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  1. I need this in my life! Prime helmet is okay but Clisthert helmet is like the one ring. It is my precious.
  2. Here’s to many more! ☺️ Love this game and its community, thanks for all of your hard work DE!
  3. Sounds like a solid idea to me. 😊 Read later into the thread, we've moved past that. Not saying you're wrong because you're not at all. 👍
  4. Something something DiD. It’s both a blessing and a curse. Edit: You actually gave us an idea so thanks.
  5. I just acknowledged that in my previous post, above yours. I agree with you. A lot of what I say sounds contradictory because I speak before I think, then I go back and adjust where necessary. Prime example are my first few posts in this thread. Not proud of it, but I’m only human. Anyway, as an afterthought, how about Ephemera specific challenges kinda like the ones mentioned above? Instead of a 2% drop chance in Arbitration, how about getting to Rot C Arbitration 10 times or something as a requirement/unlock for the blueprint. Amount of times could be adjusted as necessary, we’re decidedly not elite so not sure if 10 is a good amount or not. 🤦‍♀️
  6. Maybe a little bit? DE acknowledged the content drought, it was indeed a thing. I have hopes it’ll get better later on in the year. Also, if everyone could stop blowing stuff out of proportion that’d be great. I’ve honestly just been having a day the past couple of days and sometimes it comes out in ways I wish it wouldn’t. We’ve apologized and moved on, it’s not gonna happen again. Now... Ephemera! Probably going to try and go for Blazing Step when I’m on vacation, I’ll report back with results. I got really lucky with Seeding Step, shouldn’t have to be that way. Getting to Rot C Arbitration solo was an ordeal, but it only took two runs to get it. Not exactly something to be proud of imo, but at least it’s pretty.
  7. You know what they say about people who assume? I am a melee main, just not delusional enough to dismiss the current issues with the system as it stands.
  8. Why oh why would you make yet another thread on this subject while there are plenty to choose from and offer your feedback? 🤦‍♀️ It’s not “perfect” in its current incarnation, there are a lot of things to work out. No “figment of the imagination” about it.
  9. Y'all aren't wrong about the luck aspect of things. Going back and re-reading what I posted about the Devstream #123 Overview, "completing a specific challenge" should not equate to luck. First of all, that's a weird way to word it. 🤔
  10. What's done is done, water under the bridge and all that. This is why feedback from both perspectives is important tbh, in order to reach a compromise. I realize that not everything can make all sides happy but what's the harm in trying? Prodman posters was a good example of something to do about it. Still challenging, still requires effort, makes it seem worth it. I'm with you on that one.
  11. I'm going to ignore your previous statement because I actually would like to talk about this, so if we could drop the hostility on both accounts that would be great. Not saying I'm perfect, we're both in the wrong a little imo, so I'm sorry for that. I think what @SelfishNeko suggested is a good start. That ESO grind can be a little painful, I don't know why it shouldn't get the Arbitration treatment in the very least. It's my opinion that there will likely be newer Ephemera coming out eventually with new content, which will be nice. The current placements are fine imo but there is always room for improvement going forward, I don't see the ones we currently have changing position anytime soon if at all. I guess I just don't understand what new content they're supposed to stick these Ephemera in when there is no new content to speak of, save for Shocking and Freezing Step dropping from Exploiter.
  12. Except when it comes to Riven disposition changes, they were never intended to be fixed values in the first place. From the Devstream #123 Overview. Subject to change? Sure, but you seem to speak a lot on laziness for someone that isn't willing to put effort into acquiring them. Go big or go home. 🤷‍♀️
  13. This would be the point of Ephemera. It's not meant to be a handout.
  14. Ephemera are not required or mandatory, they are for Tenno that want to go the extra mile and have something to show for it. With the amount of effort and patience it takes to get them, nothing says slap in the face like putting Ephemera on the market.
  15. @[DE]Rebecca I managed to catch a little bit of the stream, at work. Equinox Prime looks fantastic and I love the Stradavar; Tipedo Prime will be a lot of fun as well. Sincerely hope you feel better, get some rest! Much appreciation for all that you do.
  16. IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING AAAAA... What? I'm calm.
  17. What a great round! I don't really play Nidus but I might have to pick up his Night Hunter skin and give him a try. 😊
  18. Thanks guys, keep up the hard work!
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