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  1. A friend of mine finished War Within in like 6-7 days. Do you really think that's a lot of time? A one or two weeks old player is ready for arbitrations?
  2. A LOT of people have no reason to do anything on that list (well except for the Sortie, but thats like 10mins unless it has an infinite mission) Maxed out focus tree, all loot from the spiders, eidolons, all rewards from syndicates, all rewards from invasions....index? Rathuum? Yeah no reason there either. Fashion and ikea frame? I would like to play the game, please 😉
  3. Well but even outside frame slots, if you really engage with the game you will want to rank that mastery up, so you will eventually get the frames and weapons. If I have to be honest, the only money I've put in the game was for the 2018 tennocon virtual ticket, because I read about some Baro dude that had some good items on rotation, and he was going to have everything for the tennocon xD Well and then for some cosmetics, but the only plat I got from money was the, iirc, 200p I got with the virtual ticket. After that (I used it to get colour pallettes, don't judge me :P), I figured i had to trade (I was never the market kind of player) so I went to wf.market, made an account and just sold everything one plat cheaper than the cheapest offer and boom! I didn't have to deal with market crap (like people fighting over prices) and I had platinum! So what I say is that making platinum for slots is not hard at all 🙂
  4. The minority of the player base is what you get in forums or reddit. The vocal minority actually, so they are louder than the rest
  5. I farmed Khora for myself, then with my brother, then with a friend and then with two other friends. Believe me, it is RNG, but it's not that crazy as some people like to believe. (the same with Harrow and Nidus, I farmed then the same amount of times for me and then because my friends and brother don't like to farm alone hah. Well Nidus was one time less, since we got him at the same time with my brother :P) And for the ranking frames part, you really need like what, 2/2 and a half regular sanctuary to rank a frame with no booster? Thats not much I think?
  6. Nah, I still think the punish should be for the one dying, not for the surviving ones. I've had a LOT of deaths on arbis. I'm not going to lie, I've also had a lot of awesome games with people engaging with the mode, asking for how long we staying and then staying for that amount of time and etc, but I had way more games with people just not caring about dying at all
  7. I would agree with that "nightmare" mode you say, but no tiers. Just straight out no revives and higher lvl. Elite Arbitrations, like one guy was saying. Random affixes, meh, I wouldn't be mad about them, but they can definitely make your frame not function properly (like a low energy mode, if you don't build for efficiency). They could make them accesible to players who only have a certain amount of ranked items? But like, only the obtainable ones. Perhaps a "has ranked all regular frames" kinda requirement? That may give players a reason to go and get all frames besides just mastery levels
  8. Oh i thought you were talking about people dying 10 times before rot C 😛 Those other ones are kinda rarer, but still a lot of them around! And my favourite ones are the ones that are super loud about their mastery rank, but then go to a ESO with a no range saryn or something, or are the first ones to die in arbis hah
  9. They are not rare at all though? The rare thing is when I get a game without one
  10. I always go out of my way to revive people on arbis. But after you died 10 times before getting to rot C, like come on
  11. Sadly you have no option. That's where my problem lies Maybe if they would add kinda like an area around the dead player, idk, maybe a 15m wide circle, if you kill a dron there, they drop the thing, if you go to a different room, they dont drop them?
  12. Well you just said a really good idea: Elite Arbitrations! Make them start at lvl100 and no revives, while keeping the regular arbis for the people that wants to do them 🙂
  13. That would be a good solution, but the rest remains, things like the game mode being kinda too easy... Arbitrations should be the game mode where you bring your best setup, and even then, work to not die! We spent so much time doing the maths for our builds, but in the end we never get to use them at their full potential...
  14. Yeah, bugs happens. I died countless times because I had equiped Exodia Contagion on my zaw and the game decided it should just the projectile without me aim gliding or even sometimes without double/bullet jumping
  15. I get your point. So let's say we keep the revives. At least making the pick up optional? And definitely make them a bit harder? When I play with my friends we usually just yawn and autoplay the first hour/hour and a half...
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