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  1. Preach! HitsuSan you do some awesome work. 😊
  2. Did this one with a clanmate and two randoms from recruitment. Granted, our life support dropped down to 18% around the 50 minute mark but with a little coordination we pulled through and got it back up to 80-90%. Our team was Equinox/Nekros/Harrow/Saryn. Personally, I had a lot of fun with this one but I can understand how it could be frustrating for others. 🤔
  3. Equinox Prime when? 👀 On a more serious note, can’t wait to tune in. First time in awhile that I’ll be able to catch a stream, I’m off of work that day. 😋
  4. Things will balance out over time if they intend to have regularly scheduled disposition changes. Might be a little rocky at first until everyone adapts to it (there will always be a little uproar here and there of course), but this is a welcome change in my opinion. Even more so considering dispositions were never meant to fixed values to begin with. 🤔 Also yes, higher riven capacity please. Thanks for the workshop! 👍
  5. I share some of your concerns, as I often do this myself. We’ll see I guess, the anticipation is killing me more than anything. 🤦‍♀️
  6. Can't wait for Baruuk, Fortuna 2 and Booty Mesa Prime! 😍 Have a happy holiday guys. 😋
  7. Neat, mine happens to be the 8th. 😜 Can't wait to watch the stream, I'm actually off work that day. 😄
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