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  1. Just please don't put wisp helmet in next week nightwave, I won't be there and won't be able to farm that, please don't do it DE
  2. Ooh, something free, cool, I'll take that
  3. Yeah, sometimes when I play garuda I hate ex. Wisp heal which drops my damage Buff and I have to keep killing myself to get damage Buff again
  4. 1 none to be honest, I play mostly Valkyr just to be safe in most situations but valkitty only taught me how to play the game and basic understanding. Nowadays I just pick whatever I feel like I want to play to specific mission 2 Saryn/Excalibur umbra/Frost 3 Valkyr, I very rarely decide to take any usual tank frame like inaros cause they're just boring for me to play 4 Harrow/Operator/Oberon 5 Frost/Limbo 6 Loki - just loki 7 either Hydroid or Nekros 8 Valkyr/Excalibur umbra/Nidus/Volt/Mesa/Khora/Loki/Revenant/Wisp 9 try hard : Volt/Saryn/Valkyr/Excalibur umbra
  5. On tested warframe I experienced quite disgusting to look at bug - that's unreal arm bending animation for Valkyr while holding Glaxion. Similar thing happens with Opticor and Tenora (out of tested weapons) except those have arm bended like that and ever further permanently. Please fix DE, It's unpleasant to look at.
  6. Here is a market bug I touched with recently, it looks the same while browsing profile screen as well
  7. I would love to see that in game, but what I'd value the most is craftable affinity boosts as one of those food stuff Very interesting idea
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiKu5Wsd3S0
  9. For real?! It was a feature, why would you remove it 😭😭😭😭
  10. Oh come on, why can't you make grind a bit easier and make grind a bit old-school as it was with every frame until now, I wish to be able to track missing parts before starting grind. Every frame except khora and ivara is accessible through some kind of market
  11. Still no fix for exalted weapon holding animation? As I reported here?
  12. I mean thank you for hotfix, but is there any chance for us to play on old design of PoE? I mean PoE are now barely accessible for low-end devices so now I can forget about farming zaws, eidolons, resources framing, bounties etc.
  13. Thanks for hotfix Is frost prime skin ever going to receive visual rework?
  14. Wow thank you for Valkyr bug fix, took you just a few weeks to realise that
  15. Plague event at plains of eidolon, will it come soon?
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