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  1. Twin Kohmak are actually beasts, no need to buff/revise/balance them. The rest of the weapons you mentioned, are a joke, yeah. Well, most of them.
  2. We are reaching new levels of lazy here, this is crazy
  3. Nah, weapon is fine as it is. You just need to use the meta-slave mindset of that viral+crit+hunter munitions and that's it. I still see people run with the weapon.
  4. Cannot agree more. It's so sad that it's so true. That is a sad, pathetic, miserable simple minded meta-herd mindset that plagues most players. DE should return to the drawing board again and do something about the MR.
  5. I do agree with the people above and you about a balance/change/fix for some secondaries. However, I'll have to point out that something(purely my opinion): Excluding Steel Path, this game is already so damn easy(I don't believe it was meant to be difficult or skillful), like you have rivens, primed mods, crazy arsenal, damage buffing warframes/abilities etc etc. I personally love using projectile weapons because it adds a bit of challenge to this already point-and-shoot/clear rooms type of game. That projectile speed on the Akbolto Prime is absolutely fine, all you have to obviousl
  6. It's really simple. The strive for ultimate power has always been in the game. Once a new weapon with incredible destructive power appears, everyone want to get their hands on the weapon and ignore the possibility of a future nerf/"balance". DE is partly to blame here, because they release an atomic bomb and ignore the fact it'll get overused and overrated and they'll eventually have to tone it down. Once your favorite 1shot trillion damage 10m AoE weapon gets "nerfed"/"balanced", people will lose their will and start cutting their wrists. "man this gun is super OP as hell, I'll invest 10 form
  7. Agree with you, I despise the meta and I tried doing a few missions solo. There are a few missions I can keep up such as Spy, Sabotage etc etc the missions you can run by. Exterminate, Disruption etc etc require meta builds due to incredible enemy spawn rate and their "beefiness", I am forced to play with a squad and just sit there do nothing and watch them clear maps with the meta equipment. Isn't the best feeling in the world. I understand the spawn rate is a part of the challenge, but damn. Not everyone enjoy using the stupid ass meta builds and stuff..
  8. I respect what you said, but I'll have to disagree with you. I still use the Twin Rogga and the Akbronco the Twin Kohmak is a slash monster, the Pyrana is very good as well. I don't even have any rivens on them. The Brakk? I don't know, never liked it. I'm just lucky enough to not be a slave to the meta(Bramma, Acceltra, Ignis Wraith etc etc etc), which might explain my old fashioned/low taste/standard in weapons choice. That being I said, a new mod for secondaries is always welcome.
  9. I can understand your frustration. But there is nothing to be done. A couple of years ago, the communication in squads was amazing, but now I can't even ask a Wisp to kindly not put a shock mote on Hydron, without the Wisp player getting emotional. I can't remember when was the last time I ran survival, mainly because there is literally zero communication and people run around and there's just chaos everywhere. I don't even bother using the recruitment tab because either I am too lazy to start hand picking players who want to run the same mission, or they just want to run some a
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