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  1. isn't that because path of exile has a big lootbox event every season like overwatch
  2. Another reminder about fixing the Unreal skins to not change Kuva weapons to regular version stats.
  3. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/84315746926067712/790874255200878592/redditsave.com-meathook_take_your_problems_and_put_them-2m8do74v6o661.mp4
  4. Just a reminder to patch the Unreal skins to not load the default stats for Drakgoon and Ogris on their Kuva counterparts. And possibly the Stahlta if there's an upcoming Queenpin version.
  5. my guess was that they wanted people to run these deimos missions at least a little so that they could experience the content
  6. Wait, so how do the resistances stack? I don't understand how it works. Do they just have all of the resistances and weaknesses active at the same time in the health pool???
  7. Content across all the open worlds requires so much of it that at this point I'm spending more time on the other planets, scooping up tiny piles of dust farming for Deimos content....off Deimos. It takes me longer to get these materials than anything else, especially gems. I have so many gems but they're completely pointless when I need hundreds of pyrol and travoride, the "common" materials, which appear at half the rates of every other mineral. I'm begging you. I'm nearing around a thousand axidite which I can't use, already over a thousand venerol, hundreds each of all the other common and
  8. Can there just be the removal of the juice canister throwing portion of vault cleanup? It's really buggy right now, and ends up clipping through everything or just straight up not hitting nearly enough enemies unless you specifically bring something to group them up into one spot. Getting that phase almost guarantees losing the bonus reward for that step. It's like Latrox Une all over again lol.
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