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  1. So what kind of "discussion" was had with the players on this? Did you poll the handful of people who actively play Conclave and they complained about this tarnishing the value of their achievements in PvP? Considering how little standing the universal tokens grant, they're far outdistanced by any other sort of Standing gain that can be made through other means, making them effectively worthless. You've taken something that could have been a cool extra in the Disruption rotations and made them a wasted drop.
  2. Let's see: Watched Whiskey & Gwydd's stream for about an hour and a half on the 31st. No drop on the PC. Relinked everything, watched Pokket's stream for a couple hours on the evening of the 31st. No drop. Went and had a look to see if any Mixer partners were streaming. Pssshhyeahh, right. Gave up for the night. Tried again this morning (the 1st) with a random partner on Twitch. No dice. And all of this was right after the drop for watching Prime Time on Thursday went off without a hitch. I realize these things do break from time to time, but c'mon, if you're going to set up something to run as a promo before a holiday weekend, make sure it's going to work for everyone, not just the random few PS4 players that have gotten lucky.
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