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  1. --Brandt--

    [Recruitment Is OPEN!] Cephalon Shy

    1. What is your in-game alias? --Brandt-- 2. Why do you want to join our clan? I've been in clans that weren't active and just seemed to die out quickly. People joining only to leave a couple days later. I ended up leaving the clans and went for about a month without being in one waiting for Shy's clan. I want to be a part of a clan that has a great community in Warframe and on Twitch/YouTube. Everyone seems helpful and just has a great time. 3. Tell me about yourself. Your personality, interests outside of Warframe, etc. In person, I'm not that social of a person. I use Warframe to try and show who I am and be more social. I live close to the beach, so I enjoy going there to take pictures at different times of the day. Wouldn't consider myself a photographer, it's more of a hobby and what I enjoy doing the most outside of games. 4. (optional) What is your Steam alias? https://steamcommunity.com/id/brandt_
  2. --Brandt--

    Anyone liking MOA companions?

    I want to like MOA's, I tried to like them and leveled the 3 even though it only shows as 1 on my profile. I was tolerating it because it would hack spy vaults. I used Ivara so the MOA was invisible also. However after a hotfix, I haven't seen the MOA hack any console in any mission, so I just got my Smeeta back out and debating if I want to get rid of my last MOA. Also feel like MOA's get stuck and lost more than kavats, can't speak on kubrows since they were all fodder to me. However, with kavats they like teleport to you if you go to far ahead. Many times I had to backtrack 600m just to find my MOA walking into a wall or stuck in an open room walking into nothing.
  3. --Brandt--

    How to kill Vomvalysts without wasting VS stacks

    Look at the Madurai focus tree and you can see Blazing Dash and Meteoric Dash on the right side. The trail of fire can kill the vomvalysts.
  4. Noticed the same thing since the hotfix where they disabled it from hacking in some quests. I built the Moa's, but figured I would try to actually use a Moa instead of writing it off as fodder and getting rid of them. Without this, they're kind of useless. I don't need a Moa to hack the console, I'm more than capable of doing it without failing and pretty quick also.
  5. --Brandt--

    Profit Taker Bounty 3 - reward timer delay?

    I do wish the reward was given a little quicker in this. It's bad enough phase 3 is the slowest, but then waiting another 30 seconds or so for them to stop talking is not long, but annoying when you're doing it over and over for Sabot Rounds. If only transmuting would be good and give me the mod so I can stop doing this heist.
  6. --Brandt--

    Some achievements are broken

    I would like this an update to cycle through. Most of my updates update, the issue with the one I have: Joyride - Travel over 10,000 meters on a stolen Dargyn across the Plains of Eidolon. I completed the achievement before it was added on Steam. It's unlocked in game, just not Steam.
  7. --Brandt--

    End Game and Helpful Solo Exp Farm

    While I do want the aspect of more enemies for solo players since it's boring with the minimal amount of enemies, leveling solo will always be slower though. In groups, you're being boosted in a sense with affinity gains. You don't even have to kill or use abilities as long as your teammates near you are doing it. This is part of the reason why I don't care about MR anymore. Being solo, it's not worth the hassle of trying to build and level a ton of fodder. I have to run a spy mission 3-4 times to max a single weapon or if it's strong enough, run Sanctuary Onslaught a few times. A group can go to ESO for weapons, 3-4 zones and have 3 weapons maxed.
  8. --Brandt--

    Achievments for end game players

    I wouldn't mind some more achievements. Especially since 3 of them I know I probably won't do for a while, the reviving achievements. If only reviving my kavat counted towards this haha I could see the focus ones being okay, except I would never get it for Madurai 😛 Have no interest in maxing out Void Radiance. I still think a "complete the star chart" type of achievement would've been good since it's a requirement for Arbitration. Not really an end game achievement but it's kind of a long term achievement for those that started recently.
  9. So I spent the last 2 days farming phase 2 off and on. Averaging 2:15 runs solo. RNG is an odd thing, but I did exactly this. Spent 8 minutes just getting some toroids and having fun. In 20 minutes (2 runs) got back to back Repeller systems. Now I'm rank 5 with Vox Solaris. Sure it's just a coincidence probably but still..
  10. --Brandt--

    Profit-Taker Mission #2 Repeller Systems

    I haven't had the issue anymore since the hotfix yesterday. Been spamming phase 2 bounty 20 or so times tonight with no drops of what I was actually trying to get. Sure the dialogue continues after extracting, but as soon as I talk to Eudico in the backroom to start the bounty over again, the dialogue stops right away and starts the new dialogue for the beginning of the bounty..
  11. --Brandt--

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #231!

    I'll be another for saying no drops. Enjoyed the stream though.
  12. --Brandt--

    Social Anxieties

    Honestly, I think this is a reason why I play solo. I always play it off as wanting a challenge or whatever, but I'm just scared of interaction. Which seems odd when I post on a forum, however it's not like instant communication. In person, I avoid people.This carries over to every game that has co-op. Don't even have an idea how to play in a group, I'm so used to rushing missions just to finish it and trying to complete things such as the Teralyst as fast as I can. I've queued up with it set to public (didn't know all settings reset including matchmaking settings when I changed my IGN) once... had a mini panic moment and never have I aborted a mission so fast before. I should probably join a clan again, I like reading clan chat more than participating though. Been waiting for a specific clan to open up so I could apply. Biggest issue with clans I see in the sub forum, a lot of clans are requiring voice chat and that nonsense. Not being in a clan would be better than having to speak to other people.
  13. --Brandt--

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    Helios can't scan lore fragments now? Why? I mean I already finished the memory fragments but how are the lore fragments any different than somachord and cephalon fragments in missions? Thanks for the hotfix though! Can't wait to try my favorite frames new augment (Nova) 😄
  14. --Brandt--

    Make a new Amp or continue farming QUill standing

    Hope this image works, but the parts you show is a 111. I will say this though, the 111 is significantly better than the mote amp you're given after The War Within. I was slowly soloing the Teralyst with this amp. At least until I could build a 223.
  15. --Brandt--

    Let’s talk about amps; The “323”

    I don't use the 323 for this reason. I hate the primary fire of it, especially with Vomvalysts. I only built a 323 for the mastery. 223 (well I use, I guess 227 now? It's the Certus Brace from Vox Solaris for a bit more Crit Chance) as mentioned above can clear a pretty wide range with Vomvalysts with no issue.