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  1. For me who is used to the melee 2.0 and 2.9, this melee phase doesn't feel right, it's gimicky and me me dont like it. This change feels more than a nerf than anything else, at least for me. Played with the update and I haven't opened Warframe in a while.
  2. The only thing I like is tesla balls and dmg amp buff.
  3. This is actually my first time seeing a player using "PC" for price checking. Wow, usually we use the word PC for PC as in your desktop or computer etc..lol from my 2k hours this is a first for me.
  4. First of all, what is the point of this? Are you selling? Asking for any better rivens? or just plain brag?
  5. Frost with Avalance augment (its like iron skin from rhino) can even nuke with enough power and range or Rhino for his iron skin.
  6. Ivara with sleep arrows and her invisibility. Sleep arrows insures an AOE of sleeping enemies with duration so you can look around and detect enemies that could see your deed with her passive while youre invisible with her 3rd skill.
  7. Of course, toxicity comes in many forms. Being a d*ck and nags about a very little thing then proceeds to grant the request is just dumb. You could've just typed nothing and proceeded to do other stuff, but no being sarcastic is a must. To this point I regret asking in the forums and wish you didnt give anything because look's some people get irritated really easily. Sorry for asking in the player's helping player's section. What a $&*^.
  8. You think I didnt search for it? Google gives me other forums and old arbitration table. You didnt have to go d*ck mode about it. Man, talk about toxic players. Thanks anyway.
  9. As the title says, can someone link me the new arbitration drop table?
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