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  1. Heya, sometimes we just need a space to vent. It’s good to hear that you finally got a doctor that listened, but don’t ever be afraid to get a second opinion if you feel that something is off. IMO, some people should not be in the medical care field (also have had negative experiences in that regard). That being said, the doctor said it doesn’t seem to be malignant for now, so please try not to stress yourself worrying over it until it becomes something to worry about. It’s okay to be uncertain about the future, but you’re okay for now. If you want to, you can add me in-game to vent about it some more if you need to at a later date. Here’s hoping the removal procedure and following check ups go well. ❤️ Keep your head up Tenno! You got this.
  2. Nezha is a gud boi, one of my select few favorites.
  3. Should be around July 9th for Atlas. I really only care about what weapons and accessories he’ll have, same with Wukong. Already got what I wanted in the Prime department, so to speak. 😗
  4. Saryn has the best of both worlds, imo. Plus feet, so there’s that. 😇
  5. RNG. Personally I’ve had better luck with getting coupons if I don’t log in for a week or two, however RNG is still a thing and 75 off is pretty rare. Just keep playing and you’ll get one eventually.
  6. All Equinox everything. Doesn’t “feel” right to be anything else.
  7. 10/10 would listen to Lephantis hiss infested nothings to me in-mission.
  8. *Reads thread title* 👀 I'll just see myself out.
  9. Indeed, exactly why I run with Energy Transfer. Easier to adapt to whatever is needed. Maim is appealing because it’s super easy to do well with (and most only care about damage done/kills nowadays), but yeah there’s more than meets the eye with Equinox. Respect to anyone that actually uses her whole kit.
  10. This. She can do more than nuke, but I digress. I don’t really hate any frame, everyone has preferences.
  11. No, but it is a good way to get yourself banned until 2035.
  12. The maximum number of XP you get on a frame, weapon, whatever before you forma is the number displayed on your profile. When you forma, your XP counter for that particular item is reset to zero. In order to get past what’s on your profile, you will have needed to hit that cap again, so to speak, before it starts to accumulate again. It’s why I’m holding off on adding anymore forma to my Equinox/Prime until I hit my own XP/kill goals. Don’t know if anyone answered, but there you go. Also, this isn’t really targeted at anyone specifically but... be a lot simpler if people would let others play the way they want to. Pubs are rather chaotic neutral, after all. Kinda silly to go into any with any sort of expectations of how things should go.
  13. Ticket isn't required to watch, but link your account at the link provided by Alcatraz. However... if anyone else remembers Ash Prime... o boi. 👀
  14. Dedication. 🙌 Ignore the haters, you do you boo. Let’s ping pong in ESO sometime.
  15. It would be nice to have alerts in-between seasons, I feel like DE dropped the ball somewhat with Nightwave. I’m stacked on Nitain myself, but newer players aren’t so lucky. Sure there are Ghoul Bounties and caches, but... come on.
  16. I’m getting very excited now. My Equinox noggles are going to be happy to have company. 🙃
  17. Yesss, Tennogen 16 is here! Can’t wait to buy Valkyr Leonessa. Silly thing called work is in the way, currently. 🙃
  18. TYL. 👏 REGOR. 👏 NOGGLE. 👏 Bless DE.
  19. I like this idea. Wouldn’t really be a physical link though if it had unlimited range, what about [Parasitic Implant]? 😊
  20. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/34-warframes/ There you go dear.
  21. Pretty neat stuff, OP! Kudos to you. I’m wanting to do something similar in terms of kills/exp with Equinox & Prime, but haven’t finished my Forma goal yet on Prime because I’m being lazy with it. Still have 38 more to do. Glad I’m not the only one with lofty goals for my favorites. 👀
  22. I’ll shoot you a message later, at work currently. 🙃
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