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  1. @Els236 Damn. I guess you are right about the grind vs. content thing, but they need to find a new formula to make the grind more entertaining. But let's be real here, the way they're making quests shorter and to the point is nice, so they don't go on for like three #*!%in' days like the limbo quest.
  2. Something that changes regularly with unique fun things and maybe seasonal additions or modes and rewards. Nightwave is the first real endgame content warframe has ever had so what about that but in mission form?
  3. Bruh, I don't mean to bash but literally everything you said was really #*!%ed up my guy. Have you spent ten seconds in a youtube comments section about a new potential meta? Sometimes the top comment is something along the lines of "DE: Fun detected, nerf inbound". Not to mention, a lot of the S#&$ that is said by them is true. If the partners had a clear line of communication with DE before the program's termination, maybe the partners, you know, the biggest community figures who actually play the game with us, would have been able to prevent the catastrophe that was last ye
  4. Boi, do you remember the Kuva Bramma? It got nerfed because it was too popular. Do you remember Limbo? He got nerfed during operation scarlet spear because he became the meta for it as the perfect mobile defense frame. They haven't un-nerfed him, and they should have left him be because it was his time to shine. Not to mention, I'm not upset with anything. I'm just upset that other's are upset. When other's become upset it makes me upset and I don't understand why, so if anything my reasons are purely selfish. But at the same time every time the community hates on the game a bout of anxie
  5. Understandable, but keeping us busy with nothing but grind is a little but dumb, and I believe it's important to cut back on the grind to make the game feel more like a game and less like a chore or second job.
  6. Dear readers, dear DE, and to whomever else it may concern, I am concerned. Not about just nerfs, not about certain things that still need to be added, but about the game's reputation and community itself. This game is very important to me, and so when I hear people online complaining about things that DE does it makes me feel a little hopeless as to what I can do. So, as I hope DE sees this, a few ways to improve the community's outlook on the game could be: 1: No longer basing nerfs on what is most popular. The reason I call this out is because nerfing based off of popularity isn't alwa
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