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  1. I don't see how's that a nail in the coffin. Currently the gameplay of warframe is barely engaging to the point where gameplay can be easily replaced with macros. Other than that, most of our current equipment competes with each other. Everything competes with everything in dps. Melee with firearms, firearms with warframes, warframes with pets etc. The idea of that suggestion is to give each of game's parts of equipment a role. Like sentinels should assist player, not compete with him in damage, weapons should be able to be used for utility as well, to prevent pointless damage stacking
  2. As Devs said in recent devstream. They are tweaking melee, not nerfing. Think about it how overloaded melee currently is. It has triple scaling damage, applies a lot of statuses on enemies, staggers and basically permanent cc. Has access to finishers, some can nuke areas around you, and some can be tossed like glaives and also nuke. List goes on. What does tweaking mean then? Tweaking means taking some of overloaded stuff and move them to underloaded to balance things up. Let's use an example: Melee and primary weapons/sidearms being dependent on each other. Let'
  3. Hold up was the big related to not working alt fire in staltha skin on any warframe fixed finally? Or I'm not reading it wrong...
  4. Equipping unreal skin causes weapon to lose its secondary fire (sorry for low frame rate and glitchy sound, I dont own neither a good pc or recording software)
  5. Switching to Unreal skin removes secondary fire from staltha - Fireing secondary fire charges the shot regularly, but there is no impact explosion nor damage
  6. So ghost frame huh? Will that be an attempt to make a good mind control warframe? Or make him able to go through walls and explore world out of bonds without needing to look for glitches? Or even better both?
  7. May I ask how you fixed that issue? I mean will that also apply for future staltha vandal or any upgraded version (if there will be any)
  8. oh wait its archgun, I read it as archwing. Have you consiered that this launcher has cooldown? like 5 minutes?
  9. It might be lag because I never faced that issue in my 4 year old gameplay
  10. That's just what steam workshop is for example in portal 2. People design own levels and others play them. It's still an amazing idea tho. It opens up few more workplaces at DE such as level testing or a person who chooses levels aesthetically fitting in game. There are plenty of talented people among us who can make a great architecture for the game. I absolutely support that idea of making a sandbox engine for players to create and submit their level designs.
  11. Just make all slots unlimited, I hate the idea of having to get rid of some weapons because other slightly outperforms another. There is already so many ways you can spend plat for
  12. I'm pretty sure it was already increased and looks like DE is kind of done with the idea of xaku so don't expect any major changes. Unless some youtuber finds a red crit room clearing synergy or just fun setup or build. Then they will go out their way to FIX that
  13. Ability is not really suited for doubling pickups. Mainly because it has high cooldown and before this ability hits any pickups your carrier will already pick them all up. That issue might be solved by assuring that enemies in range of ability will have a chance to drop additional loot "On Death". I know it's all up to preference but in my opinion it would be such an inconsistent buff that he might be even less effective support in loot teams than nekros - why nekros? his desecrate gives him 54% loot drop chance and in support teams he has that afk gameplay, while with lavos you would have to
  14. 1. Bringing back alerts on regular star chart. Completing those alerts grants (for example) 50 creds and lets say 2500 standing. Every alert has its own challenge randomly assigned. For example: Survival - Killing 100 eximus units in that mission grants additional 5000 standing - as for the more rewarding part we could add something like it being stackable for example if you kill 100 eximus units in that mission you get those 5000, if you kill 200 10k, if 300 15k and so on. - Simple example to show the basics of my suggestion. (now that I think about it might be a little too much but num
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