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  1. Volt 4 augment is amazing ngl. Electric Shield is small and one directional, if you want it around you, you have to play stationary. Warframe have been designed from the very beginning that he's a speedster/damage dealer with fairly reliable cc. I would accept the idea of reworking picked up shield to at least cover more of his area like around him or at least a little bit of sides too or giving him an augment what does that. To xaku: Baruuk has that doesn't he? Also, why does Baruuk have 100% damage evasion from ranged attacks while also having damage reduction?
  2. The thing is, adaptation still doesn't work on every frame. If you build it on Volt, you're still going to get oneshoted by some high level unit. Rolling guard gives invulnerability for few seconds while also having a cooldown, it's not really reliable with some warframe exceptions that have different forms of damage prevention already. Why Banshee has to use magus lock down, rolling guard adaptation umbral sets helminth to survive enemy damage while rhino can just press 2. I'm not putting rhino as exceptional character, he's one of many that does so little while achieving so much. Why other f
  3. True, but the thing is, Octavia is a successful warframe design, Banshee not so much. They also share very similar theme. Octavia being a frame, that hides HERSELF to survive to produce sound and deal damage, while Banshee is also a sound frame, who's abilities silences ENEMIES and causes them to be unable to spot her. This way, characters that have similar theme while also being completely opposite can build interesting relation.
  4. How about embracing damage evasion and let it go to 100%? We will be able to completely ignore defensive values and focus on damage/armor shred/cc overall utility? Also, since his ability is called a Cage, why cant we put some walls on the edges of ability that enemies cant walk through?
  5. Very cool idea with Decoy and swutch teleport. Maybe we will be able to use Ghoul saw finally
  6. I'm starting to see more and more people (both devs and players) run after the idea of giving every warframe a damage reduction. I'm not saying those abilities are bad, but most of the time character designs dont require damage reduction in first place. Such abilities should grant resistances only for tanky frames, and if sb really wants to have them, helminth should be for that (null star is a good example, while gara's could also be there). Inaros is a tank no questions asked, he has armor buffing (armor buffing is technically a damage reduction) Chroma is a tank/weapon master, so he ha
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