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  1. Excelente lista, el hecho de q no se puedan sumar las habilidades q aumentan daño hace q el juego no se rompa. Esperaré la actualización con ansias.
  2. I also don't know why so much trouble with it, I also defeated it the first time when it came out on PC.
  3. That's totally feasible, in fact using 2 with the augment plus a nekroz creates the synergy of nuke the entire map, since the explosive legerdemain turns the orbs and ammo into bombs, everything goes boom.
  4. Ring ring ring, we have a winner. So much things has been changed last years boi. Learn how to mod properly and how to chose a warframe for a mission, it's not the same do a defense with rhino as do a defense with octavia.
  5. Yeah, but use teleport is funny and make me laugh, unlike chroma's 1. Btw the teleport's augment is very cool.
  6. Buenas, al parecer los arcanos pax a pesar de poder equiparse, no están activando sus efectos cuando uno cumple la condición de trigger. Quisiera saber si es problema mío o es general, si no para mandar un ticket a soporte.
  7. Apparently someone does not know Rage and his brother Hunter's adrenaline for tank frames
  8. Check accessories in game on the customize's menu
  9. Well, I didn't know that. But even so it is understandable, even I left warframe to play destiny 2 and now I play the 2, as I also said, their movements of active players are normal, the same thing happens to TESO, BDO and FFIV: update, veterans come to take out the new things and they leave, or update, new players come for the publicity, they don't adapt or they don't like the game and they leave. it always happens and will happen, and it is normal, it is not to be alarmed. When the warframe falls below the threshold of the 30k players maybe I would worry, maybe not, what happens to the game doesn't take away my sleep.
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