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  1. Thanks Tenno! 👌
  2. MesaVandal

    Rest In Peace John Bain, TotalBiscuit.

    The first video I ever saw of his was "WTF Is... Enviro-Bear 2000" back in 2011. Thank you for making an impact on not only my life, John, but many others across the globe. May you rest in peace.
  3. MesaVandal

    Digital Extremes Gets American Sister Studio?

    The article does a "meanwhile..." and starts talking about how DE is getting a sister branch in Burbank, CA (Athlon Games?). I do agree though that this would probably be better off in off-topic. Back to the topic at hand though, I'm interested to see how this will affect Warframe as well, if at all. Guess we'll have to wait for news (from DE) on this.
  4. MesaVandal

    Now this is scary.

  5. It's late and you're right. @peteed1985 I would say that for the time being, if it's a Warframe that doesn't yet have a Prime variant or if it's currently vaulted, then it could be useful to Forma the basic Warframe so that you have more capacity for better modding capabilities (especially if you plan on using it frequently). If the Warframe has a Prime variant and you don't mind farming relics for the Primes then go for it and save your Forma for the Primes as they are direct upgrades to the basic Warframes.
  6. Nekros is kinda cool thematically, but I do prefer Ivara for spies. As @Omega-ZX said, Hek is a wonderful shotgun when taking its augment into consideration. It will carry you through the starchart if modded well. Some Warframes perform better in certain situations than others, but all Warframes have a use. Whether or not they're worth a Forma or Potato is up to you though and what you enjoy in terms of playstyle! Don't be stuck playing something you don't enjoy just because it's the meta. BREAK THE META.
  7. MesaVandal

    DE, you’re making the “Minority” feel ignored.

    Indeed, they're looking into removing that she can reflect self-damage. Which is completely justified. The other frames will be reworked in time... Saryn 2.0 was because Pablo had some new ideas for her that he wanted to implement, and now he is tweaking those ideas based on community feedback. Why not strike while the iron is hot? Personally, I don't see the harm in it. Also, I think it's a little pre-mature to be saying that she has been nerfed as she's still very much a WIP. Reworks are subject to change, it even says so in her megathread.
  8. MesaVandal

    Jupiter Junction too hard

    While the Arca Plasmor IS an awesome weapon... it's MR locked at 10. I'm not sure the OP has quite reached that level yet, being that they're new to the game still and haven't done Jupiter's junction. What's your setup @NotASealInAHumanSuit? Her Hysteria makes her invulnerable (the ability that the above poster mentions), so I do suggest staying away from her for the duration. If you have Excalibur another good suggestion by an above poster, his Exalted Blade should make short work of her after she starts shooting you again... or if you'd like, I can help you farm Rhino if you don't already have him. Rhino is also a good choice with his Iron Skin ability, which will help you stay alive when modded for power strength... if energy allows, his Stomp will also help out here. If you need help farming for Excalibur or Rhino, feel free to message me in-game... or even in the case that you need mods for this particular junction. I'm always happy to help out. 👍
  9. MesaVandal

    Equinox Skirt bulge?

    👀.... SKIRT BUGS. I hope so, been maining her a lot lately.
  10. MesaVandal

    Archwing tile set changes

    I can imagine my Equinox being covered in dings and dents from bumping into so many obstacles during Archwing. 🤦‍♀️ I hope that we get some love for Archwing as well, especially since I'm starting to like it. Some QoL improvements for it would definitely be a step in the right direction.
  11. MesaVandal

    Seem to be loving Assassination Sorties recently, DE?

    👀 If I'm right, I'm going to get all the hate. We'll see in about an hour and 20 minutes or so, lol. EDIT: False alarm everyone! We just get Defection / Assault Rifle today. 👌
  12. MesaVandal

    Apparently moas can kick?!

    The last time I checked, MR doesn't equate to extensive knowledge about the game and minute details such as this, especially since not everyone mains a Warframe capable of disarmament. It's nice to see that you have a high opinion of yourself though. 🙄
  13. MesaVandal

    Seem to be loving Assassination Sorties recently, DE?

    Out of the few you listed, I really only have problems with Vay Hek. Ambulas is up there but only because it's just a boring fight to me due to the time-lock between dropships/Ambulas spawns. My group was able to do it on the first go, but we were also rewarded with a pineapple. Kela De Thaym is hilariously fun to fight for me at least, because as much 💩 as she talks, she can't back it up. "The Tenno... *yawn*. I was expecting, I don't know. More." Raptor and Hyena Pack aren't too bad; Hyena Pack is a little worse because you definitely don't want all of them on you at once. I can't really comment on Mutalist Alad V because the one time that I did his assassinate sortie it went better than expected. It's just a streak of bad luck I think with the assassinates lately.. that and I'm pretty sure they're the most common S3 mission type. I bet today will be Lephantis.
  14. MesaVandal

    Can’t build solar rails in dojo

    Nope, Orokin Lab is still good for Dragon Keys.
  15. MesaVandal

    Very less people playing RAPIERS!

    I prefer my polearm/nikana zaws... haven't really used any melee other than them in awhile, lol. 😛 Visually, I like the rapiers in this game a lot... can't see why it'd hurt to show them some love.