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  1. Can't wait for Baruuk, Fortuna 2 and Booty Mesa Prime! 😍 Have a happy holiday guys. 😋
  2. Neat, mine happens to be the 8th. 😜 Can't wait to watch the stream, I'm actually off work that day. 😄
  3. I've had a ton of fun with Fortuna so far in general and can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us with the second part of the update. I know you've been working hard and I appreciate it! Question: Tennogen 14 when?
  4. Edo Prime AND Akvasto Prime?! My body is so ready. Thanks for the fixes as well!
  5. Loving the update so far, didn't get to play much last night but I will when I get home from work. Was especially awesome to not experience any host migration issues during my squad's escapades in the Vallis! Only a couple of things I've noticed so far... waypoints in bounties on the Vallis seem to be broken but it appears to be client-side, the host seems to be fine. Eudico only gave me the option to check Ostron Standing so I'm currently unable to upgrade from neutral. Also, my friend got stuck on his K-Drive and we had to extract in order to force a dismount. Lol. Unsure if there are any solutions to the few problems I listed above as work has kept me busy. I've been unable to look into it much. Looking forward to any fixes, thanks for your hard work!
  6. Thank you so much DE! Can't wait to download the update and play when I'm off work!
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