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  1. Colour highlights are pretty good on emphasis. caps lock is bad etiquette. You make a good point though. +1
  2. I feel like there's an assumption being made here that if an Umbra Warframe retains sentience in the Orbiter, that it should always be present in the Orbiter and not be returned to the Arsenal like unequipped frames are. I think that's a bit silly, no? Why not let the Umbras just chill out of sight in a little room in the seemingly endless expanse of the Arsenal, like Pokémon that their Trainer isn't using in Pokéballs? I would be fine seeing only my one equipped Warframe present in the Orbiter at one time. I wouldn't have it any other way. Multiple animated Warframes walking around is ob
  3. Ah! Thanks for the insight (+1), that is certainly a drawback. Perhaps the feature could be a manual button rather than an easy-to-leave-on background process that goes through your mods automatically based on the aforementioned rules and has you review the output each time you use it. For added safety, it can put up a scary warning each time like the first time you try to trade that perhaps makes you type out a phrase to confirm the action (since it would be infrequent usage it would be hard to get used to typing it out so harder to accidentally activate it).
  4. That would be really cool! A mini API for letting scripts/bots automatically update inventory data without manual export and stuff would be great too. More powerful sort and inventory information displays would be a good alternative, but less flexible and more work. +1
  5. Problem: I get a lot of common/duplicate mods over the course of my time playing Warframe. I literally never transmute or sell my mods, so duplicates I don't need only get dissolved. Thing is, it's an incredibly mundane repetitive task requiring zero problem solving in any capacity and engaging zero interest. Solution: This problem is a perfect candidate for simple rules-based automation. A simple opt-in feature can be created that automatically dissolves excess mods as soon as they are obtained, and the mission completion UI can reflect this, showing the Endo obtained from this automatic
  6. Update since Railjack Retrofit: I'm seeing the more accurate loading screens a lot more often now! I think the only place where I see the blue sky one anymore is for p2p host migration which makes sense. (though it doesn't take into account the appearance of the skies of each planet, but that's just a nitpick)
  7. With the right config, Excalibur can be pretty viable in the endgame, or so I've heard. Would buffing him perhaps tilt the balance/new player progression too much? Not to shoot it down, just have you thought about it?
  8. I get this too. All the time. Any warframe, any regalia. My friends get it exactly the same too. Needs a fix. I think there's quite a few bugs like this in Warframe where some things render on top of other things when they're not supposed to. Like for this regalia it could be in a wierd spot in the pipeline where the blur effect thinks the regalia is behind the panel. I also get situations sometimes where either my Operator or Warframe will render on top of walls they're behind or on top of each other, contrary to the expected occlusion behaviour. I'd put this down as a gra
  9. Update 4: Triggering on the loadout display also causes a visual effect to display. semi-transparent randomly arranged expanding orange circles. Like an orange energy shield being hit by projectiles. Can't quite time the screenshot right. Will edit if possible.
  10. Update 3: I struggle to find any discernable pattern with activation anymore. There does seem to be a limit on how many times I can trigger it in one session, but I don't have the ability to really nail down the exact number, technique or hitboxes or anything. The middle of the loadout display and the left side of the right side tank are still the general trigger areas. This is my first bug report on any software so I may not be great at this. Edit: The side tank may be triggered once per session and the back wall of the warframe display may be triggered about 3 times in a session. The si
  11. I feel like some of the animations could be just 5-10% faster and I'd be happy.
  12. Just repro-d again for fun. got quite a few consecutive triggers bullet jumping into the loadout display. Not able to do it reliably. Strange bug.
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