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  1. Generally speaking I'll use the frame that best suits my goals. Ivara for spy missions, inaros for highjack, volt or chroma for ediolons, etc. But if I don't need to specialize I'll play my favorite coolest looking frames.
  2. Assuming things doesn't garuntee. Your gonna need hard evidence. Well hydro is a great mission to power level frames. I find the elite sanctuary is ideal for power leveling weapons. And the normal sanctuary works fine for frames. Really if you think someone is intentionally trolling in mission. Record them and submit a ticket then leave. On average most folks will just roll their eyes and leave. It's pretty simple.
  3. If folks have not considered every bit of lore up to this point and the duviri paradox trailer. They are not seeing signs. There is something up with lotus, ballas, and era. The lines, body language, facial expressions,and what they say,even the weird red voidy eyes of era, the tenno as lotus controls us and one of ballases eyes all have a dark undertone. My guess is eras just a puppet. The ballas we see is some sort of void entity. I have a theory as to how they could setup everything with the new war and duviri. But no clue if my guess is right.
  4. How exactly will a troll determined to be a troll? What gives you or anyone the right to be judg,jury, and executioner? Realize it's the internet and your probably taking things too seriously.
  5. Certainly possible. The duviri paradox implies stuff like alternate realities,time travel, paradox world's, the multiverse theory etc. I have a guess as to a whole story they could do with the new war and duviri. Which could result in a massive lore dump. But completely overhauled tenno. There may be multiple void gods/entities. Wally could be one or just a hallucination. Or even our alter ego hallow selves. How neat would it be if during the new war/duviri teasing we got a new super Saiyan tenno form. Then fought wally aka our hallow selves with new powers. And as wally fades back into our minds like in bleach. Wally goes if you waver for a second kiddo I'll take crown and crush your skull. There's a ton of routes this could go l. Even the whole moral choice meter could play a role in how our hallow selves develop.
  6. It depends on the player and what you like. Keep in mind just because the game is online doesn't mean it's really an mmo. There are not raids/dungeons nor is there ranked pvp seasons. End game stuff are things like ediolons, steel path, lives, high level endless missions, grinding and gathering everything, and fashion frame.
  7. The era we see is a fake puppet controlled by wally/ballas. That's my guess.
  8. See I like that idea. Of wally wants to take control of us. That our doppelganger is our hallow selves that waiting to take control. They could do a really neat boss fight with the idea. Bleach hallow Ichigo anyone. The new war and the duviri paradox all perfect the time to dive into it. Overhaul the tenno in every way. DBZ fuse our current selves with the duviri paradox us to break lotuses mind control and beat the sentients.
  9. I personally hope that when we get the duviri paradox, new war, Wallie, void daddy, lore stuff. Perhaps they'll use our choices for a neat hallow self miniboss. But who knows.
  10. You get everything you need once from the quest. If you want more then one base octi the farm is a pain easier to buy it directly from the store or get her prime.
  11. Well I doubt our choices will ever alter gameplay. I would love for it to matter. Link it to our doppelganger wally. Our inner demon a hallow self that wants to be the king and make us the horse. Perhaps duviri could use it as a boss fight. Remember our void powers are a double edged sword.
  12. With effort we can look ok. But I hope to see proper face and body morphing with detailed sliders come duviri.
  13. We know they had it in a functional state but with it comes questions in regards to how skins will function, plat, etc.all we have on finer details is theory.
  14. The changes have helped to improve the experience for new players. But after that initial few hrs your left with a mountain of info and no real help to explain it or direction. So you have to either have a veteran explain things, or read/watch extra stuff, and spend 30 plus he's really playing and gaining knowledge. The gameplay is really fun to start though. It's the mountain of systems that overwhelm new players.
  15. The game is mainly a loot collecting third person shooter/jack&slash. With some story and mmo elements. Meant mainly as a stress relief for fun game. It's not really a super hardcore mmo. Especially once you have most everything collected.
  16. No doubt companies are aiming to gain more money by making products for the eastern consumer base. Can't blame them there. I do think they need to tread lightly as to not completely turn off their western audience at the same time. Examples are things like blizzards and their diablo mobile game. Which they will always be slammed for. Even Warframe announcing mobile. Was also announcing cross play/cross save. Products to sell well need to target the right audiences. Which changes based on ones location. Media in general is getting more and more PC around the world and it's not selling. Comics vs mangas a good example.
  17. Certainly there's truth there. The real question is. Are the games on ones phone or handheld offline or online? If you don't live in an area with the infastructure to support such games on your not gonna play them. Data limits, battery life, how long you can play, etc. Going to the restroom or waiting in the grocery store line is a few minutes. That's not enough time to play a game. I think we should be critical of the Hollywood critics who give games glowing reviews because it fits a woke agenda. Last of us part two is an example of a games whose narrative was despised by the players but got glowing reviews by critics. In terms of looks and gameplay it was good. But the treatment of old characters and the new characters where hated by players. Well I'm probably the exception to the switch. I do have the system for a few specific games and I use it connected to my tv most of the time. I want my big screen not a handheld. Sure I can get emulators on my PC or phone. But the experience is just better on my PC. Did you ever watch the whole console wars parody animations? They are funny and makevery solid points. There's I think 4 or more of these animations. All really funny.
  18. None of it's meant as an insult. I'm in general stating the cultural and technological differences. As far as how aware the west is of the differences. I would say most folks in the west don't care. Advertisements for games promoting mobile are meant in the west with eye rolls and sighs. If you live on the east and spend alot of time playing on a pricey cell phone then that's fine. You do you. I wouldn't say the world as a whole area is for mobile games. Hell even hand held games like Nintendo and psp have essentially died in the west. I find it silly that studies often try to lump mini games into the title of gamer. But a mini game is not really the same animal as a hardcore PC or console game.
  19. Ahh so your from an Asian country where mobile is a massive market. In the west people have more time to play on PC or console. Mobile networks are not good enough for real games. At best a cell phone is for mini games like Tetris, candy crush, pong, fruit ninja etc.
  20. K so it eventually showed back up where they are suppose to be after 2 days of not being there. I was able to get 10 done on me on my PC account but only 8 on console before nw rolled over. It must be some sort of bug.
  21. Title. The ui is not showing the nightmare missions and I can't find a single one when looking manually. Anyone else seeing what I am?
  22. There has been a few videos of people talking about wally, the moral system in game, and the idea of our own inner demon depending on our choices. If you have watched the anime bleach you will get my reference here. Perhaps wally is our hallow selves. Based on the choices we made we could fight a different hallow self boss that wants to take control of us. During the duviri quest chain as we get our new forms/powers.
  23. Assuming my guesses are at all on point. We need the power to go back in time and stop the sentients from getting cetuses kuva and killing everyone. DBZ fusing with our paradox selves to achieve a new more powerful form that lotus can't mind control achieves this. We also overhauling the operaters and getting us prepped for the full duviri paradox.
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