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  1. If you're having such a hard time balancing turret abilities, why do you keep choosing to make them? We've gone through this with sentinel guns already. As it is, Grasp is essentially a worse Gara's Splinter Shards. If you want to make it an ability that actually assists with kills instead of having to nerf them to the extent that it's just better to shoot or melee yourself, just unbind them and make them like the archwing drones or razorwings. That way, they can be useful in the fight without outright being able to kill anything, because by virtue of your rudimentary enemy seeking AI, they wo
  2. Can you add regular eidolon shards to the Eidolon section?
  3. Hey, so if we already built the blueprint, will we still get the reward?
  4. Okay, so....before you start hammering the nerf button, I just want to suggest another test server. It did so well for the Railjack patch that I think you're going to *really* need it this time to get the perspective necessary to actually make the changes work. Don't make me beg. We don't want to have to go through several update cycles years apart to fix things just because you don't have enough dev time to get enough information. The way you've been going so far, you've relied on internal development to handle that kind of thing, but it's clear that if you're gonna keep budgeting for only a
  5. Well, they can eat S#&$ this year, cause every kill you make in endurance mode mission now drops an additional pearl for the person that scored, and they're losing out on faster gains.
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