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  1. ESO related feedback for Xaku. Simaris overly locks Xaku's abilities. Dismissing the durration aspect of Xaku's 4 key counts as using the ability and thus as a mark that will lock it. Also all 3 of the 3 key abilities share a lock. So just casting them all 3 in succession could cause a lock. Deny I feel like is supposed to be spammable? So it should be omitted from the lock. All of Xaku's 3 key's should be, sort of like other abilities intended to be used frequently like Khora's 1 key.
  2. I want to add to this. How long has the patch been out now? 3 weeks? almost 4? I've only gotten 1(2 cuz booster) scintillant. Probably at least 40 hours during Deimos content since it came out.
  3. All I can think of here is "anything is possible when you lie" also "anything stated without evidence can be dismissed without evidence." Not gonna explain your claims than you're lying or might as well be. :)
  4. Hello Xaku main here. I have tested these Xaku changes and i have some feedback. I may not be "Verified 6 forma" but I am one of the few players with Xaku with top 3 in time played and who has selected them as main by having them shown off in my orbiter's personal quarters. So perhaps my feedback will have a tiny bit of weight. Xaku's passive is getting closer but evasion is still objectively the worst and I feel like it needs to be ditched 100% I don't like to gamble on my survival in games. That's not fun for me. Maybe it's fun for others. Maybe add an evasion mod for those who enjoy th
  5. Ok but why the delay? That seems pointless and frustrating. I want to main Xaku but knowing good changes are coming make them harder to play when something that is going to be fixed is noticed I just get frustrated. I don't want to come off too irritated but I've been hype for Xaku for a long time and it feels like they released in alpha state and this update with be beta and will need few more refinements for full release of Xaku. So how much of a delay until Xaku is actually truly in the game? Maybe I'm being overdramatic but I love them a lot and I know they're cappable of being so mu
  6. These Xaku changes are promising. But deny needs a faster cast time. That's it. Most of us acknowledged its a strong skill. That's not the issue. The issue is that it can't be cast at all around nuke frames. Accuse needs to be recastable and the weapons pulled by lohk need to attack mind controlled enemies (perhaps for bonus damage) Whisper needs to synergies with Lohk. The buffs for Deny are interesting but still not sure if it's worth using much if at all. Because I have weapons for narrow fire. I use warframe abilities for aoes. Why would I waste time shooting a very small laser?
  7. I had previously posted a convoluted feedback post with a lot of randomness and unneeded changes. I have a more basic one that will likely add to the general consensus of changes in need. I patiently await Xaku changes in the coming week/s. Rework to void damage to make it useful against non sentients. In the very least make it do neutral damage to all targets (bonus to sentients) but realistically void is supposed to be this supreme energy/substance and virtually all target should be vulnerable to it. I always felt void should do "true" damage bypassing shield, armor, resistances, etc.
  8. Conservation is kinda bad. But the token system is a direct upgrade. It's a lot easier to farm tokens than standing. And you can overfarm standing. So like lets say you are busy and work all week and only get to really play during the weekend. You can farm up a lot of tokens and then just log in once a day and cap your standing. I like the systems though the pricing for son tokens tends to still be too much but i say that goes with conservation flaws.
  9. 5 days, 0. For me and many others. It claims to be a cummon drop from one of the mission types and yet I've done many, many, many of those and seen ZERO. Even with the recent changes and drop chance from necramechs I see zero. Should be 100% drop from necramechs.
  10. For the love of platinum allow us to rush the subsuming process. We can rush almost all other time gates in the game (Except standing). 25-50 or so plat to rush the subsume. Just now unlocked the system would have to wait 2 days to even use another warframes ability. I was able to rush the segment but not rush the subsuming as far as I can tell.
  11. For the love of god make void true damage. Don't turn it into another damage type that's boring. Void is unique. Keep it unique. MAKE IT DO TRUE DAMAGE. Which honestly would hella buff it right there.
  12. I actually thought of something like this but felt like it'd need to much of a rework of the ability. Basically when you use 4 key the parts don't just disappear which seems silly. Instead they float around you as half formed (or a third) warframes that attack. And potentially this is what causes you to take less damage because the broken pieces are floating out protecting the core. Kind of like moons orbiting a planet. Unlike most folks I actually like the mind control Accuse. I use it a lot. Because it's literally an AoE stun that doesn't just stop you from attacking you but causes them to a
  13. So I'm in love with this frame. But my infatuation does not blind me from flaws and giving criticism. 1 key: I would like the ability to cast it on allies. And have it automatically effect my companion as well. Maybe to a lesser degree than it effects me. It also should do 50% damage augmentation not 26% base. And 25% (unmoddable) to allies. The cast on allies effect could also be an augment idea. 2 key: The most annoying thing with this ability is being unable to dismiss or recast it until the duration ends. It's super frustrating and you get screwed over if you accidentally only h
  14. Meme or not Imma play them until the day I die. Already 10th most played warframe for me. The only other frame to go up this fast after release was wisp. I've been almost exclusively playing Xaku flaws and all. I love em so much. I don't feel like they're a meme frame because they're close to being good. They don't need a radical rework like some frames did(do). I'm guessing we're gonna have to wait until at least a week after launch before any updates to them. Maybe two weeks as DE is gonna wait until some people farmed em the *correct* way and more people experience them and give feedb
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