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  1. Half of the profile stats are useless though. The long list of scans being the main one. Eidolon stats are bugged especially when solo, those mission stats since at the time solo vault runs involved a lot of quitting missions when I had the wrong key (now thankfully we can equip all 4 keys).
  2. When I was farming focus, I lived in ESO with Saryn every single day to cap my focus. Sure as I got a little stronger I could farm 3-4 Teralysts and more as I got even stronger, so that helped. What really killed me was the cost of the focus pool. To hit the max of 177, you need 12,098,349 focus. Fortunately now I have pretty much everything unlocked and maxed except for Void Radiance in Madurai even though I have the focus to if I wanted to. There were moments where I hated the focus cap. I do know if there wasn't a cap then I would have farmed for hours each day to finish it faster. It felt horrible knowing when the reset happened, I would be spending time just for that side of farming.
  3. It's been like this for a few weeks, it's not broke but just the cap they put.
  4. Nah, I actually prefer the sculpture and endo. Rivens and kuva are the worst part of the sorties reward.
  5. Limbo trivializes this challenge on Akkad Eris when I get this challenge. Never had an issue and with higher duration you can run around and kill all the enemies before your ability timer runs out for each round.
  6. Ever since they added the red blinking icon the demolysts have in disruption, I kind of wish they had something similar for grenades. Personally I don't really hear much of the game. I have volume low and youtube/netflix loud. So with grenades, it's a whole lot of: Bullet Jump around, shoot enemy, explosion that kills me, self revive since I'm solo and repeat.
  7. So no fix for broken enemy spawns that led to that farm? You know, that makes it not being an exploit like you claimed. Enemy spawns are the cause of that and a lot of missions suffer from that broken mess.
  8. I have I believe 5 left. They offered the ability to sell the wolf creds for credits after the event, but forgot to do it for the intermission credits. I guess we'll see what they decided with this season.
  9. I would just be aborting missions more then. Being solo, it's faster to abort and restart when a mission turns to exterminate.
  10. You're welcome and uhh, yeah about that haha. I'm slowly working towards 100 forma on the 2 frames I put an umbra forma on. For no benefit other than a goal I set myself. Realistically you should only need 2 or 3 forma
  11. My main build is difficult to do without all the umbral mods and an umbra forma on, but this is what I was using roughly when I first started focus farming. Aura is preference, I like enemy radar. I focused more on range and lower efficiency shouldn't matter with hunter adrenaline/rage on.
  12. I also used ESO for I would say 90% of the focus grind. I ran solo though with an affinity booster. Lens on Saryn/prime with a lot of range and some strength. Most of the time it was just a regular lens. Some zones are horrible though and some are great for the weekly rotations. I have also messed with the stealth kills, although I don't know how it used to be. I would take Banshee and her Savage Silence augment to Adaro, Sedna. Just have a strong melee to kill quickly but it seemed to work well enough. Just to put into perspective: Adaro with stealth multiplier, I'm slow at this method but I'm sure if I needed focus then I could get it better and faster. Regular lens and affinity booster for this. This is in ESO. Again regular lens, affinity booster, but this time I had a Smeeta Kavat charm active also.
  13. Agreed, Even if it's a little symbol next to the forma count or something. A few times I've screenshot a build just to remove mods to see if it had an aura forma on.
  14. Feel like every drop table is diluted way to much. Want a specific relic? Good luck. Especially since bounties are all unvaulted stuff and doesn't seem to rotate like it used to. Even relic packs aren't that great so I'll probably stop wasting standing on them. Endo or Sculptures from Arbitration? Good luck also since it was flooded with new arcanes and auras. I have zero idea on how they would reasonably fix it though
  15. At this point I'm just waiting for prices to drop and I'll buy the neuroptics. 3-4 hours of farming at night since Atlas Prime released. Heiracon and Lua Disruption are the same. At least Heiracon is decently fast solo. Can run 2 excavators at the same time but rely more on power cell spawns, only takes around 5-6 minutes to hit a Rotation C. Have gotten 6-7 Axi A6. I still enjoy the game, but this whole farming relics part just to get a common from a radiant relic just leaves me wanting to sit in my orbiter and watch a movie instead of playing. Edit: Let's just vent some more frustration shall we? 40 excavators at Heiracon, got 2 Axi A6, yay I guess? If I didn't get a common drop from both of them. Who would've thought relics would be the thing to make me want to quit playing.
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