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  1. Crosshair I don't think so, color yes.
  2. Whichever side would keep the balance so more people would have a chance to do the invasion. Most people don't seem to have that thought judging by the progress. I sided with Grineer though. 3 exterminates (when I did it) took less than 2 minutes each with Mag.
  3. Yeah it's been bugged for a while but got much worse after Nidus prime released. Usually for me, the bounty rewards doesn't pop up but the credits, toroids, debt bonds do. Mainly because the fight isn't actually being finished. The 2nd half of the fight is being skipped due to this bug. Just waiting for the bug report forum to be read so it'll be fixed. For example, here's one of a few reports.
  4. If it's a sabotage then I'm looking for caches on the way to extraction since it doesn't take up much time. Edit: Read the title again and realized you said capture. -_- If there's a synthesis target then that would be the main reason for me not to rush extraction. In the Void specifically. The majority of time the waypoint breaks and doesn't show where to go. So I'm just going every possible direction trying to find extraction without it.
  5. I hope more options like this could be added. Sure we have Do Not Disturb, but it just looks like we're ignoring people even though we don't get the message. Even if a simple "This user has DND enabled" would be nice. Other times I wouldn't mind the option to turn on DND for everyone not on my friends list or clan.
  6. First question, which might not seem like an obvious cause to this. Are you by chance using the Velocipod skin? Was noticed fairly quickly after Yareli released that the skin caused issues for people.
  7. Even though I hate using Y for ciphers. I put the alternate key for "use" to Y also. So I just double tap Y to use console and use cipher. X still does it like normal, but Y does it also now.
  8. They have been fixed and are able to be completed. I recently just finished the last 2 I needed out there. I'll get specific screenshots for proof if you want, but here's showing 210/211 completed with "revive 1000 revives" being my last challenge.
  9. Ever since I started playing, ciphers have always been Y on the keyboard without being able to change the keybind,
  10. I know you mentioned possible difficulties, but Profit Taker articula's would be nice. Have like 300 of them in my inventory. Would love to just dump them in an open space room to not see them anymore.
  11. This part I can agree with. The only reason why I am Legendary 1 is because of that pop up. I intended to stay MR30 because the icon is significantly better than the terrible L1 logo. That pop up after every mission could only be tolerated for 2 days before I just took the test to get rid of it.
  12. You could beg people you trade with to leave a +1. That happens a lot but I usually ignore those requests after a trade. Do people even pay attention to it? Every time it's a high amount of rep, I assume it's someone from a big clan that boosted each other or they're a patreon subscriber that increased rep.
  13. If the account is actually inactive, then support should be willing to release the name for you to get it. At least, that's how I got the name Hello. A while back, I contacted support and they confirmed the previous account with this name was inactive. So I was able to get it.
  14. Yeah, ended up muting Warframe through PC settings. After all this time, it just gives me headaches. Especially if I'm using headphones. What I listen to is random. Could be the soundtrack to Life is Strange, something peaceful like the music from Stardew Valley. Sometimes just some 3 hour video of k-pop. Other times I just put autoplay on YouTube and let it take me to whatever song. Not to picky with what I listen to, it's just background noise.
  15. This makes this entire change significantly more appealing. It was already good, now it's sounding great.
  16. This part is why I feel this tile gets spammed. The tile is fine for interception, sure a little annoying but it's manageable. Defense, it's by far the worst defense tile in the game. Sorties? Skip. Gift of the Lotus? Rewards aren't worth that miserable defense tile. Fissures? Ha, no. Railjack and Steel Path? Once for each node completion and forget it exists.
  17. I made it about 2 days with that pop up. Only reason why I actually took the test. The legendary core just went on the pile of 4 that I had prior to getting another one. Even if I need to max a mod, I have more than enough endo... 40k or so won't make a difference.
  18. Didn't really care about the reward or lack there of. The ugly icon that we get mistaken for MR1 is the worst part of the legendary rank. Should've just stayed at MR30 and dealt with the pop up after every mission to do the test.
  19. Both of mine weren't during a credit weekend. Got lucky with a triple charm. The pure rng and low chance of getting 3 charms in a 156s window flagged the system. Got 5.6 million credits each time. I'm not even buying boosters anymore and I don't use Smeeta for Profit Taker anymore. It's not worth losing the ability to trade because I farmed in a farming game.
  20. I mean, it can happen in 2m 30s also :p at least that's how both of my 2 week trade bans happened. Outdated system doesn't account for boosters, blessings, Smeeta, double weekends and Chroma. All intended features that were added to the game by the devs themselves but then we lose trading for 2 weeks when said features are used.
  21. Pretty much, until a Nightwave has rewards I'm interested in. To me, there's nothing in Nora's Choice worth grinding fast for.
  22. At level 22 because there's no rush, Not going out of my way to get through the ranks, since I'm expecting this to last 4-5 months. If for some reason they give a 2 week notice, then I'll push faster with challenges.
  23. Nice just seeing a Banshee or Mag since those frames seem to rarely pop up in groups. Although, truthfully as long as there isn't a Volt or Wisp then I'm happy to see any other frame that shows up.
  24. Honestly, no interest at all. I might try it when it happens just because it's there, but how long it'll stay on my phone... who knows.
  25. Honestly as long as you're smart about it. You know, the whole "If it's to good to be true..." type of saying. Then you'll be fine. But I also have a buffer so to speak of plat. So even if I trade for 500p as an example and it gets removed in the rare case of "bad plat", then my account is still fine.
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