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  1. I'm waiting for the holokeys to drop just to get one of each 😂Element and percentage means nothing for me when I just want the mastery.
  2. I sometimes use her for Disruption after putting Gloom on. However, the #1 reason why I don't play Protea will sound kind of stupid. I absolutely dislike the weird side flip roll she does. That's simply the only reason why I use her maybe once a month for 10 minutes.
  3. I wish I was lucky enough for constant Anasa's. Instead I keep getting useless things like kuva and rivens. At least a booster would be nice but those feel as rare as Legendary Cores to me.
  4. Something like this would be nice It worked for Scarlet Spear and people seemed to like it. If this was an option for every mission, then at least I would like it. I had hoped at that time this was a testing phase to make it game wide, apparently not.
  5. It should be reverted back to this. It was working perfectly fine the way it was. I spent 6 minutes last night trying to find a host for an Axi Skirmish. I don't mind so much finding groups, but it's the entire process... Select mission Select relic Ugh, 10s timer so I'm host Hit Y to cancel queue Repeat over and over again until someone else is finally hosting. My Railjack is fairly good, my internet is not. I'm not hosting something like Railjack when everyone that can join me will lag. Regardless, I'm just getting 36 more Holokeys and 2 new Lich weapons then I'm done with all things Railjack related until the next new content needs us to go back.
  6. Good thing I saw this post. Just completed the challenge also. I went the Glaive prime route with heat damage at all the obelisks. Now it's time to stop slacking on the other Deimos challenges mainly velocipods.
  7. The simple work around is just hitting tab when you hover over a relic. It would either be this message or a huge list of missions.
  8. I wouldn't mind a favorite option like they added to our friends list. I also wouldn't complain if they could add something to the foundry. Favorite an item and it goes into it's own tab or something.
  9. Imagine hitting the riven cap 😂 I think I'm at 6 currently. 3 I use, 1 is a duplicate, 2 I'm waiting to get more for transmuting or trading when I can again in 11 days.
  10. Hopefully this lets me parazon the Sister. Was getting quite frustrated last night after hours of failed attempts. I'll see in a couple hours when I log in. Edit: This was not fixed if using Mesa. Bugged out yet again. Y'all are making it really difficult to be motivated with doing this content. Edit again: Tried two other frames and just a melee. Couldn't get the 3rd finisher either time.
  11. Friend I watch finally got a glyph in game. Says it should be good for all platforms. Can't seem to open the glyph preview in game though to get a screenshot. Best I can do is just displaying it in mission. https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=VAMPPIRE
  12. But according to [DE]Zach there won't be k-drive mods on Merulina. I think Megan mentioned it earlier on the stream also but I was only half paying attention. https://steamcommunity.com/app/230410/discussions/0/3046104862452980797/ Regardless I wouldn't mind the mod itself be improved for open worlds. The #1 reason why I hate k-drives is ragdolling myself because some invisible ledge.
  13. I don't even know at this point. Most of the time I'm just doing fissures or profit taker for credits even though I don't need more. I've been trying to figure out dojo decorating, but that's more place stuff, hate it, remove everything and sit in the dojo for 3 hours while I try to figure something else out. Warframe is just a good time waster. Put a Netflix show or movie on, find some long YouTube video, turn game sounds off and zone out. I also don't have many other options for games that can keep me interested for longer than an hour. I get bored really quickly, but for some reason that hasn't happened with Warframe.
  14. Now the real difficulty of farming Galvanized mods. The terrible spawn rate when solo in Arbitration. Can arbitration finally get the steel path treatment with enemy spawns? Been begging for this since Steel Path became a thing, whether it's a toggle or not. I don't care, but Steel Path showed how much better this game is when you don't think solo players are weak and stop a ton of enemies from spawning from not being in a full group. or just have the mods in Arbitration AND Steel Path if you don't feel like upping the enemy spawns. I see you mentioned on Reddit it will be with Vitus Essence, so from the store. That emphasizes even more how much this will suck. Drones are few and far between when solo. I hope these mods are tradable, buying them will be more enjoyable than dealing with this mode again.
  15. It's in the video, but they conveniently left it out of the workshop posts ... of course it's still age restricted. Just go watch the "Sisters of Parvos: Developer Workshop Video" at 9:45-ish time frame.
  16. Same ones from the t-mobile pack a while ago. Regardless I'm waiting a couple days to redeem them since we have an affinity weekend coming up. Would be nice to have the boosters stack.
  17. Up to you, I used the Lato vandal maybe 5 times since I got it from ESO. Same with Braton Vandal actually. I was farming ESO daily for focus. Bought the Lato vandal part I was missing then got it to drop myself and sold it. Although the Blazing Step ephemera was the main reason why I farmed ESO so much. When the ephemera used to drop from there. Oddly enough Lato and Braton vandal sets are the most difficult to sell for me. I've had a braton vandal set listed every night for 6-7 months as the lowest price. I don't think most people even know it exists.
  18. Don't know how to get a better picture but IISLIP is now a global code. Those are capital i's https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=IISLIP Here's a screenshot from in game
  19. I always love being at the end of the mission loading back to the orbiter and the cursor just keeps jumping to the right side of the screen... I'm hovering over my name to leave the squad, why does the cursor need to keep jumping over to some loot that was picked up multiple times -_-
  20. Simple work around is just putting a space in front of gara when you type it in.
  21. Can a similar pass be made if someone in the group selects a mission before everyone mainly the host loads back? Couldn't see if this specific thing was fixed also when reading through. There's a reason groups say "let the host select the mission" because it can freeze the UI meaning another alt f4 multiple times a day. I'm tired of having to restart the game because of impatient people in groups when I get stuck being host since y'all refuse to give us an opt out. Thanks for everything else though!
  22. I avoid it as much as I can. Interception it's fine, but it's by far the worst defense tile. Did it for railjack to clear nodes. Never did it again. Did it for Steel Path to clear nodes. Never did it again. Ignore sorties, ignore alerts on that tile, pretty much avoid it more times than I play.
  23. I wait 3-4 days for the new prime hype to die down and the prices for blueprints to drop in half from day one. Assuming I don't get parts from randoms. Not looking forward to hosts ditching missions because someone doesn't have a new relic though. Happens every new prime and unvault period. If it was a prime I was excited about, I would overpay on day 1 and rush it but Gara isn't on that excitement list for me.
  24. Some people don't like to have conversations. Personally I'm one that doesn't like conservations but I just close the tab. Only time I ignore someone after being messaged is people that keep messing up the whisper command. If the same person messes up 3-4 times a night by messaging me then I just ignore them to stop getting the wrong messages. I'm also similar to what 16Bitman mentioned. Not from trade chat, but if I get messaged from warframe market, I don't even reply on the first message. Just invite, if they join then great. If not, oh well. I'll still be in the dojo waiting for someone else to be interested. Only message I say is "ty" at the end or "did you load into the railjack?" because that's a common thing that still hasn't been fixed. It's nothing to really get worked up on. Other people will be interested in what you're selling, being ignored isn't a big deal.
  25. "To redeem your free Drops" 😂... for the price of $12.99 a month or $119 a year of wasted money to Amazon. Time to see if a friend or family member has prime that will let me piggyback off of their subscription just for a Loki skin.
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