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  1. More curious about the 2020 armor 😄 hopefully there's a difference compared to last years armor.
  2. What do you mean "before this"? Like you just finished the Lich with a Nukor and now you're trying to get another one right after? If so, that's why you're not getting a second one.
  3. This is why I go to Cassini. Being a quick mission, after you capture the target there's a lot of enemy spawns right after. Start killing after the screen flash and there's the larvling spawn. When I'm looking for a certain weapon, it takes me 60-90 seconds to finish the mission and see the larvling I don't want. Much faster than an exterminate at least.
  4. Looking forward to watching tonight, but any chance for the Stalker noggle that was last dropped almost 2 years ago? Seems like a fitting time since Acolytes are active. At least throw it into the market so we can buy it.
  5. Maybe the WMD is the Prisma Fluctus that was teased last year and never released.
  6. Gotta love RNG. Since I started playing in 2018, I've never even got Argon Scope to drop and only 1 maiming strike. Now I rarely touch acolytes. I think I have done maybe 10 runs across 3 acolytes so far this appearance.
  7. Pablo said on his stream this is already on the dev build and showed screenshots. It's just not in game yet. It would be on the screen where you equip weapons above the stats. https://www.twitch.tv/pablopoon/clip/ComfortableCulturedAsparagusDAESuppy
  8. Yes! It was never fun doing these one at a time after going back to the dojo. Thanks for the update!
  9. Same 😂 but also Stalker. Every time I play with newer players he never spawns to get scans.
  10. Put it on your gear wheel
  11. Are we going to get Misery this time? I can assume no since he only showed in 2016, but doesn't hurt to ask each time the Acolytes come back.
  12. I see it working now, didn't even log back out, it just changed from the time I came on to the forum and clicking on this notification -_- Although it kind of sucks the dark theme hides the music notes.
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