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  1. This just happened to me as well. Fight proceeded normally until he died perched on the tree. I jumped through the place where he died, but I only got a North Wind mod. Even if I didn't jump exactly through the place where he died, I had a vacuum mod equipped on my helios prime sentinel, so it shouldn't have mattered. The only thing I can think of that might affect the drop was Nova using her 4 frequently during the fight.
  2. This happened to me again, except my squadmates health bars didn't disappear this time. REEEEEEEEE
  3. Had this bug happen to me just now on the plains while doing the T5 bounty. I also couldn't interact with supply caches, the yellow focus pick-up, zip lines, or elevators. I wasn't picking anything up while in my Itzal or when I touched them directly. I was using Carrier Prime with a vacuum mod. The status of my squad mates also disappeared sometime during the mission.
  4. I like the addition to the lore, more slots and a more reliable way to get some of the resources. I hate losing nightmare alerts (still need Chilling Reload), the loss of 300 oxium and tellurium. Considering I have all of the cosmetics, and have mastered Vauban and all the weapon BP drops, I don't know how long this will engage me. Hopefully getting potatoes will be efficient enough not to be a waste of time.
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