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  1. EQUINOX DELUXE. Also yessss, Infested dojo decor!! Aww I missed a good Devstream, work is a nuisance smh.
  2. Was able to help him get it, believe it took 6-7 runs or so but wasn't keeping track. Cheers all for the responses!
  3. Make sure you’re hitting all the vaults. It’s Rotation C, so none of them can be failed. Meanwhile, I’m RNGesus so if you want someone to run Pago with then let me know. The company might help pass the time in the very least.
  4. As an ambassador to the Mutalist Empire, I appreciate your work so much. Equinox Megaera and Oberon Wendigo are two of my favorite skins, and Ash/Harrow are shaping up quite nicely as well. Keep up the good work! Revoke the frailties of flesh. Let us in.
  5. A step in the right direction. 🙌
  6. What about 0-0 wins and hiding spots (buoys, trees, that one vault)? There is no incentive for anyone to grind this out when Nanak Pearl rates are abysmal. It was fun at first, and Kela was adorable, but a strict 5 min timer for exactly 50 Pearls when you need 4,050 for everything (excluding the mods, as you can get them from Kela herself) is a little... much. Regardless, I’m glad I’m finished with the event. Hopefully the next one is better thought out. Thanks for the fixes.
  7. Me reading this thread. I’m thankful for Saryn, because with her around I fall under the radar. Granted, “Day only” Equinox irritate me because she can do more than just nuke. How about we let people play how they want to? If you are unhappy with your current squad, leave and try again.
  8. I love the Spore Ephemera, but it definitely has too much going on at once... especially if you’re idling. Being able to pick and choose separate effects would be neat. Meanwhile, I just wish the sheen effect applied to syandana/attachments because they really stand out. 👀
  9. Apparently with Vor.
  10. Fed Up by Hocico. Aggrotech is a mood lately.
  11. New Prime noggles when? Can’t wait to watch, off work when it starts. 🙌
  12. This would be some lovely QoL as Energy Transfer is my most used augment, albeit her biggest bandaid. Peaceful Provocation just makes me sad, and Wukong's Celestial Twin is what Duality "could have been". Would be nice to have the ability to mod Night and Day separately, in the very least. Imo, the only thing Equinox really needs is QoL in the fluidity department. There are other frames that are worse off and are more deserving of reworks or adjustments, so patiently waiting. Also please give dedicated augment slot, we'll love you forever. 😍
  13. Happy to see Wukong getting some love. @[DE]Drew Y’all need to update https://www.warframe.com/prime-access-faq though because it says Equinox is still the current access. 😋
  14. Yesss, Tennogen 16 is here! Can’t wait to buy Valkyr Leonessa. Silly thing called work is in the way, currently. 🙃
  15. TYL. 👏 REGOR. 👏 NOGGLE. 👏 Bless DE.
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