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  1. Something that has ALWAYS bothered me about Atlas (and to a lesser degree inaros) is that no matter what energy colour you pick your ability effects are permabrown. Which breaks 90% of fashionframe (which as we all know is the true end game). I was hoping, praying that at least Atlas delux would fix this. Atlas delux is BEAUTIFUL. I go into capture and LOLOL he still has the derp brown casting animation which looks ugly AF with the colours I'm trying to use on him. On the plus side his rock minions now use whatever colour his skin is. Which is an improvement but the casting animations are still broken. If you aren't willing to fix this issue I've had with him on his normal skin, at least do it for his delux... PLEASE! Honestly the animation for his delux abilities should be crystaline anyways not dirt/rock. https://i.imgur.com/mehvm61.jpg
  2. I wanna be able to take parts from different skins for a warframe and mismatch them. Kinda like how you can already with heads but expanded. Notably I have issues with some part or another of every skin available to Titania. But they all have something I like. For example I'd use the legs and arms of Unseelie, the abdomen from lympharis, the mab helmet, and the default skin's butterflies. However if the butterfly on Lympharis was given animation I'd probably use it's head. The mab helm mandible twitch so I know it's possible.
  3. I have to forma almost every frame besides a half a dozen. /Shrug.
  4. Syndanas can use dual energy but ATTACHMENTS cannot. Please fix asap.
  5. Loki and Rhino pl0x
  6. I TOLD YOU I DON'T LIKE RIVENS! ... Especially that one.
  7. Really should release equinox prime tomorrow... you know on the equinox? Couldn't have done something that cool could you? /sigh @ DE.
  8. Lesbian Soup Kitchen.
  9. No, Meowth is on Melee 6.9 already.
  10. To inform you that Meowth is indeed a Pokemon.
  11. ❤️❤️❤️
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