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  1. I agree with all of that. I enjoyed conservation on PoE and 4T, but on the Cambion Drift, it's awful. Some other things to note: - the color of the animals under the tranq rifle scope being orange. On ground, this isn't as a big deal, but when you're looking for the avichaea (the birds), you are looking for a bird ( again, highlighted by orange) when the air is full of floating orange particles. Since the avichaea fly very high up and are already tiny, the glowing orange bird is extremely difficult to tell from the orange particles that are the same size under the scope. The tranq ri
  2. Speaking as someone who enjoys conservation, this is long overdue. Just an indicator of some sort on the tranq rifle is not too much to ask for.
  3. When I'm fishing and a glassed enemy gets near the water to attack me, it's complete BS that their death explosion kills all the fish in the surrounding area. Players are already irritated by being interrupted from their task; killing all the wildlife that spawned just for defending yourself is rubbing salt into the wound. It's the worst in HoD, where most enemies need to get up close to you, meaning they'll be right next to the water along side you.
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