes when leaving the star chart, and going back to the orbiter, the cursor stays on the screen. No menus are open, nothing to select, and the operator/warframe cannot be moved. All you get is a cursor moving all over the screen with nothing to do. At times I have had to re log to get it corrected, other times I have waited it out, and after 5 minutes or so it figures out that it is out of whack and I can move the warframe around the orbiter again. Does not happen all the time, and I do not know how exactly to reproduce the bug.
  5. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but when trying to sell items out of inventory, there is no quantity pop up anymore. It's all or nothing. So if one has multiple items, wants to sell excess for credits but keep one, that cannot be done anymore. I would imagine it is the same at the void trader/ducat station, but did not check that. Also, when moving the cursor over regalia, it does not show the preview of what the one hovered over does, or what syndicate it is related to. That was a nice feature for those of us that do not have all the icons for them imprinted into our memories. Now to jump on the bandwagon, the cursor is a bad move, and a revert to the original d-pad is in order.
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