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  1. I hope you guys have a good December! Covid-19 hit the world hard but I hope we get to see better years!
  2. Like WoW and other games because it isn't intended to be finished in mere 2 months or 3 months! Is it hard to understand? I somewhat agree to an extent but give me an example of that 0.01 chance part that makes you rant. The Division 2 uses this, Destiny 2, Borderlands series has RNG to keep you playing, WoW had sometimes bad loot drop and Diablo 3 and Grimdawn or Path of Exiles. Its not new! This design is the same thing! Then craft it for eleven days or buy forma bundle that's already built, don't have platinum? FARM stuff, sell stuff who cares, Look, if you'r
  3. I did not say anything about forma, but yes I do not enjoy forma being 24 hours. I dont see it as a problem farming 3 parts, can farm a frame for 3-7 hours to complete. I do have a little gripe with the 72 hours of crafting but it does not get to the point that ill rant about it, relax, no ones telling you to craft weapons and frames faster. And what are you saying it cost's me money? What money? Almost all my frames, slots, potatoes, mods etc.. I farmed the platinum for it. I didnt waste real cash, what I wasted was time though. Again, why are you such in a hurry
  4. I got my reactors and catalyst from 1. Bought it through market, platinum of course. 2. Nightwave, its free. 3. Alerts, Gift of the Lotus and Invasions. I get what you mean but it isnt really that hard to get them to be honest. I can spend 1-2 hours farming plat and I would get 1-3 orokin potatoes. Take things slow, relax.
  5. I know how you feel, there's no info how or what to expect in the puzzle and that's how it goes sometimes. I would like you to feel better by letting you know that you can farm resonance easily, nekros, squidman will do in 1 or 2 hours you'll get 10 and try again knowing what went wrong.
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