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  1. T.o.P.S.

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.3.1

    That is intentional. The ability works that way. Try rolling or jumping and rolling afterwards to get around faster
  2. T.o.P.S.

    About guns and warframes

  3. T.o.P.S.

    About guns and warframes

    Want more feedback/thoughts on this. Come on tenno!😊
  4. T.o.P.S.

    About guns and warframes

    I see your point but the idea behind the artefact is you mod it with say rifle mods (if the primary weapons are restricted), you mod it for example corrosive damage and now all your abilites that deal damage also deals corrosive damage. It's essentially like you would mod an exalted weapon but your whole kit is benefitting from it to compensate the loss of a whole weapons category.
  5. T.o.P.S.

    Winter themed female frame

    I love this! Would love to see another cryomancer type. Snowomancer?
  6. T.o.P.S.

    About guns and warframes

    Hello, fellow tenno! I've had my mind on a warframe concept for quite some time now but never gotten around posting it because of time constraints, other life priorities putting this concept on the shelf, and maybe some lack of courage to face the feedback.🖖🏻😅 I'm back at it again but this time something struck my mind and I need your thoughts. The concept is that of a caster type frame with a large emphasis on the casting part. I know we all love our arsenal of amazing weapons and belivie me, I do too, but in other games I've always played a mage or wizard or the healer kinda guy and therefore my concept is based around that sort of archetype. It even goes so far as to restrain you from one specific weapons category (we're only talking primary, secondary, or melee as a whole here. Haven't decided which one yet). Instead it comes with a moddable "artefact" if you will to boost the powerlevel/damage output of some of its abilities which is intended to be used as your primary damage source. Without getting into any more specifics about the frame, cuz this post is not to seek feedback on the whole concept, my question is this; would you sacrifice (pun) a TBD weapons category and be greatly returned in the damage output or powerful effects of some spammable abilities? And no, I don't wanna see comments like "just give it an exalted weapon" cus the whole idea is that you're still gonna be able to use the other weapons still available to you in conjunction with your abilities if the need arises. Looking forward to reading your thoughts and just ask me to specify if you need it. Edit: Think of it like how Gara gets a lot of added damage to her kit from all damage amplifying mods on her equipped melee weapon. 😄 And you're free to mod for whatever elemental combination you want etc.
  7. T.o.P.S.

    The Great TennoCon 2018 Ash Prime Drop Fix!

    DE is simply the best!
  8. T.o.P.S.

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.5

    Very nice Gara change there, indeed! It was much needed. Although I do believe that you internally are working on ways to solve the problems her 3 (Spectrorage) has for the endgame I just wanna drop this comment as a friendly reminder. <3 Keep up wörkings of awesöme!
  9. T.o.P.S.

    Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.6.2

    DE pls, went akkad for 20 rounds, rest of my 3 squadmates left at round 15 (for some unnameable reason...) and I didn't get any round 20 reward... Basically, I did the 5 last rounds by myself after they left at round 15 and I didn't get the fourth reward! (which probably would've been a relic. :P) (BTW, can anyone tell me how to upload a picture to this forum?)
  10. T.o.P.S.

    Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.4

    Orokin Derelict Survivals (ODS) dosen't drop anything after 5 minute mark. Ran 2 ODS after the hotfix and same thing happened twice. Anyone else having this issue and is it only related to ODS?
  11. T.o.P.S.

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.8.1

  12. T.o.P.S.

    Fan Concepts Index

    Gonna update it with more info and my own opinions on abilities for the current state of the game. Have in mind this concept appeared about 1 year ago so things have changed mechanic wise in the live game.