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  1. Loki and Rhino pl0x
  2. I TOLD YOU I DON'T LIKE RIVENS! ... Especially that one.
  3. Really should release equinox prime tomorrow... you know on the equinox? Couldn't have done something that cool could you? /sigh @ DE.
  4. Only one of these I really consider getting is Ivara tbh.
  5. I'd imagine it only uses primary.
  6. Please DE... I'm begging you!!!
  7. Click your melee ability. Then hit secondary fire. You are now channelling.
  8. In addition quick hitting shoot with Hildryn's 1 does more damage then charging it. Not just DPS. Each shot does more damage.
  9. So there has been a couple of hotfixes but Hildryn's 2 still doesn't reliably bring back shields.
  10. Oh lovely... did an hour of that new mission with the fissures and my host decided to leave group while in the lift. Guess what happened? It counted as abandoning the mission... so all my loot, all the time into the void... thanks a lot DE... Please get rid of the host/client system and set up dedicated servers.
  11. There are so bugs but beyond that it's a lot smoother and functions way better imho. However people with controllers are describing unique problems. Hopefully they'll work out the kinks. Over-all I think it improves the game. Something I am concerned about is glide having about half it's normal length, maybe less before the sudden drop.
  12. Not sure if this is intended or not. But glide seems to be considerably more limited now.
  13. @[DE]Rebecca I have discovered 2 major bugs currently with Hildryn. 1: She is unable to melee channel. 2: Her 2 key does not function properly if you are not hosting. It does not seem to bring back any shields.
  14. I was already on the fence on getting the ember/frost prime pack. But that extra plat for Hildryn pushed me to the right direction. So got 3 new frames (2 primes) few prime weapons. Some Syndanas, and Limbo Prime. I wish the thing coming off the head on limbo prime could be removed though. It just clips too much.
  15. I was getting 10 Mb/s which is my normal amount. Also 110GB a second? What the actual fudge? How is that even a possible? I'd never heard of more then 1GB/s and that sounds fast.
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