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  1. 1 hour ago, (PS4)Kakurine2 said:

    Equinox had the primed polearm i recall.

    Tipedo & Tipedo Prime are classified as staves, also that video made me lol. 😆

    Nezha is one of my favorites (although I haven't played him in a long while), and one of the few prime accesses I'm looking forward to. I like his deluxe, but I can see his prime being more of a middle-ground. Buff, but not "too buff".

    Time will tell.


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  2. 6 hours ago, epiccringe said:

    How is the Harrow neuroptics drop chance is 11.28% but i'm still not getting it after almost 200 runs. Don't say it's RNG because this is ridiculous.

    Make sure you’re hitting all the vaults. It’s Rotation C, so none of them can be failed. 

    Meanwhile, I’m RNGesus so if you want someone to run Pago with then let me know. The company might help pass the time in the very least.


  3. I just don’t see the point... but apparently the demand, no matter how small, exists.

    DE has to weigh development time versus demand. They could outsource to Tennogen artists if they allowed them to make changes to the mesh, but I highly doubt it would ever happen.

    Gender is really not that important.

  4. None of the challenges this season have bothered me too much. 

    Only mildly irritating that Ayatans are part of the new set this week because I filled all of mine right before reset. Only challenge I didn’t finish last night.

    Oh well, at least they put Kuva back in the creds shop to make up for it. 👌

  5. 1 hour ago, moostar95 said:

    Volt and equinox are fine the way they are. Volt nukes drops off over time and equinox has to keep working for it. Would talk saryn but I think everyone has seen me whine on another thread. 

    Equinox is more effective if you work for it, but kills by others in the squad still feed her as long as the enemies die within range of Mend & Maim.

    eff GIF


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  6. 2 hours ago, Ikyr0 said:

    Unless we're doing Arbitrations, or any content above lvl 150, in which case Saryn/Equinox/Volt/Mesa are the ones crying 😭 Either cuz they're getting one-shot, or unable to hit anything through the Arbie drones. 🤣🤣

    I mean the bad ones, yeah.

    Can’t get one-shot if enemies are asleep or dead, and Arbitration Drones are easily taken care of with any decent melee. Equinox has decent survivability if you know how to play her, which judging by your dismissive statement, you do not. 

    Run Calm & Frenzy, equip double Arcane Trickery. Sleep enemies, get finishers, get invisibility. Learn to think outside the box, she is not a one trick pony.

  7. Inaros and Rhino.

    They are good at what they do, don’t get me wrong... but they encourage lazy gameplay imo.

    Learning how to not stand directly in enemy fire is kind of important, especially when it comes to newer players... and it irks me a bit every time someone suggests Rhino. A little movement goes a long way in terms of survivability. 

    No hate or whatever, just not my cup of tea. People can play however they want.

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