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  1. Why nullifiers? Those guys die if you sneeze on them too hard. Why not techs?
  2. A brief commemoration of what the patch meant by "stacking effects" in the void storm: The sights, brain melting. The sound, indescribable.
  3. Used to be you could access the gear/emote menu while hovering with 1, now you can't. It seems especially odd since you can access the menu while in midair, *except* while hovering. Hoping this gets put back in.
  4. Just a reminder that in Corpus Railjack missions, fighter craft spawn according to the number of players outside the ship plus the Railjack, instead of just spawning according to the number of players in general, which makes finding an appropriate number of them to fight difficult if all of the crew are on the Railjack or boarding other ships.
  5. This is actually a bug. The spawns only increase while teammates are in *Archwing* flying around to trigger more spawning groups. Grineer spawns work as normal. If the mission instead always spawned those groups regardless of teammate location or state, then we'd be back in business.
  6. Another issue I want to bring up is that keeping the turret system the same, even with the nerf to the pilot, will continue to saddle us with an endless series of public games where the host often chooses terrible guns for the side turrets, because they will always reserve the best turret for the front, unless they've gotten enough resources to mount decent side guns. I think this is going to be a big issue later on.
  7. Just gonna repeat myself here, but the secondary fire on the turrets only has clan research, not wreckage, so it has to be five pieces, not six.
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