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  1. On 2018-11-19 at 10:37 AM, RWBY-WhiteRose said:

    Agreed, now all new weapons have really bad stats.

    I wish for immunity towards addiction.

    Granted, but you’ll die from overdose


    i wish for a printer for money.

  2. OOF I’m last ( propably not because someone is going to say I’m not and there going to be the last post and then I get depressed and if I get depressed that means I’m sad and when I’m sad it means... oof.)

  3. On 2018-05-07 at 10:37 PM, kantapon said:

    Granted, but your PC is made entirely of potato


    I wish I have a golden button to bring fourth an Armageddon.

    Granted But the only Armageddon your bringing is nothing more than sand


    I wish platinum wasn’t so hard to get! 🙁

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