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  1. they were announced a bit ago but don't seem to be in game yet,
  2. If I were to make some basic changes to Nyx I'd say targets effected by bolts before mind controlled attack more frequently. The amount of bolts created can be increased by ability strength. Enemies effected by bolts and Chaos can no longer hurt Nyx. But can still build up damage for absorption. Absorption consumes less energy and spreads the effect of bolt (not the stun just v the debuff) to new enemies. Absorption augment should disable sprinting and parkour but no other movement penalty and keep dodge roll. There. Some basic synergy that retains her core kit. No radical rework.
  3. When is the nyx update coming out? That feels like a hotfix but knowing my luck my girl will have to wait until new war.
  4. Those look promising but... Idk if it'll put her on tier with everyone else. That biggest issue with mind control is also how slow they attack. Also an overwhelming lack of synergy overall with her kit. But I won't complain about buffs for one of my fav frames.
  5. Limbo and Frost both have technique that can protect. Sevagoth for example cannot. His slow is nice and all but you need 250% ability strength to get it to 90% slow and even that doesn't seem like enough. Compare to frost who blocks all damage and limbo who can perma stun anyone in a bubble Not saying the mission is impossible. Just virtually impossible without a mechanic like that.
  6. This... this is super bad. One single unit can take the objective down in 20 seconds. Multiple units can take it down in 5 seconds. This is counter intuitive to the philosophy of steal path. Especially considering you HAVE to succeed in ALL 3 defense objectives. Or you LOSE. Because they kill the objective so fast and it's HP regain is virtually nil you have 2 choices to beat a mobile defense mission in steal path. Option A: Nuke build kill everything in seconds. Only a few frames can do this in steal path. It also changes which frame you can viably use depending on which faction. Corpus is especially bad because they also spawn nullies like no tomorrow. Option B: Infinite CC. You need to be able to CC EVERY single unit that has LoS against the objective because like I said even a single unit can take it down in 20 seconds. I'm finding it impossible to do on Sevagoth. Took everything I had, my best weapons and I got 1 down. Unfortunately I insta lose if I die because Sevagoth's death mechanic is actually a HINDERANCE in this mission. Others can insta rez and knock back. Not Sevagoth. Wish I could skip his death mechanic by just holding F because it takes too long to rez once it activates so I've already lost if I die. So that means a survival build then right? Nope because then I lack the damage and CC. It's insane. I have 70% slow via gloom and they still attack like a video of a machine gun playing at 10x speed. It does buy me precious extra seconds to fight them but since I'm not using a tank build I have to dance around like crazy to avoid dying which is incredibly difficult. I can bring a vampire kavat to rez but companions tend to die stupid fast in steal path which is another issue. Now I was able to beat the mission using Nidus and just keeping all the units permently cc'd. Even then I still struggled. I swear corpus mobile defense on steal path is something else. Fighting like 5x more units than even the most crowded survival mission. Literally goes from 5 to 50 units in only a few seconds and they just keep coming. I can't one shot them with Sevagoth and every second alive they're nuking the objective in no time at all even with a 70% slow applies. So yeah on Sevagoth I was able to do the first one and failed on the second one. Why? Well I had activated my shadow which has a better CC but I missed a single MoA. The moa brought it from 50% to 0 in only a few seconds I couldn't even react fast enough. Literally none of the other steal path missions are torturous like this. I can normally play Sevagoth fine. In fact I've facerolled grineer on steal path and usually have a harder time with grineer than corpus on steal path because their insanely high armor. But not on mobile defense. Like yeah I was still able to complete the objective with Nidus. But I don't understand why it's so extreme. It's not a steal path thing. Steal path shouldn't be built around one shot or map-wide cc to succeed. No slow and steady tank? Nuke or CC is the only options that's not a great feeling for frames that can't do either well. Sevagoth shadow has a decent cc but it's not large enough and if you miss 1 or 2 you're likely screwed. Plus you have to farm kills before activating the first objective to even use it. The particular mission I am struggling on is Carme, Jupiter. The objective has MUCH more health than I do. But it dies WAY faster and that's not saying I die slow either. So a good suggestion would be to make it take less damage or increase it's shield/hp by like 10x. Also consider making the regen of hp and shield to be more than next to nothing. Allow the objective to survive more than 5 seconds of group fire. So you can bring someone who doesn't one shot like 120+ enemies or can cc an entire room. Of course I know no one cares and I'll probably just get "git gud scrub" but this is my feedback none-the-less. Also in corpus maps in general maybe reduce the amount of nullies. I actually like to use abilities sometimes.
  7. Don't think you understood what I said. This would be all fine and dandy if things in steel path didn't do redic damage and you can't realistically dodge all attacks.
  8. I know Loki has a group of people that love him and despite not liking him in the past I've grown a bit of admiration of him more recently. I believe previously I suggested a radical rework but I don't think he actually needs that anymore. But he feels old. I don't think he's had much changes since the Beta and you can tell. Older warframes have gotten refreshed or reworks that are older Loki is still sitting back pretty with a toolkit from 2012. Best bet to not upset anyone who currently loves his current incarnation is just give hit kit a modern twist. Decoy: This ability is so dated especially compared to the modern AI we see for spectres. The Wukong clone is a good example. While I don't think it needs to be identical to Wukong's clone I think it could certainly use some refinements. Mostly an update on the graphics, have it do actual damage, and make it a bit of a damage sponge so it can take more than a few hits. Augment should be baseline and get a new augment. My suggestion for an Augment is letting us have multiple out at a time. That could also make a good baseline change to seperate it more from celestial twin. Invisibility: My main thing would be increase the base duration but more importantly allow us to recast it while it's up so we don't have even a moment visible. I suggest making the augment baeline and replaced with an augment that gives him a damage bonus or perhaps a finisher bonus at least while invisible. Switch Teleport: The augment should be baseline and grant you invulnerability whenever you use it. Reduced duration to like 3 seconds. An augment that causes it to deal damage/preform a finisher on the target. Disarm: Augment should be baseline and the whole ability should get better visuals rather than just a simple spin. Doesn't have to be super flashy but something more than what it is. A new augment could make it an aura you apply to yourself for a duration that applies the effect automatically to enemies in a range. Passive: Give him infinite wall hanging why not. 60 seconds is already a long time. Maybe make him take reduced damage while wall climbing, or some buff. These are some super basic ideas if anyone who mains Loki has any better ones I'd love to hear them,
  9. I love Nyx so much. She's one of my favourites despite being considered one of the worst frames in the game. She certainly has her niche uses. But it's really hard to do anything with her in steal path. I think something that could help is her mind control'd target drawing enemy fire. Absorption needs to be 100% damage reduction or you're STILL gonna die in steel path. Also it does almost no damage to grineer in steel path unless you pyschic bolts which could be seen as synergy but it just doesn't feel impactful with the massive armor bonus.
  10. Yeah I am thinking other than cool factor what's the point of her 2 ability? Other than it means you can only use secondary weapons? also her passive does not synergise with her signature weapon at all because of it's insanely low crit rate. Her abilities should synergies especially with her 2 key. Like have them buffed or act a little different when she's on her skateboard so there is a reason to use it outside of clunky movement and limited weapons.
  11. Hmm... Well if it's that bad. Just prune that part until a better community consensus. Pruning stuff takes less time then adding it. Fair enough. I just wanna use a skateboard in normal maps.
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