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  1. TYL. 👏 REGOR. 👏 NOGGLE. 👏 Bless DE.
  2. Nope, can’t be me then haha. My mom wants me to start a sleeve, next one I’m getting isn’t part of that just quite yet... but in the future, definitely. Also, I wish I were still a teenager. I love cats! Unfortunately our house is a dog house, so we don’t own any. They’re still adorable though.
  3. I aim to be. Going back on the 25th to get my first Warframe related tattoo, will post results when the time is right. 😋
  4. Hiya Tenno, been a fair little bit since I posted here. Hope all of you are doing well! This was before my tattoo appointment yesterday. 👀 And these are the red, bruised results. Worth.
  5. Thanks DE! Sad Prime Time was postponed but understandable.
  6. You'll never take me alive! Joking, can't wait to tune in. 😊
  7. Equinox is a very mobile Warframe and I've gotten so used to that, would love to see other Warframes get some love in that regard.
  8. I need this in my life! Prime helmet is okay but Clisthert helmet is like the one ring. It is my precious.
  9. Here’s to many more! ☺️ Love this game and its community, thanks for all of your hard work DE!
  10. You know what they say about people who assume? I am a melee main, just not delusional enough to dismiss the current issues with the system as it stands.
  11. Why oh why would you make yet another thread on this subject while there are plenty to choose from and offer your feedback? 🤦‍♀️ It’s not “perfect” in its current incarnation, there are a lot of things to work out. No “figment of the imagination” about it.
  12. @[DE]Rebecca I managed to catch a little bit of the stream, at work. Equinox Prime looks fantastic and I love the Stradavar; Tipedo Prime will be a lot of fun as well. Sincerely hope you feel better, get some rest! Much appreciation for all that you do.
  13. IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING AAAAA... What? I'm calm.
  14. What a great round! I don't really play Nidus but I might have to pick up his Night Hunter skin and give him a try. 😊
  15. Thanks guys, keep up the hard work!
  16. Next Devstream most likely, which is possibly next week since we haven’t heard about it this week. Unless they surprise us. Either the 26th of March or 2nd of April for Equinox. Sigh.
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