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  1. Ingame name: Ulfhednar9 Discord name: Hrodberht Mastery rank: 16 Languages are spoken: English Where are you from: (Optional) Utah, USA
  2. Getting frequent Network Not Responding messages. And it's not just a message, things are hanging while message is up. It appears there is indeed an effect on gameplay from these upgrades.
  3. Er, no. Elder Scrolls Online, F2P, central servers. Lord of the Rings online, F2P, central servers. Heck, World of Warfcraft, F2P, central servers. So it is not as cut and dried as you make out. At the very least, the choice is not subscriptions or no servers.
  4. That's rather irrelevant, Why not just allow it for everyone? It's actually less work, if only marginally.
  5. I admit, it does seem a bit odd. Even if the assumption is that you wouldn't have many statues until MR10, who cares? Wouldn't it actually have been simpler to just add it for everyone? I'm MR 16, so not really invested, but I doubt any MR10+ people would be bothered if the restriction were removed.
  6. Ok, makes sense. I hadn't considered using a controller on a PC.
  7. What I'd like to see is the addition of a back holster for the Falcor (I fight for the Users!) 😛 And of course the addition of the companion secondary, the Atreyu! 😛
  8. I'm genuinely curious, was this a much requested addition? I mean, at most we're talking like 3. maybe 4 mouse clicks to fill a statue.
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