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  1. Deal with it or dont use it, it has infinite ammo, damage is great. Cant really say I want more or else it will get nerfed to the ground.
  2. You know what I want on Warframe? Servers, proper servers. This is the change that I want.
  3. Cost are too high, example is the bile, eats a lot of resources.
  4. Has anyone maxed a necramech right now? The exp for the mechs is broken right now but I keep seeing people in the chat saying they are leveling it up. Any tips?
  5. As title says, I cant use archwing while the Necramech is summoned, it hinders the pace to get to point A to B.
  6. Upon returning from the mission to Necralisk, the party/squad/members UI disappears resulting to inability to leave party/squad.
  7. Is your internet connection stable? I have someone I know who experienced this once and it was because his net connection was crap at that time.
  8. Disappointing, I knew it would happen eventually but I'm still disappointed. Like, we where getting hybrid builds meaning it wont be as good as the specific warframe build.
  9. Oh Im sorry, I was thinking of PC logging out then log in again, sorry about that. But might you try that method if you can. Yes, I think you got the accessories bundle rather than the Nova Prime Bundle if you got 200p. Check your attachments if you got your prime accessories.
  10. Have you tried to relog? Also if you did go to the WF support.
  11. The conclave is a waste right now, I knew some people and asked me if Warframe has a pvp and I answer like Im not sure and they haven't fully scrapped it so I think this would serve as a better way of pvp than the current, well for me at least.
  12. Hmmm yeah, I think its easier to get into than the fast moving warframes.
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