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  1. hey pssst... got any raids?
  2. The Reddit thread just looks realistic. I don't see the hostility, did I miss something.
  3. was mentioned on the devstream by steve.
  4. raids would be so awesome sadface
  5. can't wait to hear more about raids πŸ™‚ <3
  6. sadface also raids would be pretty cool πŸ™‚
  7. I've had more fun with this event than playing warframe for the past 2 years. I'm also probably the most upset I've been with playing warframe for a while with all this stuff going on. DE I hope you take the opinions of the competitive players seriously, they just wanna play to the absolute best warframe can handle without being held down everytime they push themselves. Depending on how this all falls I might go play minecraft πŸ™‚
  8. IGN ~ nice MR ~ 26 (Current account) 19 (Banned account) Country ~ Australia Current Clan ~ Level 1 Classified (V Alliance) Preferred Clan ~ Quasars Discord ID ~ nice#1100 Started Playing ~ Sometime in 2015, played until I hit 600 hours and stopped due to toaster but continued playing 2 years later. My MR19 account had around 1500+ ingame iirc and my current MR26 account has 1100 ingame. Bio ~ My first account was banned around the time of the unvaulting of loki p, ember p and the valkyr PA iirc, the account's name was EXVile1100 and had, if i were to guess, around 150 dollars of prime access stuff and tennogen (and the regrets of buying plat). This was due to macros and my lack of knowledge at the time but the same day I got banned was when I also started this account because I wasn't willing to give up playing. I had a clan and a community that I was apart of and I felt like it was the obvious way to go about things. I've held off submitting a request to join for some time as I was happy with my current clan and my position with it although that has now changed.. I've found myself to become more interested in doing longer runs and testing my ability to complete tasks recently and feel as though this clan would compliment those interests. This will also give me the chance to meet more amazing people and get closer to those I already know. Ty, have a nice. ❀️
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