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  1. Everything but melee, until 3.0 is fully rolled out, is a candidate for disposition adjustment depending on usage statistics and whatnot.
  2. Their dispositions were never intended to remain fixed. DE got lazy, people got used to it. Things will balance themselves out if DE sticks to their word. Seems like they might. So yes, is a good thing imo.
  3. I try to bullet jump in other games, like WoW. Too much Warframe related muscle memory.
  4. Back button would be nice, was thinking about that the other day when I was fashionframing. Agreed. 🙌 I’ve been coping with multiples of the same frame, A/B/C just isn’t enough for appearance or build slots.
  5. Not much else to do, so I usually log in and fashionframe... then sit in region and help randoms or run Hydron/ESO/Endless relics. Exciting stuff, I know.
  6. QFT. 👍 This thread is a fine example of MR getting to someone’s head, lol. Anyway, being able to get a second Umbra for build diversity or other reasons would be nice. Don’t see why not if the other quest frames were added.
  7. Bless. 🙌 I usually run with Equinox for most things, because she can do a little bit of everything. Have had a lot of fun playing around with her builds over time, but my favorite two revolve around Energy Transfer and Calm & Frenzy. I almost exclusively use melee, but the extra utility from Amalgam Serration/Barrel Diffusion are nice. Have been enjoying my new Kripath rapier, but need to pick up Amalgam Daikyu Target Acquired and test that out (I enjoy Nikanas, Decisive Judgment is a fun stance) with my Umbral build. Always nice to see what others enjoy playing.
  8. Next Primes are Atlas/Wukong/Ivara/Titania iirc. So, March/April 2020 or thereabouts for Titania Prime. Equinox Prime was DE’s red-headed stepchild (DElayed to give Nintenno more time with Mesa Prime Access). Painful wait, but worth... so I get where you’re coming from.
  9. I looked up Sprint Boost on the wiki: This aura's effect stacks with Coaction Drift, Rush, Armored Agility, Speed Drift and Amalgam Serration for a +99.25% increase in sprint speed on a personal level. So... gotta go fast? 🙃
  10. is this /s or r/whoosh? Tekko would make sense for Atlas, unsure of what else he could come with. Will probably be revealed at Tennocon.
  11. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/es Put in a support ticket, they may be able to help you change your email after asking you questions regarding your account.
  12. I know that Duality Equinox takes weapon mods into account, but ONLY for the particular weapon that you have equipped when you cast Metamorphosis and split. For that reason, I don’t think that the amalgam mods (more specifically the ones that give another weapon an extra effect) would work.
  13. Because most of the time I am randomly helping people out in region when I happen to notice someone needing one. My friend also isn’t on 24/7, is not sociable and rarely interacts with anyone outside of their immediate Clan. Would rather be able to help when I’m able to, rather than being a go between and putting said friend in an awkward position. So....
  14. This. I like being able to requisition Ignis Wraith Blueprints from another Clan Leader whom I’m friendly with so that I can hand them out to those that need them. That’s only one example of why this would be a bad idea.
  15. Dark energy colors are good for this reason. Can also recommend, but also try lowering your particle settings. Everyone cool knows Night form is the best anyway.
  16. Twitch Prime isn’t required, DE just unanticipated how many people would watch Tennocon last year so it borked the twitch drops machine. Though at this point the twitch drops machine is comparable to a McDonald’s ice cream machine.
  17. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Submit a support ticket if it has been more than a week, no one here is able to help with this.
  18. Heya, sometimes we just need a space to vent. It’s good to hear that you finally got a doctor that listened, but don’t ever be afraid to get a second opinion if you feel that something is off. IMO, some people should not be in the medical care field (also have had negative experiences in that regard). That being said, the doctor said it doesn’t seem to be malignant for now, so please try not to stress yourself worrying over it until it becomes something to worry about. It’s okay to be uncertain about the future, but you’re okay for now. If you want to, you can add me in-game to vent about it some more if you need to at a later date. Here’s hoping the removal procedure and following check ups go well. ❤️ Keep your head up Tenno! You got this.
  19. Nezha is a gud boi, one of my select few favorites.
  20. Should be around July 9th for Atlas. I really only care about what weapons and accessories he’ll have, same with Wukong. Already got what I wanted in the Prime department, so to speak. 😗
  21. Saryn has the best of both worlds, imo. Plus feet, so there’s that. 😇
  22. RNG. Personally I’ve had better luck with getting coupons if I don’t log in for a week or two, however RNG is still a thing and 75 off is pretty rare. Just keep playing and you’ll get one eventually.
  23. All Equinox everything. Doesn’t “feel” right to be anything else.
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