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  1. I had an idea for a customization option to allow warframes to collapse when you transference out of them like they used to do, instead of them pulling an A-Pose. I just thing the collapsing warframes are more cinematically interesting than an A-Pose.
  2. I know it's probably something you don't want because of the The Lost needing to be a rule of 3, but I don't get why Xata's Whisper and Deny can't work similar to Smite Infusion or Shock Trooper where you tap to cast and hold to grant yourself (and your allies) the damage bonus.
  3. I wanted to copy over a protea build and got stuck on this screen
  4. I actually have the same problem with not in the arsenal I get it both when zooming into planets on navigation and
  5. awesome, khora parts so we can build a khora to sacrifise to the blood god
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