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  1. Any corean MMORPG or similar? Because warframe is a kid's game if you compare with any of those, I mean, I play BDO with others famous MMO's (like FFIV, TESO, Divinity, Destiny, etc), since 2k16 and I never feel frustrate with warframe thanks to that game, lol.
  2. Maybe he has 1k of total hrs of play... but 800hrs at hydron and ESO
  3. Primero q nada, este es el subforo en inglés, el foro español esta más abajo. Segundo, lo único q se me ocurre para semejante diferencia es q los estas usando en un enemigo con una armadura q es resistente al daño radioactivo. Sugiero q vayas al simulacro y revises bien tus números en varios enemigos o revisa el códice para ver las resistencias del enemigo en el q los pruebas.
  4. Nice idea, that would be a good option to change the animation of the wings syandanas.
  5. Welcome to the looter shooters world Ptw? In a PvE game... pls tell me this is a joke
  6. This is one of the famous meme post, right? Tell me yes, pls
  7. No, because the collision animation is annoying, or have you fun when you collide with a tree or the groundon on PoE? Now, multiply that fun x10
  8. Do you really think that they're going to add that mechanic so that you can only go colliding with everything or you can simply raise your level quickly ... oh poor boy.
  9. You don't use archwings or k-drives, do you? Cause collisions are completely annoying.
  10. No, endo system is so much easy than that old mechanic
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