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  1. I hope you guys have a good December! Covid-19 hit the world hard but I hope we get to see better years!
  2. The game is a looter shooter so plowing through hordes of enemies is good plus the game gives a lot of grinding time for the players, I dont wanna spend 30 minutes or a hour in just one nodes on a planet or mission when I have to do it 10 or 100 times to farm. Nerfing viral or something in the future wont solve it. Reminds me of Destiny 2 but this isnt it. Hmmmmm🤔
  3. So you think rifles are trash and want the only thing that makes them shine go away? Just ask for a little buff for rifles, thats all you need. Theres only a few rifles that are very compatible with HM, sure you can slap it on every rifle but few of them really goes with HM. BUT I do want some rifles stat rebalancing, because some rifles are just crap. An opinion though.
  4. Well...I did. I agree, but I got a lot of unused relics especially when Chroma Prime released from farming for 2 days so it was not that of a hassle for me to earn ducats. Also I just joined an endless defense fissure so I would get to open my relics and receive new ones. Yes, if its a crafting component but if its just to fasten the process, no. I will sell an item or two if I dont have plats. Yeah, that would make it easier to get and it makes the weapon less more valuable. Yes, they have value but remember Chimera Prologue is for p
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