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  1. Well, this year they said that the 3rd orb will be a new raid.... anyway, soon.
  2. No, with that every kuva weapon will have a 1% or 2% drop rate
  3. Hahaha welcome to the grinding game's world, allow me to present Black Desert Online, FFIV, TESO, Destiny, WoW and the classic and old Ragnarok long time ago, who use the same formula: farm your stuff, craft your stuff, max your stuff, farm better stuff, repeat the process until you unique preoccupation be the shiny shiny things, better know as fashion, or until you get bored and look for other game like any smart person. You're welcome.
  4. Hahahaha it always been boi, that's why you can purchase Harrow, Octavia, Ivara, Nidus, Grendel, Equinox and any warframe that you consider bored (or crap, like you said) to farm. Now you can even forget about necra farm, cause yuhu... you can purchase it, like any normal weapon and normal warframe 5 years ago. Welcome to warframe, tenno.
  5. Don't be mad lil boy, at least I don't remember the missions being so difficult that they made me cry in frustration, and that I got my rj with the original empyrean, my only frustration was the 5 days of crafting time.
  6. I understood that the end of the quest will give you the entry for sevagoth's leverian
  7. Then git gud, suffer as the community has been doing years ago. Loki prime old farm flashbacks intensifies.
  8. Accurate. I'm road to step 2.
  9. You know that the symaris room have a training section where you can practice the whole test, do you? Pd: git gud
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