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  1. neat, but some of these behaviors should still be default ones, because most of these abilities would bring otherwise pointless ones into those comparable to more recent frame development.
  2. I demand that you put that wall staring back in, you don't understand how important it is for workers to have small breaks like this
  3. you can camp your own clone and make them invisible while healing them
  4. check out this cool emergent gameplay feature we added, that we should now remove because it's not useful anymore
  5. Cautious Shot seems like a waste of space because it doesn't block 100% damage (10% of the average Tenno weapon still one shots a Tenno, my dear Lotus), reduces overall weapon damage even though it doesn't have to (it's already taking up a mod slot for utility, which in of itself prevents a slot for a damage increasing mod, so you're losing like, way more than 15% or 30% damage bonus just having it on), and all things considered, if you were going to abuse such a feature, you'd pick the Rolling Guard and use it to point blank chump shot with impunity (the cooldown doesn't matter when you kill everybody in one shot) plus that mod already has utility beyond that.
  6. Can there be a choice for one of each riven instead of three of one riven?
  7. People are telling me that Nezha has no reliable form of self damage, and somebody suggested making firewalker cause health damage to nezha, but I'm suggesting that Nezha's shields rupture when he uses the chakram teleport, like Valkyr's does when she uses Paralysis.
  8. subsequent suggestion: make sure that the split chakrams don't also duplicate nezha if you use teleport while it's out
  9. Immediate suggestion: make sure that Warding Halo's invincibility damage absorbing phase overwrites Halo's expiration invincibility, because otherwise you'll block the damage absorption phase.
  10. Lol, imagine if Nekros needed an augment to move the ghosts.
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