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  1. I've never gotten a good riven on my own. I unveil the ones I get before I dissolve them now, they're all junk and I can't even find someone to give them away for free. My best rivens (back when I used them), I bought from other players.
  2. This is a good example of why I wish there was opt-in for most if not all "buffs". Although I don't know how they could do this, it would be cluttered in the settings menu if it was for each individual frame. With Wisp, I like the health mote. I don't like the shock or movement motes. Damage buffs are fine as is. It's the forced movement ones that bother me. Especially with Volt, the need to backflip every 5 seconds is annoying and why I am playing solo more again. With another Volt example, but this could apply to Wisp if they give the option. Backflip to get rid of it should last the duration of the mission at the bare minimum. As it stands, I would rather abort the mission than deal with these type of players. I should also make it clear, I'm never the host. So when I abort the mission I'm not causing a host migration that screws over other people in the group.
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  4. Feels like we're not on the same page with this so I'll try once more. While it's not hers anymore, it's still in game for anyone to get. There's nothing to ask for to get it. Change your glyph at some point and you're stuck with this ugly one as the new default. There's posts excluding the one I made, asking to get this old default one that we can't get anymore.
  5. I can understand that being annoying, but I don't understand why it had to replace the old Lotus glyph that looks way better or why it couldn't have been added along side the old one. I never would have changed glyphs in the beginning if I knew at the time that I couldn't use that old one again.
  6. I would love to see more in the Void as I love it there compared to all other areas in the game, but sometimes I feel it's forgotten. It took 4-ish months for them to fix fissures that didn't spawn in the Void. Personally I would love for whoever made Lua spy, to make a Void spy. While yeah I know a lot of people don't like Lua spy, but for me that is easily the best spy mission in the game.
  7. Thanks for the reply, but I still feel this should be looked at more. If someone isn't active at all anymore. Not on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Discord, anywhere.. like they fell off the face of the planet. They won't contact you to discuss it, they don't talk to anyone. They were a partners, they were active, their glyph was accepted. Why should partners glyphs (excluding legendary glyphs and such) remain in game that can't be obtained? Especially for players that didn't play when some glyphs were possible to get. It shouldn't be a legal issue? it was okay to put into the game originally. They accepted whatever terms to have it put in. Also a question on a glyph since I feel it is kind of relevant since it involves a past partner. Why was QueenSeena's glyph changed to the default Lotus glyph in game? Can we get an option to get the old version back? Can we not get it for like 1 credit or something? To be more specific with a picture. 1st and 4th is QueenSeena's glyph which is now the new default. 2nd and 3rd is the old default Lotus glyph for people that never changed their glyph in game.
  8. I have hopes for this, but I also know friends are always protected. The idea of people being removed from being inactive is appealing since why should they be rewarded for not playing. The topic of stream raids I'll be looking forward. Current system: Streamer doesn't play for 3 months. Applies, and gets accepted. Streams game for 5 hours to enjoy the benefits of a 10000 person raid. Ignores the game again for 3 months. Did whoever that selected them not look at their content and see how inactive they were prior to being raided? The whole "grandfathered in" concept is iffy on me. We'll see who is accepted again. If a few people are on that new list then we'll know favorites came into play. You mentioned in a comment glyphs, what about people that aren't partners anymore? TrainsyTV for example or the streamers that haven't streamed in over a year like XiaRose? There's a lot of glyphs that aren't obtainable anymore and when I asked you about it a year or so ago on Twitter, you said I had to message these inactive people or non-partners to get a code.
  9. While I don't abort when I see Saryn or Ember, I abort when I hear a Speed Volt, basically every other mission this seems to happen. To me, it's not kill stealing, doing the most damage, or getting the most kills. It's about people enjoying the game. Some people might not want to walk through tiles of dead enemies and get to do nothing, so they leave. I don't enjoy being forced to be a pinball and backflipping every 5 seconds to get rid of a debuff the Volt's spam, so I leave.
  10. Agreed, same for ESO also. Just have the frame requirement gone if we're set to friends, invite only, or solo. This way it doesn't screw over people in public matches.
  11. Can we get a second set of these mural things? I want to mirror it on the other side.
  12. Odd. These aren't my screenshots since I'm not in game, but I have the same options shown On the escape menu This is from a post on Reddit in the back of the orbiter right at the glass area in your screenshot.
  13. Go to dry dock, go to the walkway to the side of the railjack and go in. Go to the back of your orbiter and "board railjack" at the glass floor. or just hit esc and hit the board railjack option on the menu
  14. DE just needs to add voting in railjack. Gets quite annoying when a host queues for Veil only to go to the anomaly or Saturn without asking the rest of us.
  15. It's something to do, that's the only reason why I am doing it and there is zero benefit. I just chose Nova for it since she's the frame I use the most. I'll probably chose another frame after I finish Nova to do it to. Forma isn't much of a concern since I run fissures all the time and I'm crafting them every 23 hours.
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