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  1. If you're giving it the Lenz treatment, I feel that it is only fair that you also include the ammo mutation effect, unless you want to make Carrier mandatory, again, for no real reason other than the fact that your ammo system is RNG based and sloppy, and has been out of date since the game started, much like the enemy AI was when it was redone. All ammo reduction does is either be effectively no change, or so restrictive on explosive weapons that people just flat out stop using them. For instance, the Angstrum's characteristics actively work against itself because allowing people to fire more rockets by building towards that mechanic doesn't have any compatibility with limiting the total amount of ammo it can carry. It's all backwards and slapdash. The Kuva Bramma was already "balanced" in terms of ammo consumption because in high level situations, you would in fact run into the ammo problem just by nature of how the ammo system is broken to begin with. But using two wrongs to make a right is sloppy. I approve of the other changes for mechanical reasons (it makes way more sense overall to change the explosions to be optimized and efficient), but hard ammo limitations (as opposed to smaller magazine sizes which are okay and make sense) just don't serve any real purpose other than to frustrate players over a poorly designed ammo drop system that has not been changed in forever.
  2. well, if we're making weapon mods into exilus mods, maybe there should be a lookover on faction mods that only do things like increase magazine size, because those are pretty much useless. i know it adds the faction bonus too, but these mods are more or less a waste of space compared to literally any other mod, because the faction bonus doesn't really do a huge amount to improve the weapon directly compared to modern weapon mods.
  3. You're assuming that the people who do marketing spreads are the same people who make ingame content, which.....well, actually might be the case on a team of DE's size, but highly unlikely in general. I don't get why people keep thinking that, like they think that somebody who does graphic arts and web design works on a game engine lol
  4. Whenever I pull up a prime access page, or a prime vault page, or any number of package deals over the years from starter packs to digital tennocon packs, the description of those bundles is, at the low end, a text list of the items, at the midrange, a group of static item thumbnails that are the size of a postage stamp each, and at the very most, a more detailed static image that shows only some of the items at one angle. And the emotes are always a thumbnail that doesn't describe anything at all. The motion lines are basically useless. Then they list a price of like, 15, 20, 49 dollars, more for prime access/vault full packs. I've been wondering: how long would it take for DE to like, poke a marketing intern, and get them to screen record cosmetics, edit a bunch of clips together maybe at different angles or rotating around the display, and post it on the same page that the items are being sold. Like, just to humor the curiosity of prospective customers, so they don't have to rely on a single, 15 minute long meandering video posted by a random player to see what they're getting.
  5. can there be a skin for throwing secondary that's just eggs
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