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  1. Omni Recall can also be used as a Tenno, like when you board and disable an enemy crewship. Zoop right back into the Railjack after a few seconds. Extremely effective on a duration Loki. In and out without any risk whatsoever.
  2. Which is fine. But this railjack is more expensive than any research aside from maybe the Hema, and that's only based on how highly you value mutagen samples. (as someone who played in the early days, I had quite a bit of them before they moved them so getting 5k wasn't so bad)
  3. The players I intend on helping are not unskilled or so new that they need to be carried through content. They are however, adults with busier schedules. I don't see how helping them save a ton of time by gifting them credits or items (that go towards accomplishing a specific task inside of our clan dojo anyways) really hurts anyone. The real time crafting or waiting isn't even an issue, since that can just be progressed while we work or sleep. But I digress, the Dry Dock was designed and intentionally created to be placed inside our Clan dojo which is a place we have all contributed to in some form. It just doesn't make sense to tell us to rally our clan for this very obvious multiplayer feature and remove the benefit of having the clan by not allowing us to all pool resources together. Oh sure, we CAN all just simultaneously farm the Index but it doesn't reduce the number of runs to make the railjack. The plan was of course, to finish all of our railjacks anyways but we wanted to do 1 at a time. I don't honestly believe anyone in their right mind would pay for a new player's railjack in full unless they intended to carry them through the entire process anyways which STILL doesn't harm you at all. Why is THAT so hard to get? If simply playing the game was the only way to earn absolutely everything then why do we even have trading at all? By your logic we should just dump that entire system since people could give a noob a prime warframe way earlier than intended. (I did that actually, gave my twin brother his rhino prime as soon as he was high enough mastery it's not that rare of an occurrence and he's strong enough to carry other players now in the same way it was technically beneficial to the community)
  4. READING. TRY IT SOMETIME. I've ALREADY stated NUMEROUS TIMES in this thread that I like personal railjacks. I just want to help the people in my clan obtain theirs. Honestly, what do you do just skim over everything and just pretend to know what you're talking about? Give everyone in a clan a railjack. YOU GET A RAILJACK. YOU GET A RAILJACK. EVERYBODY GETS A RAILJACK. But since the giant stupid building is in my CLAN dojo and hyped to all heck that we need to rally our CLAN together for the update it makes NO SENSE AT ALL that I can't help fund the railjacks, let alone help them on the missions to obtain the parts. It ain't a story/lore heavy personal journey of a quest, so why is it a forced solo endeavor? And really, if you're in a clan and the leader somehow "tricks" you into giving him resources or kicks you out then congratulations you just got promoted at life and now you can just make your own entire dojo relatively cheaply! The Dry Dock is super cheap too!
  5. And again you missed my point. Just dragging them into the Index isn't what I wanted. Moreover, it doesn't get them the other items like the 15 argon crystals they'll need, or the 30 Orokin Cells, or the anything else they'll need. Let me try putting it this way since I know you aren't very good at reading. The. Update. Hyped. Up. Clan. Cooperation. So. Making. The. Railjacks. Entirely. Solo. Only. Endeavors. Is. Backwards. As. All. Heck. Nobody. Needs. Help. Researching. Cephalon. Cy. Or. Making. A. Dry. Dock. What. They. Might. Need. Help. With. Is. Making. A. Gigantic. Battleship. So. Why. Can't. I. Help. Them. With. That? I. Can't. Even. Help. Them. Get. The. Parts. On. The. Quest. Mission. Steps. Why. Even. Let. Other. People. On. To. Our. Personal. Railjack. If. Getting. It. Is. An. Entirely. Solo. Endeavor? I hope you can appreciate the 30 seconds it took to slowly type that out for you this way so you can actually understand what I'm trying to say, instead of trying to jerk yourself off about "living" in the Index like it's some sort of achievement or something. EXTRA TIDBIT: Here's a reading protip! What is the title of this thread? Say it out loud. Go ahead give it a try.
  6. Obviously your reading comprehension isn't very good. That's ok.
  7. The Dry Dock is cheap as heck. Not even a problem. But I've been playing this game since it was actually in beta and I dont have hundreds of millions of credits. Just 1,251 hours though, but I feel like someone with 1,251 hours into a game just MIGHT have a good idea how much a lot of something actually is. Just because it's not much for YOU in particular doesn't reflect on everyone. You can allow/disallow that in your clan management I'm pretty sure! And if the clan you're in doesn't let you do so and you want to you may wish to join a new clan or make one yourself! I'm also totally in support of everyone having their own rail jack! I JUST WANT TO HELP MY FRIENDS MAKE THEIRS.
  8. In my CLAN dojo. That my CLAN members will need to help me pilot.
  9. That's made in your CLAN dojo. In a hyped up to heck CLAN update. Go figure.
  10. Yeah but it was so cheap I also just paid for it myself. Easily. My clan mates didn't need to be involved at all.
  11. With all the advertising and hype that's gonna be out and about online for when the Empyrean update comes out it's gonna disapoint the crap out of new players and returning players alike if they're time gated to all heck to try out the new stuff. And if they can just join missions with random player's railjacks then I don't see the point of not letting us help each other make them since DE made them so expensive! Like 6 million credits is quite a lot, even divided up into 1 million per part it's just absurd just to progress a quest.
  12. They could all just contribute to a singular rail jack if they wanted sure. Or they could make a few. Or they could all help each other make 500 rail jacks. But they could all do it TOGETHER. But you can't.
  13. It could've been crafted anywhere. Put that thing; in the relays for all it matters. But don't hype up my CLAN cooperation and put it in my CLAN dojo if it's an ENTIRELY solo experience.
  14. Then why hype up your clan coming together at all? Why put it in the Clan Dojo? It's absurd.
  15. Nope. You even contribute to the individual parts IN the Dry Dock with a special console. I built a Treasury specifically in the room under the assumption we could all help each other out but nope. It's a pure solo experience. You can't even help your friends do the scanning portion for the parts.
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