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  1. So who else thought that you can buy rank 5 arcane's with scarlet spear update? I did, even little duck show's the arcane's as rank 5 with five dots but nope. So who else got bamboozled😂???
  2. Yeah, unless he lied and traded a very common mod or stuff for 1000 or 9999 plat and did it again and again, that is a bummer. Hope the the guy gets a reply from DE.
  3. Well theres one reason to spend.
  4. Alright I get you, now I'm really not sure If "vote kicking" is a good thing for the game right now, since I did says yes and no to it.
  5. Well yeah, but it's not just limited to afk player's but also uncooperative and "troll" ones also who just does not wanna do anything but leech and mess around. But they do passively contribute with the spawn rate but I dont wanna credit them too much for that.
  6. Yes and no, can be useful to get afk players out for another player, but can be abused too. For example, a limbo player joins, gets kicked for he is using limbo. Which is a stupid reason to kick.
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