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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to you and everyone else that has contributed to this guide 😄 Managed to get the last captura scene and the 5/8 scan in the same mission. So many flashbacks to Kuria trying to get the right tile to spawn haha.
  2. I just wanted to get more screenshots of #4, not having a mini map or map screenshot in general made it slightly difficult. Also your screenshot having a ship in the background threw me off and made me think there was multiple instances of the tileset.
  3. Thank you! This adds 2-3 minutes to each fight since that happened so often.
  4. Kogake is "unmastered" on my profile now also. Edit: I did lose mastery from before the update to after the update. Before: After:
  5. From what I have seen on their update post last week or whenever it was posted, some changes they listed are good, some of the unchanged things aren't so good. However I also don't think we know all of the changes. I am hopeful with all of the feedback, both good and bad that was received throughout season 1 that season 2 will be better. Here's to hoping I get the Plasma Sword this round from the cred offerings though 😂 I missed it when it was last offered in the first week of April and I slightly wish these blueprints were just put in the market instead.
  6. Warframe: Nova Prime will always be my favorite frame Primary: Sobek Secondary: Catchmoon kitgun, Pyrana Prime, Mara Detron depending on the situation Melee: Plague Kripath zaw Companion: Smeeta kavat
  7. Can't wait to try the Ropalolyst and see how many times it destroys me 😂 also Wisp hype! Thanks
  8. Agreed, been hoping to get this and the few people that have them are selling for 350p. Really hoping I don't have to get the digital ticket for one weapon that will be nothing more than mastery to me. Thanks Marcus though for the update!
  9. A fair amount of my quit mission stats is from this. I guess capturing the target to quickly causes it? I'm built to go through fast, not to kill so taking 2 minutes to kill 100 enemies is slower than restarting and completing the mission 3 times in that same amount of time. Even a few times because of Update 23 since they stop enemies spawns 2 minutes after the target is captured makes missions unable to be completed. Removing it would be great.
  10. Agree with #1, I'd love to go further solo. The biggest issue is if you get 1 garbage tileset that is way to big where enemies get stuck in a corner, you can go from 90%-0% in seconds. #2, I would like this, but would also prefer more enemies. It's kind of boring how much they baby us solo players by scaling the amount of enemies so much (this applies to every mission though in Warframe). I would be okay with #3, maybe I could finally get both vandal blueprints since I've done ESO since October and still haven't got them. Agreed with #4 also, this would be more fun.
  11. Rip getting the Plasma Sword for a while I guess. Hasn't been in the cred offerings since week 6... April 1st. Trying to get these mastery weapons makes me really miss alerts when these blueprints should just be in the market instead.
  12. That's not the same as your in game rank. It's based on the amount of posts you have.
  13. I know now what I'll be doing over and over tonight haha. Thank you!
  14. Thank you!! My biggest complaint with the first run of Nightwave. I'm actually excited for this. Rip people that aren't far enough for this or don't have the focus stuff done. This just seems fun to do.
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